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    Glad they are finally listnening about DoN opening with OoW but PoR(worse expansion ever) needs to open same time as DoDH. The raid gear is barely an upgrade and to have to do that expansion for 2 more months at 70 sucks tbh.
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    I would say AoC going to character and not account locks and No Trade becoming Heirloom as pretty major changes.=D
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    There it is. "Even though I am wrong, nothing will change what I think I remember" Just absolutely the pinnacle of non-constructive and the reason you are always at ends with people on this forum.
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    I love how the FAQ assures the dissatisfied and disenfranchised players: WE HEAR YOU GUYS.

    And then they say they're changing some obvious and irrelevant stuff which should have been there originally, while continuing to ignore the fact that 90% of the controversy is about encounter locking. Here you get nothing. Other than the /yell thing, which re-enables training on demand, every bit of that FAQ could be easily interpreted from the original explanation.

    I'm not surprised. I'm just disappointed. A familiar feeling for Everquest players no doubt. I won't be playing on this cancer and I encourage anyone who feels the same way about encounter locking and how it's antithetical to Everquest to follow suite and sit this one out.

    If they can throw this pile of crap at us and still get good numbers, they have no reason at all not to push it to all future TLPs and probably live as well. Best way to stop that is just don't play. Give them nothing.
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    The /yell is going to be exploited to no end.

    At the very minimum the /yell command needs a 10-30 second timer to prevent AE Plers from just writing scripts to cycle through each mob and /yell them to unlock.
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    Please consider adding toggles for a character to always be considered yelling and never to be considered yelling. /alwaysyell yesno and /neveryell yesno.
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    Lol no. All of you powerlevelers can click on the mobs manually if you want to earn your kronos.
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    There what is? Just repeating what I have been saying as you go on about rants about something that has already been resolved?
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    Wait, you think ae pl'ers, of all people, would need to manually do something like that? o_O
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    The plat doesn't really leave the game if it is transferred to another player via a sale of some item. It only leaves the game if you buy from a merchant. So, for vellum spells to be a plat sink they would have to be on an NPC merchant only. Anyone purchasing from a fellow player would just be plat moving through the economy. I'm not suggesting having vellum spells is bad, only that benefit 2 does not necessarily apply as an argument for vellum spells.
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    Well the clarification of being able to add people to the encounter lock is a big win swing in the direction of the track and zerg playstyle. At least in comparison to any expectation reality that this wouldn't be the case.

    Still going to involve a more invested effort, but at least with no need of aggro reestablishment the grab and stall techniques are a lot more viable play now against the concern of non-tracking guilds with an already logged in raid force catching a raid mob up and getting the jump on you.
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    I'm going to say that the ones who use the magical questing programs can probably do something along the lines of.

    For Each badguy[] in radius
    /target badguy[]
    if you're dealing with smaller trains like only 20 mobs you can just clikc each one in xtarget then press your /yell hotbutton

    Or you can even go assuming your 1 key is /yell you can hit

    Or use a keyboard macro that goes
    delay 0.5s
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    You should of kept reading that debate exchange before hitting that reply button. Instead of assuming anybody here wouldn't realize that very basic game play mechanic you apparently felt made for a good backdrop to throw that clever "burn" insult.
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    Post-FAQ Feedback under the assumption that FTE is staying:
    • Reduce respawn time in open world zones. People are going to be very bitter when their named are sniped, and they have to wait 20+ minutes for another shot while sitting in camp. FTE is less of a problem in games where mobs respawn in a minute or less, but it will be infuriating if this happens and you have to wait 20 minutes to hours.
    • un-nerf XP in Agent of Change pulled DZ's and set the replay time maximum to 20-30 minutes or so to limit server load from DZ spam. Prior to the XP nerf, they were a viable way to earn XP without all of the drama and toxic behavior that FTE and early TLP in general promote.
    • players need a an alt-O option toggle to disable "yelled" mobs from being dumped onto them to prevent being the victims of trains, since this was stated as one of the reasons for the new mechanic.
    • to reduce spam, a "/yell all" command to prevent a bunch of spam when people are pl'ing friends or simply need help killing a cluster of NPC's.
    • 10% character bonus is not quite enough to make multiple characters worthwhile, consider raising to 20-25%.
    • please merge POR with DODH, or at least reduce POR to one month.
    • please merge TBS with TSS, or at least reduce TBS to one month.
    Corner cases not addressed by latest FAQ:
    • Healing players in locked encounters was not addressed. This leads to the issue of keeping out-of-raid clerics on the ready as mana reserves or rez backups.
    • Will detrimental AE spells from encounter locked mobs land on players not able to kill the mobs? If so, someone could be killed by caster NPC's on purpose, with no recourse of killing the offending NPC(s).
    • If someone is offtanking a healer (CH casting) mob near you, will it heal your encounter locked mob?
    • If a mob is running due to lack of snare or fear in a dungeon, will it then create a train of mobs that is encounter locked, tying up much of the zone?
    • How can we prevent people from kiting NPC's continuously and holding them for ransom?
    Simplest fix to most of the above issues:
    • remove FTE in it's entirety. I realize as a developer, it can be very frustrating to work on a larger feature and be told it isn't making it to production. However I truly feel that the unintended consequences, resulting work, and massive changes to this very mature game people here are passionate about is not worth the investment.
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    can someone pm me a link to the faq? I can't find it I not smart just an ogre
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    Will this joke never end xD.
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