Oakwynd Feedback

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  1. pipo New Member

    They won´t add a second server becouse they fear we will prefer the second server and not play in oakwynd
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  2. Triconx Augur


    There are only so many rerollers. Many people who don't want to reroll are on established servers and won't play a new one. There is a reason Yelinak was relatively weak. It had less total EQ players to attract in general due to thousands being content on Aradune, Rizlona, Mangler, and Mischief.
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  3. wade_watts Augur

    Yelinak was weak because there were a lot of players that weren't interested in another Phinny clone. It was clearly communicated on these forums and everywhere else that EQ is socially discussed. Sadly, after seeing what EQ could be w/ a Mischief ruleset, there are a lot of players that aren't really interested in Phinny clones anymore.

    Seemingly, the point of a new TLP is to capture players that aren't currently paying to play OR to increase revenue from existing players by selling bags, potions, krono to gear, etc. There is a sustainable number of players that enjoy playing EQ for 2-6 months when a TLP launches because thats the experience they enjoy/remember.

    If DPG wants to offset the cost of a new server, CS hours, maintenance, technical debt, etc. - They would need an associative revenue increase for the server. Recapturing non-subscribing players seems to be the best path for that and they don't seem to know why people stopped playing.

    They now are just testing new ideas for live on the TLP audience it seems because they think Mischief was successful because it was change ergo change = good. I don't think they understand why Mischief was great, it was luck and not intention.
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  4. Jagular Journeyman

    I can live without the freetrade if they made the named spawn in random places, that would mean all mobs level range are PH's for all bosses, a frenzied ghoul are level 42 so the PH's have to be the same level range as the PH's in Frenzied room.

    not sure if its doable but that would make the FTE more viable against fast clickers in boss room
  5. 7arami Irritably sharp-tongued.

    I just heard some leaked news about the TLP server, and it looks like there won't be any major changes. DBG will be adding a FAQ to address some common concerns, and they'll be explaining how the system works.

    But in all seriousness, let's keep the pressure on DBG to take action and address our concerns. We deserve better than this!
  6. Ruhi Augur

    sense of entitlement is crazy. play on a server that has the rules you want. there are so many servers to play on.

    if you enjoy "fresh" starts - the rules dont matter - and the number of people saying that dislike FTE will likely still play on the "fresh" server - cause it'll be hustlin' and bustlin'
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  7. 7arami Irritably sharp-tongued.

    I appreciate your perspective, but I don't think it's fair to dismiss people's concerns about the TLP server as a sense of entitlement. The community has invested a lot of time and effort into the game, and we want to see it thrive.

    As for the "fresh" server, while I do enjoy starting anew, I still think it's important to have fair and transparent rules. And while some people may still play on the server despite disliking the FTE system, I believe it's important to address these concerns to ensure that everyone has a positive experience.
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  8. Triconx Augur

    Your post is contradictory. If people enjoy the content of classic-POP, the generic ruleset of Yelinak should not have mattered. Maybe Yelinak failed because EQ is simply running out of players in their pool to bring in because they are already here? You can only have so many TLPs before you simply run out of masses of people.

    Mischief, Mangler, Riz, and Aradune already host thousands of players. They make up a majority of the TLP-focused community. Come May, the people remaining on Yelinak will be added to that list. The rerollers are in a minority. They can only keep a new TLP afloat so long and you'll continue to see diminishing returns in new TLP population until one or more of the previous servers die and the people need a new home.
  9. code-zero Augur

    Currently it is 7:17 AM PDT and Yelinak is at MEDIUM population on the game server status board.
    Explain to me exactly how that's failed server?

    Sure, Mischief is currently at HIGH but that's normal for Mischief
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  10. Zrender Augur

    ... Nah. Your conspiracy theory failed to sway me. Perhaps you should try recording a temper tantrum and posting it? I suggest watching the classic "the servers are down" video by Francis on youtube. He demonstrates excellent form and execution. It probably wouldn't make any difference but it'd be more fun to watch than this.
    There are loads of people that like the Oakwynd idea. If you want to pay-to-win with a free-trade server just go to mischief, no need to gear or level yourself, just drop a Benjamin to become mighty and have someone else do all your leveling for you. Maybe get all the free-trade people QQing here together and create a progression guild on mischief. Problem solved.
  11. Ragnoruk Elder

    There has never been a server where everyone had a positive experience. I have played on most TLPs and there have always been aspects of the game that I didn't at all enjoy. Some of those things are what Oakwynd is going to attempt to remove.. Training, DPS Racing, AoE PL where it disrupts zones.
    I always play again though despite not enjoying these things because over all there are a lot more things that I enjoy than I dislike. This server will be no different.
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  12. Runes Augur

    Yes you will play on the new server even with the crappy ruleset, don't even pretend that you won't
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  13. wade_watts Augur

    I don't think you read my post very well. People can enjoy that stage of the game, but also be uninterested in doing the content with traditional Phinny rules.

    "Sadly, after seeing what EQ could be w/ a Mischief ruleset, there are a lot of players that aren't really interested in Phinny clones anymore."

    You seem to just be presuming to know the reason that Yelinak wasn't popular - yet many folks posted before and after the Yelinak launch saying 'this isn't what we want, and we aren't playing on it'. The same thing they are doing this year.

    So we have a situation in which people say they want mischief and not a phinny clone, then they don't play on the phinny clone, then it's evident that the phinny clone isn't very successful, and they say they didn't play because it isn't mischief.

    To attribute this to a lack of overall available players seems like guessing in light of people literally telling you/them otherwise.
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  14. GRACUS Lorekeeper

    I would respectfully disagree with you on the "Loads of people loving the Oakwynd Idea". Have you looked at the Oakwynd Feedback thread?
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  15. Ruhi Augur

    It's not dismissive. You all want answers - they've said they will explain further in the near future. The near future isn't near enough and you think you deserve better. the server isn't out yet - we still have over a month to go.

    the game is thriving - 1 server doesn't make or break everquest - the conjecture dealing with concerns of fte is fine and warranted, but deserving "better than this" is full on entitlement.
  16. Ruhi Augur

    it's 12 people going back and forth - that thread only shows we got a handful of people being ok with fte, and a handful of people wanting mischief 2.0 - and we like to argue
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  17. Thatoneguy666 Elder

    I'm sorry did you just say everquest is thriving? Yeah they've only downsized staff and let go of their most senior and competent developers twice in the past 5 years.

    Thriving is 2002. This is surviving. How clueless can you be. Everquest makes money because it costs little to maintain and relatively little to develop the bare bones reskinned expansions we've been getting the past 5 years.

    The remaining (tiny) playerbase is loyal and spend a lot each year on micro transactions and in game purchases.The average EQ player maintains about 2 accounts.

    Thriving is good jokes though. You know what else is thriving? The newspaper industry. They just keep throwing them on my driveway for free every week. They must be killing it.
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  18. Go Take A Nap Augur

    Where i stand on this is we get one launch per year and TLP recyclers look forward to it. Fresh server news is like crack and DB is the drug dealer. A lot of us have been using for many many years. The quality of crack is real low this year, as they started adding cutting agents, and fiends have come out in droves looking for a good hit.

    Cutting quality product is never good for your customer base. Instead they should create a new product and market it for another niche of players that dont like the strong stuff.
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  19. Gnomie Denser than most

    Sorry, you jobless fellas requiring the RMT of a few hundred krono a month to pay rent are just gonna have to find another means of making money this year.
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  20. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It is doing well enough that they are able to keep launching new expansions and new TLP servers each year.
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