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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by fransisco, Mar 12, 2014.

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  1. iniari-TR Augur

    lol that's a nice bit of design. good counter to folks trying to use the old trick from the LDoN's.

    a question regarding that , if mobs in a mission adjust dynamically in real time according to the players levels; can / do , raid mobs / events adjust in real-time according to # of players in raid / classes ?
  2. Riou Augur

    What loot are you referring to T1 and T2, because the cotf group drops are T4 RoF raid gear

    Vairos, the Savior's Aegis, this comes from Heart of Fear, Tier 4 RoF Raid, and it has the exact same stats as The Blue Tower:
    There is no stat difference between them except Vairos being no trade and The Blue Tower being trade-able. All new loot dropping is the same way.

    I will add that this does not bother me in anyway that it is dropping :p and it is nice to see as bonuses
  3. Enkel Augur

    The loot being dropped, at least listed below, is RoF T4 raid.

  4. Obiziana Augur

    I think it adds an element of fun and excitement. I'm sure not going to double my playtime and try to farm this stuff, but if I get lucky and find something like this it'll sure make my day!
  5. Phrett Augur

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  6. Phrett Augur

    You know what... if this turns out to be true... then I've got no problem with it. It will take some time to see how saturated the servers become with these drops before we know for sure. (I'm one of the ones who earlier in this thread was against this concept.)

    I just don't want to see this become a means of fully gearing a group toon in raid equivalent gear within or even near the same amount of time it would take to obtain it by raiding... because then you've basically broken the original dynamic of the game. I hope these items truly are "VERY VERY rare".
  7. Dre. Augur

    "Our Q1 numbers are looking low. What gives?"
    "CotF isn't performing like we expected"
    "What do we need to do to sell more expansions?"
    (voice from back of the room) "Put raid gear in group zones!"
    (furious laughter ensues)
    "Make it so."
    (silence) (stunned faces)
    (some time passes)
    "- Added many new items that drop randomly in Call of the Forsaken zones. These items are very rare, but can be traded if you do not desire them for your own use"
  8. Sheex Augur

    The raider concerns here seem to be:

    1. Slippery slope. HH was 2, now we're at least at half a dozen?
    2. Permanently in game across many zones, unlike temporary HH
    3. Power of the item, a huge number of most raiders still wear rof raid gear and consider it current. The dev team has also stated they wanted rof to stay currentish.
    4. Rarity becomes less impactful over time, unless we get new content that gets people out of the dropping zones (which doesn't appear likely for awhile).
    5. Buying krono them selling for plat then buying these items is pretty blatant $/raid gear that some folks object to. Not that this hasn't happened with eBay and crap do years, but still I could see no drop being argued for.

    Could you give us an idea of "very very" rare? Are we talking one in 500 or one in 10,000 or one in 50,000? Even if you don't intend people to farm it, with the quality of the drops many will find the fastest possible clear spots and do just that.
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  9. Kadazic New Member

    I actually like the idea of rare chase items, I think they give a little thrill of excitement when looting trash and could also be beneficial for server economies, but is the percentage here correct? .5% actually sounds shockingly high to me. Most mediocre grinds could probably kill enough mobs in 3-4 hours to have a pretty good shot at one dropping at that rate.
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  10. Phrett Augur

    Rift raiding is pretty cake too... I spent a couple of years there. The difference (and why it seemed challenging at times) is honestly the quality of the players. Here in EQ, we've been around long enough that we know the ins-and-outs of game mechanics SO damn well, it's like Neo being able to see the Matrix as just the numbers. The average Rift player is pretty crappy by the standards for a mid/upper tier EQ raid guild. If ROI or MS or any of the other top 10 guilds were to roll a full Rift raid force together, it would fold over like origami... simply because they know how to quickly identify and maximize class synergy, tie that into solid strats, then beat their head against the brick wall until it falls.

    ... sigh, man I miss Underfoot... sorry that's a sidetrack
  11. Phrett Augur

  12. wingz-83 Augur

    So it seems, I know 3 people who've already upgraded their boxes with cotf so they can farm HA's.

    I kinda saw this coming way back when RoF was going to launch when I was proposing small raids for 24 mans at t1 for non progression. Was hated on by the raiding population at large and I was like, well eventually not enough are gonna buy an expac to justify the creation of all that raid content unless they throw raid content in group content then it'll sell.

    Took 1 expac later than I thought (well it kinda started with MM/AC which was RoF.)
  13. Sheex Augur

    Every drop linked so far is t4 rof. I don't think most raiders would have as much of an issue with it if it was t1-t2 as you said. But every known drop linked thus far is a carbon copy of heart of fear raid loot....

    Rares aside, the tank shield linked is now = to the 2nd best tank shield in the entire game, and it's available (albeit rarely) to a level 85 heroic Toon rolled yesterday moloing zone trash or a HA? *really*?
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  14. Enkel Augur

    I don't even mind some form of chase being given outside raid, I'm more worried about raiding being phased out slowly. I've been playing EQ since Kunark, and have always raided. It's the reason (because my friends raid) that I still play this game. Would hate for raiding to be slowly phased out of the next expansion or so.
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  15. Gortar Augur

    Thanks Elidroth for the replies. It is always good to have real information rather than speculative information!

    I think spreading loot out is a great idea too. Putting "chase" (I call them lottery loot) items in group zones makes anyone who can get one happy! Putting in single and double group content in PoWar should make lots of folks happy to! The more accessible content the better imo!
  16. Iila Augur

    1/200 is a completely farmable drop rate. ~4 hours per a drop on average? That's getting the rare drop off an annoying named. Plenty of people spend more time than that on smaller upgrades. The mission only augs ate up a lot more time for a few ac and +4 of a heroic.

    This stuff isn't going to be a super rare sprinkle, it's going to be standard equipment that's 1 tier below current raids.

    Edit: The posted chance when I was typing this was 0.5%
  17. Makavien Augur

    Thanks Elidroth I was only prompted to come to this when I noticed it was tier 4 quality which since necks /cloaks and stuff only started dropping less then 3 months ago most raiders are still wearing tier 4 in those slots.
  18. Gortar Augur

    Enkel, Even I don't believe raiding will ever be "phased" out. Those of us who want it to be more on par with RvR (i.e. group loot for raids) don't want raiding phased out. I want people to have fun in EQ like I do! If they enjoy raiding then they should have raiding to enjoy!

    The arguments we have over who/what/when/where drops loot are just that. They are not meant to harm raiding. Those who feel that loot is the reason to raid instead of having fun with their friends like you mention are the ones who push the idea that we are trying to harm raiding by adjusting the balance back to what the game originally was (you can tell me I'm wrong all day folks, no one has yet to give me a valid argument against this).

    The more fun the better, EQ is a game and games should be FUN!

    On that note! Retro mechanic idea. How about some events (not raids here folks.. events means anything in game, solo/group/raid) go back to some punishment? I don't say we reverse the direction of EQ, just have _SOME_ events that are different?

    How about PoWar having corpse retrievals and serious XP penalties for death?! HOOZA!! The casual wants some pain back buddy!
  19. Gortar Augur

    .999repeating != 1 ! (sorry inside joke)
  20. Gortar Augur

    See.. Elidroth said so :D
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