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  1. Tinytinker Augur

    If you want corpse runs, there's nothing stopping you from taking your gear off and running back to where you died to imitate a corpse run. I'm sure you'll still be able to find druids to port you close to your corpse. So all the interaction and communication you feel you'll be missing out on won't be lost. ;)
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  2. Triumph Journeyman

    I want corpse runs too but I doubt it'll happen.
  3. Arkk Lorekeeper

    It isn't about the feel; it is about how combat and risk have become trivialized by such a reduced penalty for death, which allows for the exploitation of the old world game play. Not enough consideration is given to the fact that the old mechanics and expectations that were geared and tweaked to EQ back then are now quite imbalanced with many of the current features, and this is one that should be altered for that same purpose. If they are going to alter the exp calculations to make it slower, and put in extra instances of newbie zones, then why not make this a consideration?
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  4. Drathus Augur

    A while back, before Fippy went live, SKlug stated that the code was in place to switch back to corpses with equipment still on them - and the need for corpse runs.
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  5. svann Augur

    If it really was a chase then you would have a point. Everyone knows it will be poop socks not chase. One guild, sitting there waiting for the spawn. Dragon dead in 30 seconds or a little longer if they wait for their slackers to log back in.
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  6. Numiko Augur

    Trouble is with the changes to mitigation tables, player stats and such over the years your going to have to try very hard to die now .. I remember back in the day a fight with a moss snake was tough at level 1 .. now your still at 99% health .. you can take on yellow con mobs with no armour on and just your newbie sword and win easily.

    Unless you AFK a lot in dangerous areas you will never have to do a corpse run... and if your a mage or necro you don't even have to worry about that!

    your pet can solo anything in the game.
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  7. Fallfyres Augur


    He wasn't justifying wanting corpse runs in because 'he liked it.' Regardless of the 'hassle' -- the RESULT of not having corpse runs, "decreases the risk factor, time investment, and the necessity for communication. It trivializes the challenge of raiding, soloing, and travel" is absolutely true. For whatever reason if the devs cannot and/or choose not to put it in, they should take just a little bit of time to institute SOMETHING which will make null the opposite of said effects.

    "...we will see it exploited for overpulling or zerg rushing named spawns and fast travelling to bind points since we can just rez those corpses later for the exp: if we even care about the exp loss. The fast exp/mana regen with no death penalty, and fast loading spell tool already makes it super simple to recover from death and be right back in the battle."

    I concur and hope the dev staff will put their heads together, look at the positive social and gameplay consequences which something like corpse runs caused, ie cautious play for some content, player INTERACTION, the social component which was very definitely a part of getting your corpse summoned, AND getting a rez if the situation warranted it because you didn't want to lose however much experience.

    Whether one 'liked' corpse runs is not relevant to how the consequence and result of having such a mechanic in place absolutely affects the overall gameplay on both an individual basis AND for grouping, guild play, and raid competition.

    No Tinytinker, we don't have to have corpse runs put back in for our new Progression server.
    But --Take some of the awesome, innovative and creative ideas of the current dev staff and come up with SOMETHING which you can put in with an eye toward the results garnered for the entire server population when oldschool corpse runs were it.

    I am very SURE that these devs got the guns needed: show us. ^-^
  8. Fallfyres Augur


    I heartedly agree with your post Arkk but while sitting here enjoying my java, the mental image conjured up by imagining at least a 'portion' of todays players not having even their 'spot' show on the map or that of their group made me giggle:p!

    Many guild leaders would need to institute a new officer position: that of
    "Intern Directions Assistant" ...hum*

    Good idea for the traditional temp period sometimes used by guilds while deciding if someone is a 'good' fit for their organization....*giggles again with glee and a teeny bit of evil laughter bursts forth as well...^-^.
  9. Kahna Augur

    There is plenty of social interaction in the game. No need to add begging or paying strangers to summon your corpse to the mix. Besides, you will still need to res your corpse if you don't want to eat the exp loss, so you are still going to have to run back to your corpse. Just not naked.

    I didn't notice any haphazard dying just for funzies on Vulak. People still disliked losing exp. No corpse runs just meant that after that bad wipe at the end of the night when you all made mistakes because you were tired you don't have to waste yet another hour of your life running back to get your corpses or risk being labeled a jerk who doesn't help the group get their corpses back. Too many players these days have these crazy things called lives.

    As for the maps. Maps allowed me to actually see tons of stuff in game that I had missed before. Prior to the addition to maps all I ever really did was hug the zone walls to get from point A to point B, or spam the /loc button while watching the coords get closer to where I needed to be. Who had time to waste getting lost and possibly losing their corpse. No thanks. After the maps I was far more willing to explore and see what was out there, okay, mostly it was just faster to run straight across the zone rather than hugging the walls. Seriously, I got places to be.
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  10. Fallfyres Augur

    All salient points Kahna. But I'm not much interested in an exact replica of the past two progression servers. Besides, *giggles, "paying strangers to summon your corpse to the mix"...those Necro's, Shadowknights, Bards and Clerics, and occasionally Rogue players won't be strangers for long! Of course that depends on how often you need to ask them for help; some players established long, lasting relationships with these other players , if for no other reason than having meaningful financial and joshing-around exchanges!:D

    While I understand there will be much that is similar, there is no reason to NOT suggest ideas or justify how and why some ideas are or are not desireable while we are discussing our new progression server. Hopefully, the devs are listening/reading and will make decisions which delineate this new server from just a rehash. We'll see. I understand your position though.
  11. Tinytinker Augur

    I agree with what Kahna said: There will be plenty of social interaction going on. No need to try to bring it out with a time consuming mechanic that will annoy a lot of people and isn't very friendly to folks with families and full time jobs.

    As for this frequently chanted, "Oooh, ooh, corpse runs will make recovering from dying rewarding..." For whom? The who trained me for the lulz and is now giggling, because he got me killed, and plans on doing it again? Or the players who will never have to worry about asking someone to summon their corpse, because they'll have pocket clerics camped out to rez them? I plan on boxing a cleric so I won't have to pay necros for summons or rogues to play pallbearer, and I'm pretty sure other players will do the same...

    I enjoy interaction and challenge. But I'll take a pass on gearless corpse runs...
  12. liveitup1216 Augur

    "I enjoy a challenging game, as long as all of the challenges are removed." - The majority of this forum.
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  13. Darth Augur

    Corpse runs are not challenging. People don't remember all the times a corpse run was fine. They remember the nights of dying multiple times, to get a corpse, or being unable to get one due to bad groups and people logging, leaving them feeling helpless.

    No one wants to feel that way. Corpse runs got voted on last time, and lost like 93 to 7
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  14. Tinytinker Augur

    My position is I enjoy a challenging game, as long as it takes into consideration busy families with limited playtime.I loved stuff like the Simon Says MPG raid, Queen Sendaii raid, and kill the Empress mission in TBS, because they were challenging for me at the time and a perfect fit for my limited gaming sessions.

    Now, excuse me, I'm off to go play Dark Souls and Ninja Gaiden and get my butt handed to me.
  15. Kahna Augur

    Tedium is not challenging. DIfficult encounters that require creative thinking is challenging. Unless you went out of your way to group with an odd mix of classes Classic EQ was never really challenging, just tedious. It's not rocket science people, it never was. Cut the tedium, lets us have the fun of socializing and let's get the party moving.
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  16. Numiko Augur

    but It was challenging to max out swimming, begging and Alcohol tolerance ...

    ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! :eek:
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  17. liveitup1216 Augur

    Sorry I'll correct myself.

    "I like risk vs. reward, as long as there are no risks involved." - The majority of this forum.
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  18. Darth Augur

    What's the risk in a CR? TIME. That's it. You'll get the gear back, or make the xp back. All you lose is time. Period. You act like corpse runs delete all your gear and you have to start over naked punching decaying skeletons for rusty weapons and working back up from there.

    Hey if that were the case, I'd support "die" and start with nothing. So long as spell books cleared as well. So long as bank contents got deleted. All you could keep was your level.

    But, that's not what happens. You just lose time, hours was wasted with no gain what-so-ever.
  19. Kahna Augur

    You still lose exp due to a death.
    You WILL lose your spot in a dungeon if you group wipes, someone will snatch that sucker up the second it is free.
    You will lose time having to run back to get a res if you don't want to lose exp
    You will still have to run back if you want to keep fighting

    There is still plenty of "risk" without corpse runs.
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  20. Brunlin Augur

    I would prefer corpse runs as well, but either way I am still playing when the server opens :)

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