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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Galien, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. Fohpo Augur

    If that's the case, a shift in that mindset isn't completely out of the question. At the time it may have made more sense, but it obviously wasn't working in today's environment.
  2. Yinla Augur

    If I can actually get in there I'll take a look, but as I'm reading it at the moment they have done away with all HAs level 106+ but made 101 - 105 harder, which isn't good when TLP servers have just got to TDS.

    HAs level 101 - 105 should be no harder than they were at release, I don't want to be waiting until I'm level 106+ to be able to complete them.
  3. Fohpo Augur

    I was referring to the XP changes, I understand that TDS progression may have been scaled up and that's problematic for TLP. Luckily for me, I don't play on Phinny - but Phinny has time before TDS right?
  4. Aurastrider Augur

    I am not following you here. I understand the changes that were made and I disagree with how they decided to scale up the HA's. If there were two or maybe even three difficulty options for every HA and the xp and rewards multiplier got better based on the difficulty level this would be a good system in terms of catering to all different play styles (Monster missions as the example actually had level ranges attached to the difficulty as the example). The same applies to missions in game. It does not account for balancing mobs in static zones to make them challenging for raiders while making them beatable by group geared players but its a start. There are other things that they can do in static zones to provide more of a challenge for raiders while not making the casual feel like a rag doll.
  5. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    HAs as a primary game play environment in expansions made sense BEFORE pick zones came into existence. As expansions got smaller with no pick zones it made some sense to have a lot of game play in instances. With multiple versions of regular zones available that becomes less of an issue.

    I would like to see HAs remain somewhat relevant and the current changes may do the trick if Daybreak maintains the same level increase rate we now have. They are a nice place to go when you are playing and RL requires a lot of AFKs. No worries of taking a camp you can't run effectively and irritate others or get trained etc. A nice to have but not a deal breaker and not something I would ask them to design things around. Was just a quality of life thing.
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  6. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    I think HAs and pickzones serve different purposes.
    And /picks are problematic, not a solution to anything but "server load" perhaps.

    Me too, but for that they'd have to make some per expansion.
    CotF seems to have been a whole expansion based on them (why we have this problem till the announced patch goes live), TBM even seems to have based two raids on the machanic (with it's own problems imo) and in EoK there are but 5 while there's zero in RoS.

    I like CotF. Not for the Gribbles really, but for it's diversity. I would like to see more such instances.
    Even if - yes - i "use" them for exactly what you described: "my little place of peace and quiet" when i do not want to or can not group.
    And i find your use of past tense quite sad. Especially when i think about the possibilities or potential.
    And contrary to you i don't think they're obsolete - nor that /pick were even remotely a substitute.
    So they are - to me - somewhat more than just a QoL thing.
    Besides, i find the opportunity to do what i want without having to worry about others quite "deal-breaking".
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  7. Tornicade_IV Augur

    The primary benefits of HA's over group mission instanced content
    • The ability to make viable current content for lower levels
    • implement a scaling itemization for a larger range of levels.
    • Appeals to those who have a short play window.
    • Allows returning players to work progression and gain achievements in current content.
    • Allows game designers to focus on static content for the highest level characters
    • Gives low play session players something to do with groups besides work on solo task
    • Dynamic content for players that doesn't require camp and grind
    • reduces zone overcrowding
    • More convenient for higher level players to group with lower levels
    The problem with the HA scaling to higher levels
    • in an ideal world scaling itemization would increase as levels increased. This was not done with Cotf Ha nor TBM ha's
    • HA tier tuning the more difficult the content and higher increase of itemization an expansion has the more difficult tuning Ha tuning of scaled content became
    • Backwards scaling utilizing a universal AI implemented higher level mobs in lower level versions of the ha's
    • Improper scaling could result in missions being either too easy ( completed really fast on a large scale) or too difficult ( requiring twice as long to complete the ha's than initially intended)
    If the devs werent able to put in the time or implement a system that allowed them to tune for new levels and Itemize for that content then the best thing to do was end the scaling.
    COTF was able to survive a level increase because the overall content increase was within the parameters of the scaling and the increase in difficulty for the lower levels was minimal. however, with 2 consecutive large increase content difficulty the disparities in the scaling became quite apparent.
    Personally I would of preferred to see something like the ROS1 level gear(current ros1 gear could of been scaled up to 9% creating 4 tiers of gear instead of 3) added to the 105-110 versions of the Has tied into the increase( like the ha's gave an added currency at the new level range that could be used at one vendor . this way a cotf ha which is less difficult than tbm could be given lower currency values and TBM higher currency values etc) and the higher level mobs in lower level instances not be impacted by the new scale.
    If the Devs aren't willing or do not have the time to keep this HA content current then the best solution is to do what they did. cap the Ha's and try again at a later time.
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  8. Dahaman Augur

    What are the group requirements to start a HA? Is that requirement common across all HAs?

    Can a solo character open and complete one?
  9. Jumbur Augur

    You used to be able to start them solo, I doubt they changed that.
  10. Sissruukk Augur

    Unless they changed it over the past day or so, when I went in on Test patch day, I was able to solo access HAs.
  11. Niskin Augur

    Before the instancing broke on Test I was able to enter one solo.
  12. Dahaman Augur

    Hurrah... thanks!

    I'm thankful for this, especially if progression is locked behind HAs.

    Out of curiosity, what is the earliest a soloing player, SK as an example charater, can molo a HA given level appropriate bazaar bought gear as a basis?
  13. Fohpo Augur

    I think that would largely depend on the gear, AAs, player ability, and other random factors such as having epic. I think regardless, it'll be slow going especially early on - being on FV would be a HUGE difference with ability to purchase raid gear.
  14. Dahaman Augur

    Ballpark guess...? Level 80, 85, 90... 115th level?

    I've never done an HA, so I have zero concept of difficulty. I've only read that level 75 is good for starting to group them. That means that maybe level 80 to 85 would be target for molo, but if they scale up to expansion limits (a good thing), that sounds like it could delay things for another 5 to 15 levels.

    I'm okay with all that. I was just curious about when that content might open up for the likes of me.
  15. Quatr Augur

    When I came back a few years ago, my Bazaar-geared Monk was able to solo (technically molo since I was always using a merc) the 3 easy CoTF HAs between 75 and 95. I was also able to do some other CoTF HAs, but they took more time and required more creative pulling. Soloing got harder in the early 90s, but I could still do it without a single death. After 95, I only did HAs in groups because mobs were hitting harder and soloing them was becoming too nerve-wracking given how inconsistent Monks' defensive abilities are.

    Unless the difficulty has changed since then, I assume that an SK should be able to solo CotF HAs between 75 and 100+, but it may take longer. On the other hand, a SK should have an easier time forming HA groups even at that level.
  16. Fohpo Augur

    Like I said, it really depends. You can probably do it at 85 with decent gear (group) and for sure can with raid gear, but it'll be slow and you would need to split the pulls I think. If you're on FV, hit up Jimmydiesel in game and I can help with some level appropriate gear and some XP.
  17. Tornicade_IV Augur

    Obviously this is a long post.

    My SK was 90 when he returned in October. moloing the ha's could take 1-3 hours. I mostly stuck with the dailies. Ha's with a higher min level are typically the harder ones. One of the fun parts about the ha dailies is they might give yo the 2nd or 3rd task when you have done the first one so you would have time to go get that unlocked before the bonus expired.
    Western Karana Ethermere
    • Marla and Brother Estle have moloable ha's In WK
    Dead Hills
    • Gribble and Skulk are moloable in Dead hills.
    • Captain russell I would suggest getting a buddy because they take so long. They are the marathon versions of ha's

    Over in Bixie Warfront. you get a mishmash of Ha's that you can tell the Devs had a lot of fun with.
    These can be aggravating at time but very moloable.
    • Naturalist Yrelia is a really good start as her three missions are pretty straight forward.
    • Snazlieu task has a lot of alternate steps but relatively moloable.
    • Ambassador Crizlyna task ( if you can figure out how to get the task from her)has one step you may or not get that has a little dps check. If you get this step you may want to bring in some help in your nineties Youll know it when you see it.
    • Battlebreak Kraklest - These are fun mission once you get down the mechanics.
    Neriak- I would suggest trying these out and getting a feel for them before assembling the group. it has all sorts of thing working against you. Aggro Linked Mobs, mobs that needs debuffed ( get out the nullify) . these missions are also chock full of mini raid mechanics such as mobs with stances(penatlies for ignoring the stances), trigger spawns and mob waves.
    This one youll want at least 1 buddy your level range. Ultimately the Ross Quest set is a bit easier than the larkis set. but not by much. like Kraklest these are tiered mercenary II quest.
    Tower of Rot and Aghin Hiz. I would suggest having a group for these ha's. even you can molo them they will take a lot of time.
    TBM- These are moloable if you've geared properly. I would recommend starting these at 95, Hopefully you been taskadding equal and lower levels when you can on the molo ha's. If you can molo it you can definitely group it faster and you may not need people to join you but later when you do have group stuff to do these people can come in handy.
    • Enter the Temple Part B. You might not be able to molo this at first but will eventually. This mission gets you the mirror that allows you to buy TBM gear with Remnants. The key here is to announce that your doing it. and see who else needs. If a higher group offers to walk you through.. take it. youll need about 20-30K remnants for this gear. I got lucky on this part because an old buddy gave me 30k remnants. You can earn them, buy them or if you have higher level friends who are done with this gear they might just give you them to get you started, Whats really nice is that you can sell the vendor purchased gear back.
    • Make sure you and your buddies do the Inter the temple A as the hail quest is a nice reward. and gets people excited about the crypt mission
    • After you have your mirror there at 4 HA's One in Lxvanom , One in plane of health, one in plane of decay and one in Sul vuis. These missions done 6 times so you can get your lesser spirit armor and eventually zone into crypt
    • These missions aren't about xp. they are about dropped base pieces for you gear.
    • One mission have NPC named ralph and Elle, these are hp check mobs. if you get creamed by elle you can keep trying the ha until you get Ralph.
    • These take along time to molo but the payoff is gear. the lxvanom missions are fun and have a nostalgic feel to them
    • Once you complete the lesser spirit armor it opens up more Ha's. 6 I think. you should be 100 by now Half of them you should be able to molo the other half like defenders of faith ( dps Mission Check) wil need a group. Youll know which ones these are as you try them
    • remember at 100 you aren't getting anymore Autogrant AA's so make sure your allotting enough aa's to keep ahead of the power curve.
    • Once you get to 100 its time to start working on Achievement. Your now geared properly for Static COTF and ROF(get your slow hammer ) at this point static content wise you can potentially molo everything from VOA to COTF
    This isn't the fast track to current content but its fun and Ensures your tank is built properly for TDS, TBM and EOK at 105
  18. 22wplkj Lorekeeper

    I havn't kept up with this thread and havn't been playing. How has this turned out a week after the patch?

    From what I read the change is good for challenged players like me that lag an expansion or 2 behind the pack. Maybe I missed something because it seems too good to be true. So is worth it to come back and level to 110? Does being level 110 without raid gear give a real advantage now in TBM and EoK HA's?
  19. Tornicade_IV Augur

    Advantage against what? advantage over content?
    110 you have triple the DPS and Almost double the AC not to mentioned the higher level modifiers.
    Are you wanting to farm stat augs? Gear up alts? complete Achievements? Rack up remnants to sell?
    HA Scaling in eok and TBM stops at 105 just as with Static content so I don't understand the question.

    If you don't have ROs now. I wouldn't suggest getting ROS until the next expansion. If you own ROS then You should be leveling to 110 and suiting up into conflagrant while working EOK Progression at least.
    As of right now just as with any other old expansion. TBM and EOK offers things to do when you cant get a group in ROS if that's what your asking.

    In my opinion TBM should be started at 95 as its the best overall gearing option from 95 to 100 to 105. (even though its sucks that its recommended so as soon as you get max stats your replacing it but handy if you get to that level and cant changeover to the next set of augs right away.

    This is the tanks perspective. I could go get ROS and Stock up on Conflagrant so I could just roll over content but I can do that in VOA , COTF and ROF now at 102 . Stuff I would still need to do at 110 for aa achievements and such.
    Me personally If the goal is to get "caught up" to current content. I want to scale properly and do content while its fun. and current for my level

    I think the real question you should be asking is getting to 110 and decked out in conflragrant allow you to molo or 2 group EOK progression while you level from 106 to 110.
    That leveling plan would put the older expansions(outside of EOK) as backup content to do....not the primary focus.
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  20. Fohpo Augur

    While you have a lot of good points, at 110 and in Conflagrant gear, a lot of tanks may still want to go back and do the Hero's AAs. At some point, they're worth more than other AAs you have access to and make a significant difference as you acquire more.

    As far as starting TBM at 95, you could just start it at 75 and change the augs every ~10 levels to keep your gear current. TBM group gear can get you into EoK and the max level augs are good even at 110 until you can replace them with RoS type 5s.

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