Red Dragon Scales aug needs to be cursor loot

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kelefane, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. AliveTank. Journeyman

    It s good to have item that actually make people want it bad and compete for, it s much better than the boring itemisation we ve been served lately in which everyone is a clone of each other gearwise.

    If anything, this thread show the itemisation for this event was a total success.
  2. AliveTank. Journeyman

    You have a short memory, if you were in a top guild and really quick about it you could hope for 1H30, the zone had 5/6 event to complete so....
    The lockout does matter, we only raid 3/4 days, so it allows us to do it twice instead of once, and if you raided 5 days, well you can do it 3 time instead of 2, so yeah it matters.
  3. Insaneox Augur

    Done arguing with someone that says ToFS takes 2 hours.
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  4. AliveTank. Journeyman

    No one forced you to pass , and next patch it seems the aug will have it s clairvoyance changed to Spell dmg (apparently it s already the case on beta), so the aug is intended to be excellent for everyone, not just tanks.
  5. Explicit Augur

    TOFS didn't take 2 hours, spending extraordinary amounts of DKP isn't competing, random chance at an AUG in chest loot is dumb and the notion that letting it be a task reward is somehow "ezmode" is beyond silly ---- take a look at the event, it's Velishan with less damage output and some clickies.

    I'm a tank, I'm in a DKP guild, I'm not the only one in this situation. I don't have the points to bid against most of the healers/casters on the aug, so I've just about considered it a loss all around (healers, necros, casters are all classes that can effectively hoard points while continuing to provide the best of service - tanks, unfortunately, are not).

    By all means though, continue to expound upon the glory of the chest that 9/10 times contains items that will be deleted/placed on house walls.
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  6. AliveTank. Journeyman

    To me it sounds like you : -need to raid more
    -need to be less of a lootwhore so those situation doesnt happen
    - are bitter because people deserving the aug more than you do will get it.

    Tofs did take 2hours on average wether you like it or not, competing with dkp isn't competing for loot? then what is?, random chance at an item in a chest is dumb? well i d suggest for you to quit EQ cause it s been that way since the creation of the servers.

    The aug is the absolute best, and it should come with a high price, you re bitter because you can't pay this, maybe you can save some dkp for next year, lesson learnt.

    Task reward is beyond easy mode, it s just plain stupid, easy mode would be having the event guarantee an aug drop.
  7. Insaneox Augur

    Would like poll on how many guilds took 2 hours on ToFS. That is one horribly bad guild to take that long on the event. Just saying!
  8. Explicit Augur

    Yeah let me just -not- upgrade my gear, maybe eventually I can become a burden on my healers too! Must be great being that delusional but I'll let you in on a secret -- tanks are more gear dependent than any other class (thus why in a lot of DKP guilds, they are traditionally lower on the point totem-pole).

    As for raiding more? LOL, I've had 100% RA for longer than I can remember but good retort there. Like I said, casters can afford to hoard points for whatever reason - tanks (imo) cannot and should not.

    You're right though, the enchanter or necro or whoever that barely skates by but has more points totally deserves the aug over the (insert other class here) that consistently performs beyond the average but upgrades responsibly and has less points.

    The word "aug" was capitalized for a reason, stating that it is the one item that should not be a random drop but since you kinda failed at comprehending most of what I typed, it's no surprise that you misread that too.

    Also, bit silly to try and say that TOFS took an average of 2 hours when you have no data to back that up. I don't know of too many people that spent that much time there
  9. AliveTank. Journeyman

    Wether the item is a piece of armor or an aug doesn't matter, it s an upgrade and that s it.

    The whole tank have to gear up all the time was true 3/4 years ago, it s not anymore when content is just easy mode all over.

    What s next, people are going to ask for the best gear to be auto rewarded everytime they complete an event? get real.
  10. Insaneox Augur

    Gear is replaced each tier. Augments stay good for years and years.
  11. AliveTank. Journeyman

    first event take 10minute, 2nd event about 30, 3rd about 15, 4th about 15, 5th about 15 and last event takes about 20minutes, not counting trash clear + med break, so yeah it was easily 2hours and I know for a fact RF took that long to clear it in the first year.

    You re either plain lying and have huge memory issues.
  12. Explicit Augur

    Yeah, because requesting that one aug on a LIMITED TIME EVENT that was bugged for a while (still bugged to an extent) and missing on CT be granted via reward window (like TOFS, they set a precedent there even if it was a dangerous one) is totally comparable to just handing out T4 gear.

    You should get real, what you're typing is beyond ridiculous.
  13. AliveTank. Journeyman

    You don't have to replace gear each tier, atleast not since 2010, can easily skip 2 tiers, augs upgrade last longer but also are a lot smaller.
  14. Crystilla Augur

    When it was initial content and until it was mass farm, it took several guilds I know around 2 hours. The last time we had done it, it was a lot less, but it generally took up about half of our raid window (4 hours) to complete initially.
  15. AliveTank. Journeyman

    Well yeah rewarding everyone with for just showing up is exactly like handing top raid gear, this aug is the best in game, so you cannot get closer to the truth than that.
    ToFS is an anniversary event, that took a lot longer to clear, and had 2 aug to boot with, so you still had to compete for the other one.
    Elidroth already offered more than enough compensation for the bug by making the event run longer and halving the lockout timer.

    You re not going to get your whole guild rewarded the best aug in game just because you ve shown up and beaten a 10 minutes raid, easy as that, if the devs wanted it to be awarded to everyone, it would have happened already and would have been advertised as so.

    Meanwhile people are paying a load of their time (dkps) to get it because they know it s worth it and they know the devs would not change the way its awarded and alienate the one that actuallly play the game instead of spending their time on boards whining when they can't get something that other people can.

    This thread is just pure jealousy.
  16. Insaneox Augur

    I'm willing to pay large dkp and even if win would still back giving to all so how is that for greed.
  17. Explicit Augur

    Yeah you got me, clearly all I do is spend my time on boards whining and accomplish nothing in game (I even have a magelo to prove how little time I spend!). That's also how I maintain 100% RA, you know, sh*tposting all over the boards.

    Wait a tick, that seems to be exactly what you're doing. Funny how an account shows up out of the blue just to troll a single thread. Keep on slammin words into dev's mouths though from that troll account, I heard they like that.

    I'm going to agree with Insaneox on this one, even if I were top DKP and could win it easily -- I'd still like everyone else who wasn't as lucky to get one too. How much DKP you have has NEVER, ever, been a reflection of how much you contribute to the raid outside showing up (which is a lot easier than you think).
  18. AliveTank. Journeyman

    Sure, I believe you, the only reason you say this is because you re not likely to win and you ll get your dkp refunded if you bid and they changed it anyway.
  19. AliveTank. Journeyman

    Sure, then you realise it s the same 5 people spaming the thread to get a free aug while the rest are just playing the game not expecting free hand out.

    Guess grouper should ask for the cloak to be a pop reward on killing first mob too :)
  20. Insaneox Augur

    We don't refund and we shall see.