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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by fransisco, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. Makavien Augur

    Didn't do that in the one I went in karana. I did the very first ha from tier 1a . That is the only 1 I tested that out on and the npc level did not change when I zoned in an entire group of level 100. I did not go in and start it as the 85 even so maybe it was just the low challange one but I am not sure in the rest of the 4 I did later on all npcs were dark blue yellow or red.
  2. Makavien Augur

    There is not another game with as many hidden mechanics in raids ? What games are harder? What games require 54 people to accomplish the task at hand .. 0

    And falos if you have not raided in the last 3 years and are judging off the group missions well all of them have maybe 50% of the things going on (and much weaker values) then the raids. And think about hatchet ok remember that raid well most new ones do that mixed with 3 - 4 mechanics from other raids. You are far behind the times if you have not raided every raid since underfoot and really it didn't get as bad (mechanic wise)until voa as it is now.
  3. Falos Augur

    hidden mechanics? beta raids? even if people dont actively raid on live servers or are not in a raid guild it is exceptionally easy to see all the events, I'm not behind the times I actually probably have a rather unique perspective on the group game since I'm able to see it from both sides even still. I realize some players want to make their 'achievements' in eq seem super awesome and all but lets be realistic here, there is nothing really going on in the raid game that requires superhuman feats atm, and even end game raid guilds have their share of players that don't carry their weight.
  4. Gnomeland Augur

    Look up Rift raiding, where not only does one person dying result in a wipe, but the fights are tuned on such a razor edge that even when nobody messes up, you still lose when you don't put out the absolute maximum DPS due to brutal enrage timers. Raids in Rift are mechanically difficult enough that even knowing every little detail of the fight still results in execution failures for 90%+ of guilds. EQ doesn't hold a candle, and I've raided at the high-end of EQ for years.

    Simply put, in EQ you spend the bulk of your time battling the UI and ignorance. In later MMOs, the difficulty comes from the fight itself, not because you have to read text from a window to know what's going on and because a fellow raider didn't read up on the fight.
  5. Makavien Augur

    It's not as easy as you think they hardly post all the info and you still have a few times to see it actually work. There was no write ups in tier 1 a and multiple other raids . But I can see that talking to you won't help your view point . You want raid gear for doing half the work a raider does.
    And they do stuff like that all the time. Does it take 54 people there ? lets see 1 out of 20 people failing a mechanic is a lot better odds of not failing an event where only 1 out of 54 can make a mistake.
  6. Tyranthin Journeyman

    I wouldn't call any raid encounter in RoF or CotF even remotely difficult. There may be an event or two that can be slightly unforgiving if people aren't paying attention, but the none of the mechanics are hard to learn, understand or follow.

    The difficult part is getting 54 people to pay attention and get it right. Unless you're RoI, you probably have a few...umm, how can I put this nicely...less than stellar players...screwing up on a regular/frequent basis and having to work around/through them.

    I think the ultra-rare drops are a good thing. Well, the quality is too good, like most people have said, T2 RoF raid quality would have been a better compromise, but it's giving me the motivation to start working on my Cleric and Enchanter again.

    On the flip side, it's completely killed my desire to continue my FV Cleric (75/~1080) side project. Between heroic characters, auto-grant AAs and this gear, what's the point?
  7. Yinla Augur

    We have a couple of raid leaders addicted to raiding, they are happy to run open raids, the guild get to play some alts, they don't have to attend and it is just for a bit of fun. :)
  8. Orbital101 Augur

    I found it easier to log in to raid get raid currency, buy the piece of gear you want or bid or what ever your guild is using to attribute gears then going to try my luck on some random items(wich are not even upgrade even for my alts or barely on some slots). To say I worked harder, i dont dont know really. I took a 3 years break at end of SoD/begining of UF with the best possible raid gear that was available at that time and I dont think i ever sweated that much trying to pierce through the end of VoA / begining of RoF missions with group gears... every steps of the events had to be followed the way it was meant to be with little room for errors. I barelly knew anyone and those that i knew dint want to waste time with a undergeared warrior trying to do missions that them self could not even easilly do. I ended up doing it all by my own and i really had a blast doing it that way.

    I'm not 100% for raid gear to drop in group content just like that off trash to a extend but if its as rare as it suposed to be, even if it look likes its not from what ive seen so far...I' ve seen more then 10 links today and there is not even a full force of people camping them with the new heroic characters. I know a few good players that as been trying to get some drop and dint get anything yet... I tried my self with box crew but the only one i seen to drop i was grouped and considering have no need of that stuffs or anything else in that content my will is not as strong as it can be unless I end up seeing a aug that could possibly be worth calling a upgrade or some usefull clicky i am keeping it all for PoWar!

    I am giving it a few more days to see what my feelings are about it tbh.
  9. Stubar Augur

    What I'd really like is a trade skill alternative to raiding.
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  10. hakmer Augur

    kind weird that since the expansion came out, people cry, gripe ,moan, and whine that raiding was "to easy". bet they didn't turn down the gear, or the coins to buy gear, out of protest though.

    no vendor to buy this gear even if u beat the boss 54534534 times and it doesn't drop.
    no "points" to accrue to outbid someone else for the time u spend dropping it.
    not even a guarantee u will get a try at said boss like you are guaranteed for a raid target. someone else might be camping it already.
    Bring back open zone raiding .. make guilds fight for mobs again.. maybe they might appreciate what they have more.
  11. Tarrin Augur

    They probably didn't do this because it wouldn't accomplish a dang thing.
  12. Shimmerleaf Augur

    Makavian - I tried A Helping Hand as you described, and had the same change in mob level that I described in Into the Hills. Since you did not say that the mobs were light blue as level 85s wouild seem to your level 100s) I have to think that you fight the regular mobs for a level 100 HA. That a group of 6 highly raid geared people could rip thru normal group content like tissue paper is not a startling result. If anything, that you were led to believe that you had found an easy method to do HAs might just show that the gulf between raiders and groupers is so large that it can't be accurately gauged from EITHER side. Is it any wonder that groupers want some of the goodies?

    Personally, I am old, tired, half blind with cataracts, and just too senile to be a sharp, skilled player. Most days I am just happy to get thru a mission without killing someone with miskeys and fumbling =) If I can get a gear boost I will be happy.

    Either way, everyone have a great time hunting the anniversary events and stay safe.
  13. Orbital101 Augur

    People cry, gripe, moan and whine for anything these days . Soon as they have a chance to create instead of solving they jump on it.

    and If you want to make this game full of hate, ya bring back open raid zone but I dont think its what EQ need right now.
  14. Belchere Lorekeeper

    Truth be told, look at how many people were EVER in Sepulcher. There are those that want challenge, I don't disagree. But the mass of players want to do their thing, and feel like they are advancing their toon(s). By designing the main appeal to the middle, SOE gets the most bang for the buck. I think a lot of raiders don't understand the limitations of non-raiding gear. As just 1 example, I was getting AAs on my druid, and wondered why the Wis increase wasn't increasing my mana pool, until I looked and saw I wasn't maxxed wisdom!! On my raid toons I haven't even THOUGHT to look at stats for a very long time, just assumed they were all over cap... That is why my wizzie is at 100k+ mana, and my druid doesn't hit 80k. There is a HUGE difference in playability between those two levels.

    I think this is not going to be nearly as dramatic of an impact to EQ as many are posting here, simply because I think the chase items added to raid loot serves a similar purpose for raiders, and if anything, it has added more interest by raiders in farming raids, simply because of supply and demand.

    As long as they watch and keep the supply at a very desired level, I don't see this harming anything at all.

    For raiders, think about the evolving hat - has that item made your toon particularly (or even noticibly) OP? It hasn't for me, but I was still proud to win it on a raid, and happy to have it. This trash dropping loot is essentially like that, a nice bit of bling, but a drop in the bucket in reality.
  15. Gortar Augur

    There was a point somewhere in this mass that actually made me stop and go "Doh!".

    RAIDS WERE HARD! ... we used to wipe entire servers in fear. It took raiding alliances of multiple guilds to handle current raids. Even I would admit, that if raids were so hard that they were only completed sometimes, then the rewards would merit being greater than group gear. Raids in EQ today aren't hard. They don't deserve to be of a better class reward.

    As the raiders say in this thread, they beat the raids the first night out and farm them. That is not risk and deserves no outstanding reward. If raids were an actual accomplishment again, (killing sleeper.. clearing fear.. taking months to finally beat VP) then giving them rewards (Read: CURRENT RAID GEAR) would make sense. This is coming from a die hard casual player too!

    TLDR: Raids now are a joke and should get group based gear. Bring back HARD raids that you only sometimes can win and you should get your RVR.
  16. Gortar Augur

    Entitlement works both ways. Raiders feeling their time raiding is more important thus they are entitled rewards is no greater an argument than groupers feeling they should be entitled the same rewards as raiders since grouping has a smaller margin for error since 1 person failing in a group is equivalent to 1 entire group of people failing in a raid.


    If 1 person in a group is a joke, the group can still kill mobs today in EQ. In raids, if 1 group is a joke, the raid will still win today in EQ. Apple -> Apple.

    For grouping, Mob density. Make it such that you have to be careful running zones/pulling mobs again.
    For raids, make them barely possible again. If that requires too much dev time, scale them. Raid dies once, it goes up in difficulty. Repeat. Remove lockouts until the raid cant be completed. Instead of do raid and have 4.5 day lockout, do raid .. have no lockout but raid just got harder next round. Lockout is not on raid itself, rather it is on resetting the difficulty. Ramp up raid rewards from group gear (first difficulty or two) to raid gear (second, third, etc.). Add another piece of loot per difficulty. Raiding becomes something that isn't farmed but can and will be failed regularly. It now has reason for RVR and reason to raid!
  17. Makavien Augur

    I was never trying to say this was a terrible ideal I think they are just a little too good rof tier 3 or between tier 3 and 4 would of been fine. The replies are from people acting like raiding is a joke sure it might be easy if you beta test the raids for a month. But it is not easy beating them all rather quickly with no beta testing at all and trying to get 54 people to change tactics on the fly. Back in the old days when there was good group gear that was close or better then raid gear 1 upgrade would soar you 30 spots or more on magelo. Back then the tank and spank fights were the theme. None of those raids really had overly complicated mechanics. Raids look easy when your just a member because they have no idea what the 3 - 4 raid leaders are trying to coordinate in ventrilo or their own channel.
    But watch someone will reply to this and be like are you joking all the new raids were easy.
  18. Gortar Augur

    Makavien, what most people that don't enjoy raiding are seeing is
    ... so raids are easy for 50 people. If only 3-4 people got raid gear then it would make sense? :)
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  19. dwish Augur

    I really have a hard time taking anything you post seriously, as just a couple weeks ago you were arguing that we all should be allowed to pop 2 mercenaries at once. It's obvious you see EQ as a single player game, and want as little player contact as possible; Thus, you are not going to have a favorable view towards raiding whatsoever..
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  20. Gortar Augur

    That is mostly true, I don't enjoy raiding. I am glad others do enjoy it though! I just don't feel that they are correct in feeling they should receive greater rewards for having more content since they themselves say its easy!
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