Need Dev Response - Focus effects on Aradune

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tiny Stamper, May 3, 2020.

  1. besbin Journeyman

    Ok I give in. What’s a WDC focus pls? All the damn abbreviations on these forums!
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    White dragonscale cloak. Best back for clr in classic and rmt staple.
  3. besbin Journeyman

    Thank you
  4. Trizek Augur

    Imo an item more of an RMT staple is the Idol of the Underking, at least for classic. I'm sure a lot of the RMT'ers got hit hard when the Focus on that was gone.

    You sure are acting like its a Big deal. It isn't a big deal. And you're really the only one on the forums making it seem like it is a big deal. There's a difference between wanting an answer, and scoping to the level that you're doing it at.

    So now you're 99% certain to be a monk, whereas on the first page you were considering being a caster but needed this clarification? So which is it?

    You got called out for being a cash farmer and you're suddenly not affected by it. If you're 99% certain to be a monk then there you go. This is not a problem for you. As others have already suggested to you, there is a "99% chance" there will be no Focus Affects on this server. This was never advertised as a mangler exclusive feature. And it is very unlikely we will see it come over to any future TLP pre Luclin.

    If people want to be a caster, they will still be a caster. The absence of Focus Affects will not deplete their urge to play one. Its a nice qualify of life feature that becomes a staple in the game later on. Casters survived on Mangler without it, and they survived in Classic without them.

    I don't have the confirmed answer you seem to so desperately need. I however know that every single change they've made in every TLP has cross overed to other TLP's in the past. Nerfs, Item changes, Additions, I can go on. The only server exclusive changes have been exp rates, and PoP locking which thank god these servers just avoided.
  5. Tiny Stamper Journeyman

    I’ve already posted proof in this thread that the removal of focus effects WAS made specifically for Mangler as an extra challenge. Devs have never since clarified if they’ve decided to keep that change for all servers going forward. The change was not part of the standard changes made that are listed in patch notes.

    You are providing absolutely nothing but more speculation based off literally nothing and your own random misguided rage. I was “called out” for being a cash farmer? What does that even mean? Someone made something up so it’s true?

    This isn’t that crazy or complicated. A few simple words from a dev clarifying either way what their intentions with focus effects are. Simple. No need to have everyone losing their minds. Let’s just get an answer
  6. That0neguy Augur

    But you haven't. You are just reading it this way because it fits your echo chamber.
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  7. c313 Elder

    Reading your post history I do not see the proof you claimed they stated this was specifically for Mangler, can you post this proof here now?
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  8. Tiny Stamper Journeyman

    “ Mangler is what we refer to as a Challenge Server and is tuned to be closer to the original launch experience of EverQuest. The XP rate is lower than other progression servers, more XP is lost on death, there are no focus effects until The Shadows of Luclin unlocks.”

    Yes, they reverted the XP nerfs etc due to complaints, but have still never stated since that announcement that the focus effect change is permanent. It also wasn’t in the standard patch notes as all other permanent TLP changes were.

    So yes, it’s very possible they decided to keep that permanent. It’s possible they didn’t. None of us know.

    The fact everyone is losing their mind raging over this is unreal. Just shut up and let the devs answer, because no one else knows and no one cares about your random opinion you want to make up about it.
  9. Machen Augur

    It "has been." You just don't like the clarification so you've ignored it.
  10. Skuz Augur

  11. Tiny Stamper Journeyman

    Oh, awesome! Where was that exactly?
  12. c313 Elder

    Same response you've been given already.

    This must be a hard pill for you to swallow. And you apparently need a direct cherry coated answer from a GM to sleep easy. Well idk what to tell you, that's the GM answer. Everything points into the direction of no focus affects. We even have a GM response on it, but its not cherry coated enough for you so idk what more to tell you.
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  13. Tiny Stamper Journeyman

    Oh, the same offhand vague discord comment guess from a community guy that I talked about pages ago! Sorry, I thought you had something to add.

    What is “cherry coated” again? Same idea as sugar coated? I assume you don’t know what that means.
  14. c313 Elder

    Probably the same as your understanding of the GM response is my guessing.
  15. sumnayin Augur

    I didn't care about foci on my mage on Coirnav too much, could have lived without it...but playing a Necro on Mangler made me had not having them at launch...I kind of wish they would come back but I don't see it happening.
  16. Tiny Stamper Journeyman

    Yeah they’re fun to have at least
  17. Mire Cullinbrow New Member

    Well that's a shame. Focus Effects, specifically spell haste, make some classes much more enjoyable.
  18. Sikkun Augur

    Clearer answer?
  19. Tiny Stamper Journeyman

    Dev takes the time to respond to that thread and link to this, but gives no answer.

    Please, just answer. Hit me with a "you're an idiot Stamper, no focus effects will be in game, idiot."

  20. Whoops Augur

    Ngreth already answered you in the other thread. There's zero reason for him or any other dev to come to this thread to repeat the answer.

    He quoted your question and said "No." He literally can't be any clearer than "no." Quit stampin' yer feet.

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