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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Trakksem, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. Trakksem Journeyman

    In hopes of spurring on "thoughtful" discussion, What are some of the realistic thoughts to the new true-box TLP rule sets? (not how or ways to enforce the true-box)

    I followed along with the AMA and so we know, PvP and Free-trade/ FV rule set is out. And we know that it will be similar to Mangler rule set - so my guess is gonna be similar / same xp rate.

    I'm not fully educated on how well each and every TLP has performed over the years, but I know each has their "dedicated" player base. So what previous rules were sticking points and which were ones that made people desire the next "improved" TLP?

    AoC's are probably / most likely here to stay.

    What about the voting time locks? They seem to be a good intentions idea that had some hiccups along the way. Is there a tweak to make that more viable?

    In my minds eye, I see something along the lines of 2 months unlocks, but with voting instilled in the process. Voting runs a week, if voted no, wait a week and voting goes again. If voted no a 2nd time, one more week wait - then auto released. This kind of buffers the faced paced players vs the more casual style and wont exceed 3 months per expansion.

    But what are your ideas and thoughts?
  2. Creedmonk Augur

    Hopefully it has selos experience rates, that was amazing
  3. Skuz Augur

    Already it was stated in the preliminary announcement that these two servers will be based on Mangler Ruleset for both XP rates & Unlock schedule.

    I suspect it could be a bunch of things, but here's what I think they could potentially be.

    Improved Truebox "2.0" code for the Truebox server.

    Some additional Anti-Cheating methods to contend with automation of character functions.

    All race & class options from the Live game in at the start (asked for but no response on) albeit they may have different start cities necessitated by this.

    All equipment loot from raids will be made no-drop with a currency & vendor created for every expansion to allow you to buy raid drops for raid currency in much the same way as you can for later era expansions.

    Agent of Change created for every zone so any group may have their own instance of any zone & not be locked out of content by boxers/kronolords/botters.
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  4. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Great ideas but the pessimist / realist in me says it will be 2 mangler clones one with truebox and one without. Thats it. May seem uninspired but its simple and tried and true.
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  5. Trakksem Journeyman

    All race & class options from the Live game in at the start (asked for but no response on) albeit they may have different start cities necessitated by this.

    All equipment loot from raids will be made no-drop with a currency & vendor created for every expansion to allow you to buy raid drops for raid currency in much the same way as you can for later era expansions.

    Agent of Change created for every zone so any group may have their own instance of any zone & not be locked out of content by boxers/kronolords/botters.[/quote]

    All Races & Classes - i like this idea, although of the 3 above options i think this might be the hardest to implement, just because of expansion codes. But that would definitely encourage a lot more players

    The raid loot / currency - Hmmmm, would it be best to make this something that opens as expansions unlock? So when Kunark drops, classic raid gear becomes available to purchase with said "currency"? I would be afraid that if you didn't wait then it would trivialize the gear and the player base that flocks to TLP's. Maybe I am just overthinking that idea.

    AoC every zone... THIS.... THIS is an awesome idea and wouldnt require too much effort at all because the coding is already there.

    Thank you for those thoughts!
  6. Trakksem Journeyman

    HA HA HA HA HA sadly Tweakfour17.... i can envision this happening too. I dont hold my breath putting it past them
  7. SunDrake Augur

    My actual thoughts are that both servers are going to be really, really close to existing servers. I think if people are expecting something wildly inventive or some novel server type they're gonna be disappointed. Do you, especially after that AMA, view these people as capable of big, bold moves? from home?

    They could have just put free trade on a server and won people over for a year or more. They could literally just release the servers as the cookie cutter servers we've all come to expect and have a booming TLP thing going. I don't think the delay in releasing these servers will result in some better server model, but I'd love to be proven wrong.
  8. Rcbauer Augur

    Not that many want free trade.

    Its' just the kr0n0l0rd$ mainly.

    Brekt and FV have free trade. You can form a guild that stays in 'progression' if it's that important to you. Otherwise it's just to profit and no thanks.
  9. Rarecandy Journeyman

    Meanwhile there are many Live AND TLP servers with normal rulesets anyone can go play on, your "argument" is.....lacking in logic.
  10. Creedmonk Augur

    Literally none of this will be happening.
  11. tylersbackalright Journeyman

    Servers aren't being released because they have to do the merger first. Why?

    Merger -> freed up hardware -> repurposed -> new server hardware ready

    If they had the hardware available already, they would be forwarding the launch of these servers ahead of schedule. It's funny everyone has all these wild hopes and speculations they are delaying launch because of "my pet hope/idea", but the reality is no they are just waiting to do the merger so they have the hardware available.

    The TLP servers as they currently stand, aside from the major bot/cheating problem, are basically great. The fact they are making a new special "boxing" server again this year appeases the people asking for something new. Aradune will be like Mangler. They've already said as much.
  12. Trakksem Journeyman

    Thank you
  13. Trakksem Journeyman

    I agree with you on freeing up hardware. Plus it's another way to drive more to the new TLP, because some die hard will not accept being "merged".

    But this isn't a hope / pet idea kind of topic, In so much that I was looking to realistic ideas to what they could be trying, based off past success and failures of TLPs. We do know they will use similar to Mangler rule sets while also trying new things out.
  14. tylersbackalright Journeyman

    well they said they would release those ideas in "the weeks ahead," and it's been a month now. So an announcement is imminent. I would just wait for them to say what they are doing, and then start discussing it. Nothing we say at this point is going to matter, because whatever their plans have been they are certainly fully-formulated by now.

    Like I said, they are timing the release of further disclosures to the server mergers, because they need to be ready to do the mergers to free up hardware before they can fix dates for the new servers. It's really that simple.

    Once they release the final details and release dates we can start to give feedback that might have some impact on the new servers. An example of this was how Mangler's ultra slow exp rates and death penalties were modified post-announcement. But nothing anybody speculated about pre-announcement made a lick of difference.
  15. Skuz Augur

    Literally none of this will be happening.
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  16. Skuz Augur

    Idea is basically to utilise the raid currency system that already exists from Veil of Alaris onwards but extending it backwards to expansions before that point.

    As of the unlocking of each expansion each player on the raid will earn a set amount of expansion-specific raid currency for each raid encounter beaten, some expansions have a different currency per each tier of content, Veil of Alaris for example had three tiers of content & three raid currencies that correspond to those, this can then be used to purchase items from a raid currency vendor, you will need to save the currency from multiple events to buy items it's set up in a way that you don't get enough currency from 1 raid to buy one item you might earn 10 currency per event beaten but an item may cost a range of prices from 100 up to 300 currency to buy it for example.
  17. Trakksem Journeyman

    I think it's a solid idea, to encourage late comers or even to account for people who have to move guilds when they move to a new guild and have the standard 2 week hold before they can spend DKP.

    I know it was said before this is all wishful thinking and it wont do much to "force" the dev's hand. But hey... speculation is fun!

    In all I believe it's a very solid idea.
  18. Icetech Lorekeeper

    Truebox is BS... on Mangler i have seen multiple 6 man boxers running around, and they are not using 6 computers, just Eqwindows which still works fine.. boxing destroyed this game and daybreak will let em keep doing it no matter what.
  19. Zinth Augur

    Truebox is NOT "nobox" how hard can it be to understand? (apparently very hard)
  20. Trakksem Journeyman

    "Bots" are something that will never go away. No matter how "technical" the dev's and game designers get, someone will figure out a get around. Its just another form of hacking. As long as there's a challenge, someone will figure out a way around it.

    I feel the AoC's help eliminate some of the bigger issues with the bot armies. And until the player base stops "supporting" them by buying their spoil's, they aren't going away.

    Boxing on the other hand isn't such a bad thing. I'm going to go out on a limb and say many of us have grouped somewhere, where someone in our group was boxing and it benefited us. I personally don't do it because, I don't keep up with multiple toons at once. On the rare occasion I have Alt+Tabbed a second toon, It was mainly to help a lower level alt out, and it was a pain in my @ss.

    Someone before mentioned doing an AoC or something similar to the AoC on every zone. I think thats a way the dev's can quell some of the player base who feels their game play has been hampered by bots.
    Personally a bot army has never spoiled my game. But I am more casual and not a hardcore raider, so I may have a limited "view"

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