Ragefire/Lockjaw Kunark Poll Results

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  1. Tarrin Augur

    Weird. Because unless some of the ASAP/3 Month'ers switch to the 6 month option..it would pass its first go around per the poll results.
  2. Greymere Augur

    Yup Ragefire is going to unlock Kunark in 3 months, and if a significant enough amount of the 6 months crowd move off server to Lockjaw or unsub it will pass all future polls to accelerate Velious, Luclin etc to 3 months as well(As Aristo said was an option), though I could see them leaving PoP at 6 months, since that era contains two other micro expansions.

    Lockjaw will benefit from transfers long term, and may or may not result in a short term shitstorm at the endgame level depending on the maturity level of the guilds involved.

    My preference would be to have transfers happen as late as possible but prior to a Kunark vote on Ragefire, that way you give folks on Lockjaw considering moving to Ragefire for a more accelerated play experience a few more weeks to gauge where they are with their character and what they would prefer at that point as well.
  3. Smallpox Augur

    Aristo, can you please give us an update on the investigation?
  4. Tharrg Augur

    But you forget that there was not a majority of people for 3month and ASAP..... only that they were slightly more than the 6 month crowd once you added them together. People keep ignoring or forgetting the 4th option of people who didnt care. Those people may decide to vote to lock down Kunark from opening by siding with the 6month... This is why the voting was wrong.... there was not a majority untill DBG gives us the actual % for each of the 4 votes.. we can only speculate.
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  5. Tarrin Augur

    No..there WAS a majority for ASAP + 3 Months. They specifically said that. That means over 50% of the population voted for either ASAP or 3 months.

    That is not even up for debate if you use the poll results released as a source. There is no speculating needed. They specifically used those exact words.

    From the original post :
    "When combining the 3-month and ASAP option, though, a slight majority of players on both servers voted for Kunark to come sooner than it would under the original rules."

    The definition of "majority" is over 50%.
  6. Tharrg Augur

    But we have no proof... only their word. They may have a slight Majority of the vote compared to how many are voted 6month... but they may mean that 48% voted 6month.. 49Voted change... but if 3% voted they didnt care... that would mean that a slight majority wanted change... but if you took the 48 and added the 3 then the majority now becomes those wanting it to stay the same. See how number manipulation and word play can be used. Its a common miscconception that majority is always over 50%...
  7. Tarrin Augur



    I think the only misconception here is what you *think* the word "majority" means.
  8. taliefer Augur

    still bummed we havent gotten any kind of remote ETA on these transfers. even something vague like "at least a week or two" would be good
  9. Tharrg Augur

    Majority may be used incorrect. The person writing that may have actually needed to use the word MOST.. however as alot of writers do, they may be using majority when they should be using Plurality .... which means to have the Most. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/plurality this is why I question.. because without the actual numbers... WE DO NOT KNOW!... http://www.dailywritingtips.com/are-you-sure-you-mean-“majority”/
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  10. Tarrin Augur

    So you are banking your whole argument on the fact that Aristo may have used the wrong word?

    Question, have you found a pattern of word misuse by Aristo in the past? Something to make this behavior habitual?
  11. Simone Augur

    It is true that Aristo didn't say anything about the no preference voters or give any actual data to back up the "results".
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  12. Rhiyannon Augur


    no the red-headed step children are those on rage who voted for 6 months and are't wanted by either server.


    doesn't mean %100 we will get those free transfers, having been burned once already...


    yeah enough move, there's a good chance it might be slightly better than fippy with a few months between expacs with votes.


    enough might decide on that server too they want faster speed as well and it will be no different ffrom rage, otheer than a little behind in xpacs.
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  13. Skipper Augur

    I think DBG has done a fine job listening to the players and modifying the TLP's as requested, if not somewhat late. DBG has given a home to both sides wanting a server that progresses to their liking. One just needs to ignore the whiners that will complain no matter what.

    But if DBG doesn't follow up on the free transfers, any good will they have built up will vanish.
  14. Rhiyannon Augur

    yep skipper 42 pages of fine...
  15. Kibanu Augur

    Read the first few pages but got tired of the repeated misunderstandings.

    Personally, I think this is a pretty great solution. I'm definitely a part of the casual crowd, as I have a wife and kids. I want to be able to raid targets in classic and other expansions without the need for the chaos. Though, I wish they would incorporate instancing the raid targets so we can all raid. This is a PvE server and the current mechanics encourage .
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  16. Tarrin Augur

    You are right. How do you feel the "no preference" voters would have changed the results?
  17. Skipper Augur

    Why do you want to spend six months in South Karana? That is where you have lived for over a month. Still exploring?
  18. blueblazer Journeyman

    I'm currently on Ragefire. I voted for the longest time between expansions before the TLP went active. Then I voted again recently, the same way. Seems a lot of people voted as I did. Now changes are being made that don't reflect the winning vote. That angers me greatly. This was not the way things were to be done based off what was said very early on. This is a clear change in direction.

    I and many others said before the TLP beta that a second server was needed to hold the large returning customer base. You didn't listen then to your customers and the server launch was plagued by login issues and over population.

    Why listen to us now when you have clear cut data that players want the extended time on expansions? Oh yeah, you should listen to us because we're telling you what we want to pay for and this is a business that wants to make money! Pizza Hut never brings me a salad when I order a deep dish. Don't ignore us. You make think you know best but we're the ones paying you! Give us what we're paying for.

    Hope you have spoken to the corporate lawyers about the possibility that failure to provide the service that was promised to thousands and thousands or customers opens you up to a class action lawsuit.
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  19. Finwen Augur

    Why does this have to be another burn and churn server?
  20. Simone Augur

    If the "no preference" voters had a significant number then it's unlikely that "as soon as possible" and "3 months" could have made a majority opinion when combined.

    If the voting results was something like:

    No Preference 9%
    As Soon as Possible 25%
    In 3 Months 21%
    Six Months 45%

    Then we don't have a majority that was in favor of speeding up the servers; just a plurality that is slightly larger than those that want the server to remain with the 6 months timeline. If such is the case then changing the rules to speed up the server is an even more dubious decision than it was already.