Request Switch the raids or let us skip raids.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tharnkiss, Apr 24, 2020.

  1. ArtremasEQ Elder

    Your clearly doing a different sleeper than the rest of us. Never seen any of the issues you describe.
    Sleeper mostly a snooze fest.

    I like all the raids this Expac so far. I appreciate that the devs have tried to get more complicated mechanics in some areas, and that they don't always work right. Though I do miss at least one tank-n-spank mobs for DPS fun.

    I think the lack of Tier flagging is a good thing. Can't beat TOFS 1 ? ok, you only miss 3 raids instead of 6.

    Hardest raid in expac is TOFS 1
    Second hardest is prob Velks.

    None worse or better than others, just different.
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  2. Tolzol Augur

    Raiding on xegony on a Sunday night is fun times lol. The golems on sleeper event don’t want to move due to lag and will DT tanks left and right if you try to bring them to raid. But i don’t think they were saying it’s a hard event cus it’s not it is still easy, it’s just the most annoying due to lag.
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  3. Monkman Augur

    Yep, what Tolzol said. Sleeper ain’t hard... just an annoying event when mobs take out an entire group because they’re rubber banding all the way to the raid.
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  4. ArtremasEQ Elder

    That would be irritating !.

    Glad we don't see that amount of Lag on AB. (And the new options to turn off all models helps too)
  5. Tolzol Augur

    Yea unfortunately it’s server lag and not client lag so hiding all models doesn’t help
  6. feeltheburn Augur

    rest of us meaning your guild or your a spokesman for the rest of the raiding guilds abroad? The rubber banding on the golems and the lag on the event is real, kudos to your guild for not seeing it, but rest assured that issue is real.
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  7. enclee Augur

    Watching them rubber band as they’re pulled in, just makes me feel embarrassed for this game. We’ve done our part to limit swarm pets, but continually designing events exceeding the constraints of the system is just sad.
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  8. Tolzol Augur

    I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if they ever fix lag. Wouldn’t even feel like EQ anymore tbh lol
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  9. Funky Augur

    irritating is an understatement.. when you see the mob run through the raid and then warp way back out into nowhere... multiple times over. then have 5-6 DT's happen in about 5 seconds.

    we also try to run out and "feather" them in. slowly backing up a few feet at a time to avoid a DT.. does not always work.
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  10. Ofearl Augur

    it's like trying to play the wind with golf, frisbees, or anything else that is sports related and wind enhanced!
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  11. Tharnkiss Journeyman

    My guild sucks because I personally think this event is crap?

    So what your telling me is that the person up above who thinks that sleepers sucks also has a sucky guild?

    Oh I know let's call his guild sucky, that will make him like the event!

    PS> The event sucks. It always sucked, it probably will never not suck. For some odd reason the dev's didn't think it sucked enough before; now it sucks even more. /shrug I have no clue why they want to make such a crappy sucky product.

    See how that works. This is my opinion; me having an opinion doesn't make my guild suck. It just means that I have an opinion.

    Have a nice day!
  12. Whulfgar Augur

    What guild are you in ?
  13. Magickon Elder

    They won't admit it.
  14. enclee Augur

    All the raids suck, except ToFS 2.
  15. Tharnkiss Journeyman

    Exactly my point sir. The guy states my guild sucks and doesn't even know which guild I'm in.

    Thanks for proving my point.
  16. Whulfgar Augur

    And you completely refuse to answer , which may in fact prove a point as well. Since your guild is one of them that can not down the event as it is right now.
  17. Tharnkiss Journeyman

    Only because posting what guild I am in serves no purpose to this thread. It only will make people who feel like they are elitist harrass members of my guild for my opinion.

    Just an fyi we have beat this now, and I still want to bypass this turd. It is not fun not entertaining and has totally stupid mechanics. If the ability to bypass this raid existed in sure that guild's would use that option.
  18. Magickon Elder

    Meanwhile, players in other guilds that don't suck...are currently debating over how to make one of the few(only?) raids in ToV that has always changed somehow so it is not such a complete snooze-fest and feeling like a waste of time.

    But on this! We must let all guilds, even those who cannot be named, be given the option to skip this raid every week so they can get their easier loots from wedding and Tserrina! They cannot be bothered to beat something that is hard for them, more than once!

    If guilds that don't suck have to choose between the complete boredom of defeating restless assault or not doing it, why can't guilds that cannot be named choose between never improving vs. farming wedding and Tserrina!

    Oh, the hilarity of having to complain about skipping a raid because it's too hard, compared to having to complain about skipping a raid because it's too boring!
  19. Tharnkiss Journeyman

    One of the most boring raid of the expansion is Great divide. You can skip that one already. Please stop being cryptic and tell me what puts you to sleep faster than Great divide? Luck has it that GD can easily be skipped.

    So I guess the question is; what are you all trying to change in the great divide raid to not make that a snooze fest?

    Second most boring is Tofs1. I don't see how this is anything but.
  20. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    oh c'mon now... most of the raids in ToV have always worked... GD, TOFS 2/3, both kael events, velks, sleeper... granted, T3 has only been out a minute but never-the-less it's always worked.

    pretty much the only raids that were 'broken' have been TOFS 1 and GD...

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