Regarding Third Party Cheat Programs

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  1. Ewaz of_E'ci Journeyman

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  2. xcitng Augur

    AFK foraging is a major problem too, there are way to many doing it now. Between that and the ones AFK killing, etc, it is ruining the game.
  3. Ghubuk Augur

    Would be a good start to go after the automation software.
  4. Daedly Augur

    How does afk foraging ruin the game? Is there some mechanic that lowers the chance of other foragers in the zone from getting the same items or something?
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  5. roth Augur

    AFK foraging is “unattended gameplay” ... which means, whatever they choose to do about it, its not kosher by their current statements.

    In and of itself, it does nothing but garner foraged items for the one doing it. That’s not going to help or hurt anything. But, again, it runs counter to the principle of “only attended gameplay”.
  6. Metanis Bad Company

    I wonder if they implemented new monitoring software in today's patch. Ban wave on Monday? The whole idea of a "summer appreciation gift" may have a unique meaning.
  7. Nennius Curmudgeon

    I know mine was looking at me earlier. Kind of funny too. Hmmm
  8. xcitng Augur

    There is a lot of cheating going on, AFK anything adds to that, it benefits the ppl doing it over the ones play by the rules.
  9. Roxxlyy Augur

    Like I previously mentioned, we cannot give direct programs or a comprehensive list as things can always change when dealing with third party operations. I was able to get a summary that should hopefully shed at least a little bit of light on what behaviors are and are not okay.

    Third party programs that work by reading logs (from the /log command) or by reading the generated output files (from the /output command) are generally okay to use. Results of these programs must be displayed in a non-client window.

    Third party programs that automate play or provide an advantage that is not obtainable in-game are not acceptable to use.
    Third party programs that alter the client directly are also not okay; this is why the above states that programs must present their displays in non-client windows/formats.

    Cheating bans are targeting those who are unfairly hacking the game in order to provide themselves with massive advantages that are not otherwise possible to gain.

    If you have a question about a specific action, you can open a ticket with our support team at:
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