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  1. Trident Elder

    What's funny is these forums contain countless posts crying over shady, angry, gimblox, bergurgle, vp key mob,ect type scenarios every single tlp. This basically takes that situation and spreads it throughout the entire game.
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  2. Go Take A Nap Augur

    Some suggested open tagging. The way I understand it is as long as you tag it before it dies you get a loot roll? As someone who is against FTE i think this would be fine for epic mobs and progression content.

    It resolve a lot of player reports and griefing due to highly contested spawns. Instead players would be working together. I wouldnt do it for regular rares or normal mobs though as you would just see a ton of leeches looking to get a free shiny to sell.
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  3. Zansobar Augur

    That would lead to a lot of problems with inflated loot amounts, unless you are saying only the normal amount of loot would drop but now it would be divided amongst those that contributed? But then you'd need a contribution system and those systems usually screw over healers and other support who don't directly damage the mobs. If the system allows multiples of loot for one mob then you will just have a ton of players standing around mobs en masse to maximize loot amounts...that just isn't EQ.
  4. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And that was my point, it isn't just the encounter locking that caused people to not play Everquest 2 over Everquest.
  5. Go Take A Nap Augur

    No, rare mobs shouldnt have this. Just quest mobs like cleric epic Lord Berg, Gimblox, monk pipe in chardok that can take all day for just one pipe and key parts like emp pieces/Veeshan peak mobs. To name a few. These types of mob have no monetary gain , other than kr farmers that lock them down and this would diminish the need to buy them. Regular mobs should not be flagged as such , nor bazaar gear dropping rares that are highly sought after. Doesnt really change the spirit of EQ in these cases imo.

    As far as healers? Long as they are flagged in combat for healing, or being in a group that dealt damage to the mob, or they can load up any stun/ dd.

    I suppose the result could be that your entire guild is keyed up in one day, so there would need to be some randomness to having zero loot dropping applied of course, so you would need to stick around for another cycle or two. Like other games do. It would be no different then waiting in line, except now your not worried about who holds the camp
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  6. Demetri Augur

    Just went there with my merc, I held aggro with one (Ranger isn't really AE taunt friendly), and the rest jumped on my merc when they healed...
  7. Valv Journeyman

    Would love this server to have free trade and double loot, with the extra loot being random.
    Lets you farm the item you want the same as normal but killing any named has a sense of surprise and excitement with the random bonus loot.

    This would let people gear up and play the alts the server is pushing you to have on the same account. Swapping mains or playing alts that you can actually gear up makes people burn out and quit less as they can change toons as the server changes through the eras

    Gearing up from raiding is too slow, 8 weeks at normal loot rate just doesn't drop enough to feel rewarding, forget about getting all the items you want

    This sounds the most fun to me, mischief proves people like these kinds of rule sets more than standard, this would be less chaotic but have the same rewarding raiding and alt gearing that actually makes eq fun
  8. Trunch New Member

    If this new TLP is all about testing and experimenting, then why should I have to pay a sub? Don't they have a test server they could tried this on?
  9. Magician9001 Augur

    This is not true at all man. Some of the changes were hotfixes or the first patch after a problem was noticed. A good example was how overtuned the regen was on MoTM mobs when Velious originally came out on RF/LJ .

    I can't think of any in TSS or prior content. EQ1 has mobs that "call" each other very early on for example CT and Tunare both call the zone. But the mobs path to where they "call" from rather then being "linked"

    Maybe for many many years you mean like Underfoot /shrug.
  10. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    I haven't seen it said anywhere that trash mobs are being changed to being linked.

    I was around when EQ2 launched and I can't think of *anyone* who stayed on EQ1 because EQ2 had encounter locking. You're reaching, badly.
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  11. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Man this is the longest a complaint thread has gone w/o a mod locking it down. Maybe it's just the weekend ? Will it get nuked on Monday, stick around to see .

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  12. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    Not even top 10.
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  13. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    I've been purposefully trained more often than I've had someone KS a named from me on mangler. Hell even as recently as HoT I had someone repeatedly train me for killing some of 'his' zone trash on my way to another camp in a fully popped zone with 9 people in it total. Now admittedly that was probably one of the biggest degenerates on the server but it still happens. After the first two trains I recorded him on twitch and submitted the video of the third train, doubt they actually did anything with it though.

    Accidental trains still happen fairly often, but those never bothered me, I can feign the monk and token rez someone back up to save them from a terrible run back.

    It just feels odd that everyone assumes FTE is about DPS racing/KSing when it doesn't change the problematic dynamic at all, just the criteria by which a winner is determined. Meanwhile it completely removes the offensive use of training.
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  14. Vindar Augur

    Yea generally the people who want to take your camp will, and there's not much you're going to do about it either way. As soon as I encounter anyone like that I just move camps, there's no point in wasting time on them.
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  15. Crabman Augur

    Ah yes my bad.... 7 years ago they had one good quick fix. Hotfixes are much more rare espeically depending on the coding needed (simple mob regen numbers or loot tables on mischief), and even waiting 3 weeks for the next patch can render problems largely irrelevant to those actually trying to clear content in a timely fashion.
  16. brickz Augur

    It seems to me like it would be substantially less work to just ask people to list some awful congestion points on TLPs and then fix those than to rewrite how mob ownership is attributed for the entire game. Like it would probably take 2 minutes to edit the database entry for lord bergurgle and have him/his ph spawn every 5 minutes instead of 20 or whatever it is
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  17. Jasper Wiz Journeyman

    Encounter locking is a horrible idea. Takes away from what little "open world" feel EQ still has. Feels very Care Bear. Seems like they are catering to a very small, but loud, group of people here. I would not play on any EQ server that had this. It seems fairly obvious they are trying to use this years TLP to test this system, because they want to implement it on other servers. Also seems like they are only releasing one TLP this year, because they know most people will not choose this, given another new viable TLP option. I don't think many people will choose this server period. I find the whole scenario fairly insulting and tone deaf. They should be trying to make TLP's that the player base wants and find fun.
  18. Jasper Wiz Journeyman

  19. Obliteration Elder

    I think it's going to be awesome, if it stops AFK power levelling that opens up more content and more group options through the whole life of this tlp.
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  20. Lawyer Augur

    Maybe we should just start a thread for suggesting all the worst possible ideas for TLPs, so we can save the developers the trouble of having to come up with them independently.

    I'll start: when you die in the game, you have to pay krono to get your character resurrected.
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