next march tlp please a boxingserver and a true box server.

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  1. Skuz Augur

    Spot on, you pretty much nailed most points.

    I was personally very resistant to moving to Phinigel from Ragefire as to begin with the XP was abysmal & that put me off way more than Truebox, later on once Gates of Discord unlocked & the super slow XP had been alleviated some I did move to Phinigel, had the xp still been as slow as it was to start with I definitely wouldn't have bothered though.
  2. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Point was Lockjaw didn't happen because Ragefire was super popular it happened because you only need like 50 people 6+ boxing to fill a Classic TLP without pickzones.
  3. Machen Augur

    Except that it wasn't 50 people boxing 6+. There were boxers, but there were a lot of players who weren't boxing too. The population of Phinigel didn't magically appear out of nowhere. Most of them were playing on Ragefire or Lockjaw before Phinigel.
  4. Aegir Augur

    There were 6box groups to start out with, yeah. But It was basically only Efreeti Perma locked down as far as I remember - but I had the benefit of being Eurotime, so I didn't play much during US peak hours.

    There was only two really big army boxers to start out with that I noticed; Toxn and Saytonic. As the server progressed a lot more armies came in, but at that point the server was already split in two and we had gotten pickzones at that point.

    But if you scroll back on this forum to around 1 week into Ragefire, you can surely tell that the boxers were getting a lot of heat, lol. Roshen were really working overtime during that period :)
  5. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    I didn't say it was 50 people 6 boxing. I played on RF/LJ both. I know how many people played on that server it wasn't even a 1/4th of what Phinny peaked at.
  6. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    That's kinda the point lol.
  7. Machen Augur

    So did I. I know how many people played on all three servers, and there is no way Phinny had >4x the pop of Ragefire.

    Appeal to authority doesn't work under the best of conditions, but especially when those on the other side of the argument have the same position of authority.
  8. Aegir Augur

    Might be a good idea to distinguish between actual people and characters logged on to the server.

    Ragefire was completely overloaded to start out with. You were lucky to get in the first few days. even the weekend after, people couldn't log on. I assume Ragefire and Phinigel had same maximum server capacity. However, I doubt that the major overload caused on Ragefire was because every player was trying to log on with their only char. That was much more likely the case with Phinigel, even though I remember that launch went relatively smooth.
  9. Machen Augur

    I'm not sure there is an effective way to even estimate the difference. Daybreak surely can, the best we can do is present anecdotal evidence that may be wildly inaccurate.
  10. Brunlin Augur

    True box is not a no boxing server....i prefer 3 boxing on a true box server....its so easy to get the pcs that you need just for a few dollars im not sure why there is a like 12 of you guys being so vocal about a boxing server with out the true box code...We have 2 of them already.....Ragefire (aka Magefire because of all the damn boxes) and Lockjaw....That being said if the do drop another server i dont care of the rules as long as its in classic...ill play on it. There doesnt need to be 2 servers though as that would just split the pop between the both and would kill mangler.
  11. Machen Augur

    I don't feel one iota of pity for anyone concerned about this at this point.
  12. Imbetterthanyou New Member

  13. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    Keep telling yourself that bud. It had well more then that. 4x was kinda the lowball figure
  14. Brunlin Augur

    Why? Mangler is still a popular server, and will probably get more popular when Pop launches next. So i dont understand your bias
  15. Iyacc Augur

    What if it helped Mangler by giving the krono farmers a new market to exploit?
  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    From what I observed on Selo, there was definitely a bias towards Mangler for the krono farmers. I imagine that is because Mangler had a lot of Classic lovers, but also the fast pace of Selo really hurt the casuals, which is the vast majority of the marketplace.

    So really, the Krono farmers will just hope to the greenest pasture and surely if there is a new classic launch they will be there. The seasoned ones have it down to a science at this point, knowing what items to flip and knowing what to farm. All they need is a whole lot of newbs with krono to burn!

    The flip side is, the most toxic krono farmers are bad for actual gameplay so the servers get that little boon before population slowly dies off.
  17. Meridian Augur

    a bitter Selo player.
  18. Machen Augur

    Because all the players that moved to Mangler from earlier TLP's had no concern about DBG killing off the previous servers' population to give them Mangler.
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  19. Machen Augur

    Nah, a bitter Fippy player who has seen this whole thing play out over and over, and no one complains until they are on the receiving end, and then everyone complains.
  20. Korea numbah3 Lorekeeper

    So their would be a boxing server with a bunch of kind folks and then a true box with a bunch of hacks running around ksing you so they can sell you theyre lewts? *Disclaimer: I know there wrong.*

    I'd like to see:

    * Free Trade
    * Non True-Box
    * AoC w/ 4 day lockout
    * 8/4 Unlocks (8 week with level increase, 4 week with nothing)
    * All NPC's buffed with Bolster
    * XP rates 75% of what selo is
    * Increased rare spawns
    * Transfer to live server of choice when it reaches that point

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