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  1. Crabman Augur

    No no, see they already made a random server in mischief. this is NOT advertised as a random server. this is specifically a free trade server, and the 3rd bullet may say randomized loot tables...
  2. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And you are asking for a plain free trade server which would be full of complaints about RMT and having to buy all the drops you need from them.

    I am sure it is a great way to make a lot of krono by holding down the normally no trade items that many people will need.
  3. Crabman Augur

    oh.. no, you've not read what i have said again. one of the bullet points will say that there are randomized loot tables. but it wont be marketed that way. see then next year when people ask about rulesets, you will be able to tell them that this was a free trade server and 2 years ago was a random loot server... even tho they will be the exact same
  4. Crabman Augur

    also... good thing this years ruleset isnt full of complaints
  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You didn't read what I said about it being unlikely that they would want to make another random loot server that would take players away from the existing one. It doesn't matter if you claim it will be called a free trade with random loot as a bullet point as it will still be a random loot server.

    It might be full of complaints but we don't even know the full details of the ruleset yet.
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  6. Loscropos New Member

    This makes no sense to me. That’s like saying they shouldn’t make a new TLP each year as it will take players away from the previous TLP.

    From a financial standpoint, a new mischief makes the most sense.
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  7. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Because new TLP's sell Krono. Krono makes money. Daybreak likes money. Every Tlp is designed to draw as many people to play it as possible. At least until this one apparently lol.

    The Spice must flow.
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  8. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    This one
    Not quite certain. They are also just a way for the devs to express their creativity and try and give the real serious hardcores something new, something unique. Even though I personally thought Vaniki was a steaming pile, I do truly and sincerely understand they were trying to make something cool, not just for cash.

    And here you have this year, where it's very clear the TLP is designed to push an ideology. A viewpoint. It's somewhat similar to Vaniki in that it's something very new, but also COMPLETELY different, because instead of a one time crazy experiment, it's been clearly and unambiguously stated that FTE represents their attempt to fundamentally change the game. Hopefully to even push the design to live servers!

    So no, the intent again, like with Vaniki is not just to rake in dollars. The intent is to improve the product overall and they think a fresh TLP will be the perfect place to stress test their ambitious plan.

    That's the intent. Clearly. I do not think the developers are malicious and I don't even think the company is overtly greedy and money-grubbing. I think they're badly out of touch and incredibly misguided.
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  9. TheRealMuramx Elder

    And they knew it was going to be bad and receive backlash, so they only released 1. If they made a 2nd server no one would choose Oakwynd.
  10. Zrender Augur

    I'm just going to close out my thoughts on this thread by saying that I think people that think Oakwynd will be DOA are either deluded, PLers, or are just crying because they didn't get their way. Oakwynd is just a standard TLP with some nice evolving bonuses, it's very arguably far more interesting than Yelinak (which sits on high pop right now as I type this). Aside from the FTE, which we don't even know the implementation of, is likely to be well attended and tweaked as it the server goes along, and which is only rarely going to be a factor in normal play (I think last tlp I had 2 dps races playing classic to PoP) and could in all likelihood (I think very likely) end up getting disabled for OW RAID MOBS since those are probably not really the primary target of the change and have some good arguments to keep it disabled on, aside from that, it's just a standard TLP with some nice evolving bonuses.
  11. Kunfo Augur

    I respect your post, but the gist of it was "aside from FTE". FTE is literally the only thing preventing me from playing Oakwynd. The reason I have been so adamantly against it on the forums is, if they really do bring it to other servers, it kills the game for me. And I've been playing since 2001.
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  12. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    Whoa powerful stuff. Almost understood some of it. You know if we could just decide the fate of the FTE mechanic based purely on the literacy of each side, this thing would be cold and in the ground already.
  13. Zrender Augur

    Did insulting me make you feel better? Great and/or that's too bad. If you're having a hard time understanding, maybe I can help. I'm generally happy to help the differently-abled. Preferably without the personal insults.
  14. Zrender Augur

    I respect your opinion as well. Since we don't have any power to compromise on the changes, I don't think much can be accomplished. I am curious, though, is there a specific element of FTE that you think is going to ruin the game for you?

    I should clarify. The primary reasons I like FTE are it's elimination of mass AFK PLing (afk xping is already against the rules) and mob training (which is also already against the rules).
  15. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    Oh wait do you have some more thoughts on Oakwynd?! I thought you were finished. Please don't keep us in suspense.

    I was enthralled by your previous post and your insightful predictions on how Daybreak will manage your expectations to flawlessly avoid the obvious pitfalls of FTE.

    I also don't recall insulting anyone. I said your post was powerful. In fact it was moving, just a bit too esoteric for the likes of me. No shame in that.
  16. Kunfo Augur

    I also want AFK PLing to go, but I think there are other ways it can be accomplished. I don't like getting trained, but I think training needs to stay in the game. It really is something that makes EQ1 what it is.

    The main concern with FTE is it just breaks too many core mechanics, and EQ1 wasn't designed for it. I've listed them in other posts but it is really concerning for me if that makes it to all the other servers.
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  17. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    EQ1 has had linked mobs for many, many years. It just isn't used very often.
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  18. Zrender Augur

    Training on a PvP server, no problem. On a PvE server? No way. It's abusing the game mechanics and very possibly completely ruining the entire evening for people who can do absolutely nothing to prevent it. The trainer's express purpose is often to train them until they vacate the camp and since they can't be attacked directly there's no recourse that's productive to your group. It's PvP, via exploit, on a PvE server. It's also already against ToS and does absolutely result in bans, which means it is already tying up support staff and revenue. If they could eliminate afk PL and training without it, and without completely bogging down support staff, I wouldn't care about FTE at all.
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  19. Kunfo Augur

    In my post I meant unintentional trains, which are >10x more common than intentional ones. But unintentional trains are really a core feature of EQ1. Whether its minding yourself around a ZL, or being careful to avoid a pathing sand giant in commons, it is not going to be the same amount of danger and alertness if training is completely gone from EQ1. It is a core EQ1 game mechanic.
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  20. Khanfu Elder

    I understand how FTE could alleviate some of the current PL issues, but at what price.

    Players always list "social" as one of the biggest draws of EQ but FTE doesn't seem to have much value in improving the social aspect of EQ. The "CAMPED" mentality in EQ has existed forever and this can only make it worse. I see a lot of people post on how this will improve "their" experience but what about improving the game as a whole. Just eliminating PL does not make a game good.

    I know its a much greater task, maybe to great of a task for EQ and DBG, but just to throw it out there... "open tagging" kinda like current WoW maybe. Everyone can tag a mob and gets assigned their own loot.
    Helps with the PL problem as well. How can you sell AoE PL if anyone can just stand there and tag mobs and get them some exp too...

    Their are plenty of avenues to explore to fix EQs problems but I just see the "proposed FTE" to be a quick fix that could be much better.

    EDIT>>> Also just thinking on it a bit here... many of the RMT problems players wish could be solved stem from the loot system in general, how it functions, and how it can be exploited. Just focusing on that one thing could yield much better results than FTE. Once again, this may be a monumental task that just isn't possible. I'm just looking at root causes.
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