Plane of Growth trash dropping Vulak Loot needs to be fixed ASAP

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by JohnnyBgood, Aug 18, 2021.

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  1. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    EQ most certainly does have tiers of raids as you generally are expected to gear up / key up (ST) from lower tier raids before completing higher tier raids. Just because you can also see a raid bosses level doesn't mean it is not also separated by tiers.
  2. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Don't even need 4kr items, all you need is a trader that does about 100 trades an hour and makes 50p - 200p per trade and you rake in on average 8500p an hour. The magic part is when it's automatic.
  3. Captain Video Augur

    The loot rules will be whatever the devs choose them to be. 22 pages of posturing by all the ForumQuest factions won't change that. And TLPs don't stop at OOW, they are intended to go all the way to Live, as a couple already have. We will eventually reach the point where even group gear itemization has tiers. I'm pretty sure Ngreth is thinking a little farther ahead than most of the posters in this thread.
  4. Gheed Augur

    Its kind of weird its the same people in this thread crying about them needing to change the loot being dropped that raged at me for making posts pointing out that they needed to look at loot that was dropping back in classic.

    Pretty funny
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  5. AngryKing Elder

    Their greed blinded them from seeing that they were arguing against themselves for being able to corner the market. 2 expansions later they get it.
  6. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    EQ does have tiers both for difficulty and for gear, but those tiers don't always match up. Some expansions have T2 raids harder than T3. So the gear goes 1, 2, 3 the actual raid difficulty goes 1, 3, 2. and in some cases, 3, 1, 2 (RoS I'm looking at you.).
  7. Elite_raider Augur

    It is not an opinion, they had the exact same wording for rares and Raid mobs, and rares have been tried and tested they are randomed based on their /con LEVEL not tiers of difficulty...
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  8. Elite_raider Augur

    Many of the changes are already live, lets see who figures out the new system first
  9. HekkHekkHekk Augur

  10. Eyva New Member

    Daybreak game as a return player loved the idea of play on this TLP for the loot people that are not in high-end guild and Kronos farmers can ever get to see and now since 1999 and when I quit in POK still bowing down to the farmers and big end guilds to fix something the servers are all about am calling DBG out as a baiting people in to take it away in 3 mouths it’s a shame to bow down to guild and Kronos farmers keep the game fun and kill out the Krono farmers and give the casual players a chance
  11. Apri New Member

    Props to Bobby for putting that list together, I'm sure it took a lot of time to figure all of it out. However, the great thing about this server is being able to get anything, even with a small group. We didn't have to struggle to key our characters for VP and were able to get some loot from there, simply by killing a different Kunark dragon.
    Killing Yael and getting Cazic loot was really awesome. The pure randomness of everything is what really drew us to this server. Not having to zerg mobs with full raids and just being able to hang out with a handful of friends and still be able to gear up our elf-sims with top tier loot.
    We were really looking forward to Velious and the possibility of being able to kill Vindi or Zland, who're the same level as Vulak, and *possibly* getting Vulak loot, as there's no way for our small crew to clear NToV regularly. We're fine w/ not clearing it and never killing Vulak, but the possibility was there w/ this server to still see the loot.
    My question is, if all of the dragons/bosses in Kunark were able to drop the high-tier loot (Phara Dar), why is Velious any different? What changed?
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  12. Elite_raider Augur

    You should come out and say something about what you did with the loot in Velious, even if it is just to say you are still working on it, casuals are just assuming you went with the tier system and it is killing moral and the exodus will start sometime this week if you don't say something.

    If you did go with the tier system, your best bet is not to say anything and hope the exodus is as slow as possible, but know, it's inevitable and unfortunately allot of the people who came back will be leaving EQ permanently :-/
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  13. Indigo_Quarmite Elder

    The chinese farmer bots changed and the dev caved in to them. It's ridiculous.
  14. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Are you implying that I am the one behind the SG farmers?

    Now that's a conspiracy I can get behind!
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  15. Gnothappening Augur

    Legal fact? Are you 12? The words they used can be interpreted different ways. One way is the way you interpreted them. Another way is how people like Tweakfour17 interpreted them.

    Lol, legal fact.
  16. Gnothappening Augur

    No slam on you personally, but do you realize how what you said comes across? To me it reads that you are glad that your guild didn't have to put any effort in to get rewards. You specifically mentioned not having to struggle to get good gear.
  17. Gnothappening Augur

    You really should be a leader on this. You have my full backing. You should stand up for what you believe in. Also, parcel me your gear.
  18. Hythos Augur

    There are many zones and areas I haven't yet ever done, so I too would like to know where there are rewards just laying on the ground.

    If you're meaning that the server is working as intended by allowing people to obtain drops via lower level mobs than those otherwise normally gated by some mechanism, then that's great. I wish I had had the capability to take out Growth mobs while the getting was good.
    I also wish I could have gotten into Sleeper's Tomb, but that still likely won't happen.

    I guess the term that millennials use is, u salty bro?
  19. Captain Video Augur

    My attorney has max AAs in both Motions and Objections, and will be happy to take on your attorney in a DPS race.
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  20. Xatt New Member

    How about changing one server and leave the other alone. Let's see what server dies quickly.
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