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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Pepelepew, Feb 26, 2017.

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  1. Atabishi Augur

    Called what? Are you really pulling at thin strings that hard trying to make yourself believe you are ahead? LOL

    I find it actually HILARIOUS that you accidentally just confirmed everything that I have previously said in this thread, which you had claimed were lies and "conspiracy theories." This is why the smart will always prevail, because of people like you who were too excited that you post your week 5 numbers without actually thinking about it. You now have 10 full clears after your week 5 time clear in which you 3 split, which PROVES that you only had 7 previously, which is EXACTLY the number I said you had (which you claimed was a lie). After OGC does our week 5 full time clear splits, we'll be at 12 (or maybe...13?!? =) !!), again proving what I said earlier about us being 2 full clears ahead.

    Sure, you guys are doing time off lock out where as we keep our time clears the same days each week, but that means it will take a month and a half just to catch up by ONE. So if we both continue to 3 split from here on out, it would take you 3 months of doing time off lock out to catch up. We all know though that we'll be fully 4 splitting time well before you guys, so maybe you'll catch up sometime next expansion?

    AoS, you should seriously have a talk with your member George IV for being such a terrible troll that he accidentally confirmed everything that you have claimed were lies and conspiracy theories.
  2. Finnster Lorekeeper

    I am the best guild on Phinigel.

    discussion over.
  3. George_IV New Member

    You're behind in full clears and way behind in Quarm kills. You lost the race. It only gets worse for you from here on out as they begin to lap you on lockouts in a little over a week from now. No amount of excuses, autistic math, empty promises of whats to come or spin will change this.

    Keep it coming with these desperate attempts at rationalizing the situation, it really says a lot.
  4. Zool Elder

    Reading the last pages, i got to say Pinny sounds awsome...
  5. Pikallo Augur

    How old are the idiots who care so much(but pretend they don't) that always ask this tired question?
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  6. AgentofChange Augur

    I missed the 2 split, my bad. They went 1 single clear, 1 single clear (+ an extra saryrn & Quarm), 2 split, 3 split + an extra quarm, 3 split + an extra quarm.

    So that is 10 full God clears, 11 Saryrns, 13 Quarms. So they are actually 1 clear ahead, 2 saryrns ahead & 4 quarms ahead if the 9 number is accurate.
  7. Fohpo Augur

  8. George_IV New Member

    Poor OGC always trying to make up some metric to rationalize losing in an 18 year old game. Never can they be adults and just take 2nd place or whatever they are. It's always since classic been nothing but excuses and phantom metrics they make up to feel special and pat themselves on the back.

    Let's be honest, the only thing you better be thankful for is instances in this server to insulate your losses otherwise you'd be getting 0 loot like other servers lol.
  9. bodes Augur

    Isn't this the entire point of phinny? If we wanted to argue about which obscure metrics make the best guild we'd still be on Lockjaw achieving the fastest Luclin clear of any TLP ever!!!!
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  10. pimenttoncheese Lorekeeper

  11. Punchu Augur

    Atabishi posts details from AoS DKP site.

  12. Qelyn1 New Member

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  13. Mwapo Augur

    My takeaway from this thread is people give too much of a **** about how big their epeens are and that Teren needs to come back to us because he's beautiful and we miss him.
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  14. RadarX Community Relations

    Apologies this one stayed open as long as it did.
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