Please remove truebox limit from Aradune.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Viceversa, Jul 28, 2022.

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  1. Viceversa Elder

    Just to be clear, I'm not asking for truebox itself to be removed which I think has been addressed in another post. I also very rarely box anymore and I'm not asking this for selfish reason.

    I think we are at a point in the servers life its crucial to allow players to box when needed. its a big hobby for players. we are going threw a point of this servers life its very important to keep people engaged with the server and it is silly to lose players over it.

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  2. Ronluwen Elder

    Yes please. 99% of the player base left does not care about people boxing. It's time for it to go away.
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  3. Rhythar Augur

    No way. Aradune is the only server with a boxing limit. If you want to box more than 2 characters, that's what every other server is for.
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  4. Leoden New Member

    I agree we are far past the point in the game where truebox is needed.
  5. Samueru Journeyman

  6. Koromir New Member

    Definitely in the best interest of the server to allow at least the reduced truebox rules on Aradune.
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  7. Rhythar Augur

    A good way to drive players away from any server is to let people box on it. This is even more true for Aradune, where the whole point is the 2-box limit.

    If you want more players to come to Aradune, then encourage the GMs to enforce the 2-box rule more vigorously. The 2-box limit is Aradune's most attractive quality.
  8. Rhythar Augur

    People have been allowed to cheat on Aradune long enough. It's time to finally enforce the 2-box rule properly.
  9. Triconix Augur

    Just remove true boxing and keep the 2 character limit.
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  10. Samueru Journeyman

    No, people are being driven away from the server because they're tired of suspensions and /lfgs. Come out of your cave and talk to people more.
  11. Rhythar Augur

    Suspensions for what? And more boxing is not going to make it easier to find a group.
  12. Samueru Journeyman

    You know what, and way to miss the point.
  13. Neuro Elder

    If only there were another server that opened at the exact same time as Aradune that allowed unlimited boxing...
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  14. Rhythar Augur

    Do you mean suspensions for violating the 2-box rule? Have you seen people get suspended for that?
  15. Samueru Journeyman

    Yeah, people getting suspended who aren't violating the 2-box rule. Join a GDKP raid and ask about it. The server is full of those stories.
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  16. Pappasalt Augur

    Good luck with your ask, we tried for over a year on selo with nothing. This company is extremely hard headed.
  17. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    And let loose all the karens on there ? No way. Aradune is a containment server, it serve a purpose, let it be like that.
  18. Dailor Augur

    Do it anyway.
  19. Ronluwen Elder

    The 1% are always the loudest. Every TLP should have relaxed true box rules post DoDH. The majority of the features this server started with are already gone.
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  20. pIRATEIBMOz Apprentice

    People have been violating the true box and 2 character limit since classic with no punishment, and only ever so often do people get punished for it when someone's jimmies get rustled or it doesn't benefit them and they report it. The Aradune server has nowhere near the number of players it did since Plane of Power or even Omens with the launch of 2 different TLPs, so why would anyone currently be upset if you cant find a healer for your group but someone can bring an extra cleric or shaman to help out so your group can actually do things?

    Can removing true box be abused? absolutely, but it already is being abused and has been so what's the point? If the GMs aren't going to actively monitor it and the only people that get punished are those that just keep to themselves but "upset" people who don't like it (yet are affiliated with people that do it and don't seem to mind) then the rules should be laxed.

    Either enforce the server rules for everyone across the board, or revise the servers "ruleset" that most people dont care about. Heck maybe even release mercs earlier on TLPs or something to combat people leaving.
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