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  1. Levy Journeyman

    They consistently mentioned unattended gameplay (we can include sitting in one spot with an autoclicker for hours on end and afk foraging as unattended gameplay). If you think their response is going to go beyond that and things like warping, zone disruption (in the example of 20 toons hogging a whole zone), circumventing true box code by VPNs, VMs, etc I think you might be disappointed.

    In the end, we'll just have to wait and see what next week brings.
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  2. Gokusan Journeyman

    more like DBG is going to bring more headaches than solutions. If these guys cant tell you what third party software is being screwed around in the game then what else are they holding back there ? riddle me that one
  3. Janakin Augur

    False. Black bears are best.

    GINA has overlays that can be used for countdown timers. Show me how to do that with the in-game AT system.
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  4. Vegaroth Obscura New Member

    DBG I am sure like most other large companies, Blizzard Entertainment included, realize that a lot of innovation comes from the community and blacklisting a program name an outright saying "This program is cheating" isn't telling a whole story. Blizzard and DBG(SoE before) Have done and are still doing the right thing by letting innovators create addons that enhance an experience and if they say "this program is bad!" then even if that program changes its design to be good then the name of it is still there on the list. The same goes with the idea that a program may do 100 things that are acceptable or even welcome by DBG but one thing that it doesn't like so saying that certain things are ok and other things are bad means a program can still be used with that one bad feature being turned off by the player.
  5. Kahlev Al-Calen Augur

    /alarm... Also, you can use a clock.

    Frankly for reasons like these i think GINA is a perfectly fine 3rd party program, since what you can do with it you can do it with pen, paper and a clock. SEQ//etc allow you to do things that are not phisically possible under normal conditions, which would be the reason for them being prohibited though.
  6. Ruven_BB Augur

    So I talked to many individuals in various guilds that I have known since the beginning, Even spoke with players that get upset that others are cheating. So after chatting with them, nearly all of them have taken advantage of something in game. Even the most pious of the bunch, I can find an example in their past that they did something that while maybe not game "illegal" was defiantly unethical.

    He who is innocent throw that rock. Because while I'm not using programs that I know are bad news, I have done things in the past, that gave me an advantage or took advantage of things that got nerfed on test before they hit live etc.

    There are people that are directly doing detrimental things to the game and people playing it. You don't need a cheat program to do the oldest cheat in the game, training folks. Those things, be it cheats or actions of others, should be addressed and corrected.

    Others getting a slight edge or advantage that doesn't impact my playing, I'm not going to be overly worried. If you are judging yourself by what others have or do, you probably are going to have issues and concerns in life or in game, no matter what your circumstances are, or who is doing what to whom.

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  7. strongbus Augur

    want to fix this issue fast. have daybreak make it so that with one command you can turn a toon into a merc and let eq control it. fix everything right there
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  8. Aurmoon Augur

    This made me giggle. I love it! /auction Will serve as your merc, 1 Krono per day!

    Or when a group of players get together: “Okay, Strongbus, your turn to lead tonight while the rest of us go merc mode, I had to do it last night!”
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  9. strongbus Augur

    that funny. but in all honesty its been ask for a few times over the years after merc came out.
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  10. Khat_Nip Augur

    If you want to go that way with it then I'll say people that cheat in a game don't hold much integrity IRL and likely can't be trusted.

    Without using GINA if I DoT a mob I can see it blinking/wearing off at ~the 16s mark. I can hover over it if I wish to get a more accurate timer. I don't currently use GINA as I rely on the in-game AT system and it works out just fine for me as I have the visual cues, a sense of time, and multiple means of a stopwatch if I wish to use them.

    I am getting a kick out of people trying to justify the unmentionable programs by trying to bring up a parallel with Gamparse and GINA. That's just absurd.
  11. Sere New Member

    That information isn't passed to the client until the client after the mob dies so. That's not possible to the best of my knowledge.
  12. Janakin Augur

    Well the overlay of GINA on P99 I would guess is not allowed as you can program GINA to start a timer based on text within the log file. It is automating a process that can be done with /alarm and audio triggers. Some in my guild refuse to use it as they consider it "cheating." I personally have no problem with it.

    I personally, on non-true box servers, use a key broadcasting program along with a G15 keyboard to process multiple commands. With my arthritis it has really opened up the boxing for me. I previously had 6 keyboards with 6 computers way back in 1999. Boxing was much simpler then when all my warrior had was taunt and kick! I would just auto attack on my monk and rogue, heal with cleric, snare with druid and enchanter would slow. To some people they consider that cheating but I do not. With the ability to program my keyboard though I have had people accuse me of using another program when I was not. However I am basically emulating it with a programmable keyboard and key-broadcasting.

    I enjoy the game playing this way and go out of my way to not infringe on other players or monopolize a camp or area. I am glad that DB is going to expound on things that are allowed and are not allowed by 3rd party programs however. Right now it is too vague for my comfort level on how I play.
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  13. Talif Augur

    "There are third party apps that some people consider cheating, but I don't, so I think they're wrong and only the ones I consider cheating are wrong."

    Of course, I don't expect you see how there's any hypocrisy there, but others can.
  14. Khat_Nip Augur

    Before Roxxlyy or a dev posts the list of what is or isn't cheating, please post some examples here that you and I would disagree on.
    People that are cheating know they are cheating.
  15. Wellwellwell New Member

    Please get approval at the highest level for how to move forward with this and be careful when you post this list, I have a hard time seeing how this can accomplish whatever the end goal is, either you upset half your customers who strongly feel they are properly boxing even though they are using "game genie" or you end up upsetting the anti third party tool crowd... or worse both crowds.

    I'm absolutely not telling you what to do Roxxlyy, I'm just asking you to thread carefully here as this is the most controversial question you guys has to deal with and it's also related to your whole business so it's tricky to navigate for sure.

    Keep up the good work :) and good luck.
  16. Blackdragonaz New Member

    hey can someone help me
    I played mmos before but never everquest ..I played entropia universe and project entropia..but a old friend gave me his avatar and hes leveled at like 80 to 100 and im so egaer to learn and I been reading and you tubing trying to learn every thing I can abut everquest..I know everquest from 2007 but never played and I read almost every foggon realms book I could get my hands on ..anyone got anything for me ,,I gonna learn the gamwe but I want to honur his 13 years worth of work a play the avatar the best I can and will and I just need some one to help me out a bit
  17. Talif Augur

    Like I said before: GINA. Not that you and I would disagree on that one, but there are people in this thread who have already said they feel that it shouldn't be allowed.
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  18. Dawdle Augur

    Now that you got my interest... I am going to start with a Red website. Running WhoIs shows that is hosted by CloudFlare. Checking their forums you see a post on this topic.

    Hector_Red writes "Do we have any indication if they're going after people using accepted builds of *** like Very Vanilla? It seems weird that they make this special announcement... I know Daybreak has as special agreement with EQ Mule but that doesn't stop the paranoia ."

    MrDuane writes "This might also be on normal servers for people found afk farming. I am a guide for EQ, and the last I heard a GM has to physically verify you're cheating. This means he has to be in the same zone you are to verify you are cheating. So as long as you don't use those hard core cheats, like afk farming, and pretty much anything afk, and go passive when a GM enters the zone, you should be ok. This is for people who only use non invasive things of **. Like *****, and ****. Things that are mostly client side. If packets are sent server side, they can catch you.

    Ok we are all talking about the same code word here. We have EQ mules website and because of his own posts we know for sure this is it.

    Seems like I have been wasting my time playing the game the hard way. Really before I go any further I have to question why if this is allowed wasn't I in the loop? I paid good money to DB, played on 4 different servers, fought these trolls on everyone and I thought what they were doing was against the rules. It seems like the rules have changed over the years.

    What do we know about these programs? For people that don't know they are basically run off Developer tools that were added to the game so that GM's could assist people. KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid. Other things have been modified over the years and looking over it I don't see how you can allow any of it without actually giving me access to all of it because there's a lot of code here and it's so easy now.

    Ever been power lvl'd by a guy playing 18 toons? You want to crank out 110 lvl characters without having to grind and totally bypass the need to even get a heroic? This is really it, game braking, and using this stuff you don't need to pay to sub anything you can just farm afk and everyone else will pay you to play.

    I guess I am done subbing, or at least paying to play and probably moving on but I think it was heading that way for most of us already. The thing is the hacks ruin the experience for me. You’re not good at the game if you run this stuff; you’re not even playing it.

    This is coming from a Grey hat and I tend to look the other way on most things but the lines that are being crossed here, charging people rip off prices for pixels you don't even farm yourself is laughable. It's so easy you should have been making people happy and giving it away for next to nothing by this point but all I see is greed. Its good DB is doing something but I even question their reasons now.

    $ php -r 'echo ~"aă";' | hexdump -C
    00000000 9e 3b 7c |.;||
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  19. Duddner New Member

    Boxing is the biggest cheat that can happen to an MMO...
  20. jordune Augur

    You people would argue over the purity of lol
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