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    No it really doesn't these camps are toxic because they're bottlenecks. The only thing that changes is now single players have a fair shot at those camps vs multiboxing. This takes that situation and makes it better. Does it stop it all together nah.
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  2. Goomba Journeyman

    I have spoken to a few friends, and read all the threads, and simply the upcoming ruleset is not good enough

    Upcoming ruleset needs to be Mischief rules, or all items droppable, or both

    I have been playing eq for over 2 decades and I am pretty sure everyone wants a variant of mischief/droppable items ontop of the new rules coming

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    Open tagging is a terrible idea for highly contested spawns. One of the times I've camped pawbuster for a monk pipe it took just over 17 hours for him to spawn. Granted this was a lot longer than the other times I camped it but none of those other times was short. If someone had rocked in 16 hours into that camp in an open tagging world I would have been really pissed. Plus how is open tagging EQ? I spent 7 hours last night holding down a camp waiting to get a rare drop from a named. I did the work, I want the drop thanks. I understand some people hate the grind of EQ but it's one of the things that makes EQ EQ. If folks want easy mode, go play another game. There are plenty easy mode games out there.
  4. Obliteration Elder

    You clearly have never played a game with encounter lock as neither of your examples make any sense whatsoever.

    Currently if you camp something for 17 hours and someone comes in after 16 hours they can take the mob by out dpsing you, with encounter locking whoever has agro first has the encounter.

    What you said makes zero sense
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  5. TheRealMuramx Elder

    I am trying to find the part where I said that at all.. maybe you can find it. I specifically said people play EQ1 over EQ2 because it plays different and lister 1 example of something from EQ2 they have implemented and there is a lot more that they slow have been putting in the game.

    Reading comprehension is fundamental.
  6. Bickle New Member

    A few people were suggesting open tagging as an alternative to FTE. I see problems with both.
  7. YouDaGoob Lorekeeper

    Tired pullers get sloppy after awhile. Timers on groups at which camp they are at will be as valuable as timing the phs and nameds being killed on Track. Oakwynd will be incredible
  8. Vindar Augur

    Too bad they can't just like, enforce their own rules, instead of waiting 6 months and 100 reports to do so. Even when Aradune had GM's, they were actually useless at enforcing rules.
  9. Goomba Journeyman

    Simply put, we need droppable loot and/or mischief loot
    And latest unreal engine
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    Another issue with FTE is it going to come down to who has the better ping; before you can at least have a chance to out DPS the other person/group but now if you don't live on the West coast and the other people do good luck on getting that rare spawn.
  11. Evolutionn Journeyman

    From someone whom has played a lot on TLP servers over the years. My take from this server is the following.

    Darkpaw has legit ignored the entire community and have been ordered by their new owners to monetize EverQuest as heavily as possible. Yes EverQuest has been sold to a new company and yes if you look at what they are incentivizing it becomes quite clear. BUY XP POTS AND BAGS on all of your 10 alts.

    -You will gain a permanent xp bonus if you make ALTS. How long until the player-base decides that they are tired of grinding xp/gear/epics for someone's alt. Probably 98% of the players.

    -You will be kill stolen on group mobs & raid mobs on a very consistent basis & far more frequently then any TLP ever made. There are hacks that exist that let people aggro mobs across the zone and
    through walls. It will be used and you will end up really upset when you see it.

    -You will pay to win on all of your alts because that is what 90% of the playerbase does. This will in turn feed the krono lords to fire up more computers and accounts in order to feed the box armies. This further fuel the fires of win to pay mentality that exists for those that can take out raid bosses and sell their loot to the community. It will be way worse on Oakwynd then ever before.

    Just some observations. I am not trying to point any fingers with the exception of Jennifer Chan, the EverQuest Producer herself who should resign immediately. Or at the very least offer a 2nd server launch that runs alongside Oakwynd and ACTUALLY USE RULESET ideas people really want. Like different unlock schedules, freetrade, relaxed truebox earlier. Give us something interesting and fun or step aside.

    This server will be the most empty and abysmal environment ever conceived in the entire history of the game. Here is hoping they come to their senses and Listen to the community and monetize less aggressively before it is too late
  12. UltrawideGameGuy New Member

    They seem to be trying to grow out of the stagnant tlp cycle with things like updating the back end and the ui and experimental features, but several people in this thread hit the nail on the head.

    Until they actually consistently enforce their own rules in game, this game will never grow beyond much more than this. It's the worst unrestricted cheating of any mmo I've ever seen. The players just deal with it because we have no choice, and haven't for decades.

    Remember that behind every angry post is someone who loves this game, or at least what it should have become, and wishes they would invest more than the absolute bare minimum. The reality is there is simply too little money in it and the anything goes mentality is the only way the game scrapes by. It just makes me sad.
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    I love this game and have played it since I was 14 years old. It is an old companion, that never lets me down and does not change to much. Its kind of comforting. If I want to play a different type of game, I go play WoW or New world. I enjoy those games as well, but spend much more time on everquest. It is my hope that they release a second server running with this one for the oldschool players.
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  14. Zrender Augur

    Since most of what you're saying is just conspiracy theory that makes little or no objective sense, I'm just going to reply to this bullet item (the one quoted) that's the most off the wall. You understand that preventing afk AOE PLing is likely the main reason for the FTE change, yes? AFK AE PLing is, in many expansions, is likely somewhere in the 500-1000 kronos a day that are paid to the RMTing PLers. The devs are signaling they are willing to make less of those kronos to try to make the game a better experience for players, to try to expand the game's base and attract many more new players or get players back that are tired of the pay to win aspects like the gearing and PLing for kronos.

    Also, to the people saying "this is not EQ". You're flat out wrong. In original there WERE established camps and you could be banned for KSing. In original, advertising afk AOE powerleveling (literally 24/7) for cash and then taking over complete zones would have been an insta-ban. Then again, I think most of the people saying "this is not EQ" are actually saying "THIS IS NOT MISCHIEF 2.0! rreeeeeee!". FTE appears to be an attempt to programmatically move EQ back towards the way it was originally, but without having to constantly respond to CS requests to do so. I'm sure there will be some speedbumps because it's incredibly complex and I hope they succeed. It would be great if EQ went back to the point where you had to earn your own XP and gear. Other MMOs are coming or released even that do enforce that so this would be a good time for it. I just wonder if by releasing Mischief/Thornblade, which are the ultimate pay to win servers with both rampant afk AOE PLing AND pay RL cash to gear, they didn't doom the game to at the very least have huge backlash every time they release a server that's not free-trade and at the worst be forced to constantly roll out even more pay to win servers. Maybe they will capitulate and you will get your way and get another free-trade server with afk PLing for all, actually maybe just skip that and sell preleveled "heroic" characters. If so then I guess enjoy your p2w EQ future.
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    /auction WTB New Ruleset, please! Does anyone have it? I've been looking for it everywhere.
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    Bad take, redditor.
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    Share with us the math that got you to this figure. It almost seems like you pulled it from somewhere stinky.