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  1. Eovandall New Member

    My tank merc lost her weapons months ago. I suspect she is doing the same damage, but it looks really odd having her punch mobs instead of slashing them. Any fixes please?
    Also, the caster merc just stands around and does...nothing. The settings don't matter. Logging in/out doesn't help. Help?
    SOme of us cannot count on getting groups right away. Our mercs *are* our groups. Beefing them up and allowing >1 per group would be marvelous!

    Thanks for all you do.
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  2. Aanuvane Augur

    This (no weapons) was already reported in another thread - probably want to go there an like it to help it get attention.

    There are also a couple of other threads about mercs not reacting.

    One here

    Another here

    I'd try taking off any lev to see if that helps with the not reacting part.
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  3. Lingum Elder

    Did you level? Merc appearances change with level and sometimes they get new weapon appearances. Yours might be h2h appearance right now.
  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    The "workaround" for inactivity issues I relied upon was "move the mob enough that the mercs have to move".

    If that repeatedly does not work then try dismissing the problem merc & selecting another of a different race.

    Also Bear in mid that being next to a wall, and 2 walls if in a corner can play havoc with Merc pathing & them activating when you have a mob active in camp, if you set your campfire tight into a corner then port back you'll see that the mercs have a real problem being that tight into a corner a lot of the time.
    Same thing can be seen with other geometry too, such as areas with a change of z axis.
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  5. Sylvre New Member

    Yesterday when my ranger levelled to 120 her DE tank merc lost her weapons. She punches now instead of slashing. Is there a fix for this either in patch form or has a player found a fix? 6th Aug, 2022
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  6. Rob0n New Member

    Nope Did that.dismissing then trying another. Still no weapons!!! : - (
  7. Rob0n New Member

    The Mercs move now. But no weapons
  8. Rob0n New Member

    Mine does not have weapons either. It seems to be a level thing, mine is 120. Tried a different race, same thing. This happen before awhile ago.
  9. Rob0n New Member

    I agree with you, would be nice if we could Beef Our Mercs UP. LOL Since not all of us group to level up. You are right. The Mercenaries are our group!!!
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  11. Conq Augur

    Merc's are the Devil.
  12. Salene_Luclin Lorekeeper

    You need to use a non player race to have weapons on a 120 cleric or tank. If they don't have weapons the damage is from punching so they are currently worthless. Like the 1st post and comment there to bump it again but it is known and doubt will be fixed any time soon.
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  13. Rob0n New Member

    My Mercenary still hasn't any weapons it has been a long time. Since I play alone I am not playing much because my tank is worthless. So, I am not going to buy another Krono, another expansion, and stop going All Access until EQ fixes this problem or tell me how to fix this.
  14. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    Many of us have the same issue. I wish not paying or not purchasing expansions would affect the importance of getting this fixed for all of us. But it won't affect it at all. It will get fixed when it gets fixed.

    My healer and tank merc do not have weapons. The healer is still healing fine and will hit the mob if they attack her. The tank is punching and slapping.

    I have not run parses but they both do damage as they used to. I am sure someone has parsed it. All I know is the healer and tank merc are still taking down the named by themselves cause I am terrible at boxing and don't really get many spells cast when a fight is going on so the mercs have to do a lot on their own.

    On the other hand, my rogue frog merc has a knife of some sort that he backstabs with all the time but if I suspend him then my group still kills just as fast. So that to me says his weapon is not making a big difference.
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