Tank Merc just standing there, letting me die

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by narksar, May 9, 2021.

  1. narksar Augur

    I went to Skyfire to kill The Fabled Talendor. My merc was doing a terrible job and I realize I had the wrong merc out. Due to the dots I couldn't swap to my higher tier tank merc, so I ran away and camped out, came back, swapped to my higher tier merc. I run over to Talendor, get attacked. Feared, attacked, and I see my tank merc, set to "assist" and "aggressive" and "main tank" just standing there watching me die as I... well, you guessed it, died.

    I go right back, I change no settings whatsoever, attack Talendor, and my merc attacks him. So there were no errors in my settings or clicks of buttons. During the fight several other mobs join in and my merc breaks off to kill them, while tanking talendor, then goes back to killing talendor. Then after Talendor dies, I get attacked by "a mature chromodrac". My merc begins to watch. The chromodrac doesn't show up on my extended target window but keeps dropping me near death and I have to keep healing myself for several minutes. My merc still does nothing. Then some other trash mob wanders in and charges at me and my tank merc springs into action to stop them and kills them. The chromodrac continues to attack me without being bothered by my merc. This went on for about 5 minutes. I ended up attacking the chromodrac and dotting it and killing it, all while my merc just stood by and watched.
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  2. Treygolas Journeyman

    It's happening to me as well. My 120 J5 tank merc is set to aggressive, but doesn't react anymore. The only thing he is actively doing is taking my plat.This has been going on since last weekend.
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  4. Paladin Augur

    Could this actually be the 'cowardice' factor for Mercs kicking in?

    Even J5 Mercs have a 5% chance to abandon you (not help) in Battles, based on MOB Levels, number of MOB's, number in group and such.
  5. CatsPaws Boy, that one flew over your head

    Very doubtful. Someone mentioned in the other posts linked on this that it is different than a confidence issue. For them the mob was lower level and only one mob. And the mercs don't run off - they just stop attacking.
  6. Svann2 The Magnificent

    No there is a text message thats pretty obvious when that happens. If you have never seen that then that should show you how rare it is. Ive only ever seen it with the lower tier merc.

    I think this is merc server glitch.
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  8. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Most merc inactivity bugs, once you have ruled out the obvious settings-related ones are going to be due to pathing.

    1. Move your location enough that your merc must move & repath to you.

    Places where this will happen more often are when you & your mercs are very close to walls, and even more frequently when you & your mercs are in corners or in passageways (where you are close to 2 walls), it can also happen where the ground has small Z-axis changes in it, npcs & mercs all rely on the same pathing and z-axis can mess with that a whole lot.

    Two other things to try here.

    2. Swap to a different merc and then back.
    3. Unhire your merc & hire one of a different race.

    Settings related:

    Won't follow you at all - check you are not designated as puller, no mercs will follow you if you are, they will follow the rest of the group's players.
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  9. Treygolas Journeyman

    I've figured it out... Dismiss the tank merc and then get another one in PoK. Suspending the merc doesn't work. You have to completely dismiss him/her/it. After doing this, I tried the merc out and he went to work.
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  10. Treygolas Journeyman

    Thanks for the response Skuz. I bet 2 and 3 would've have worked as well. It's good to know it's fixable.
  11. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    others of us have a different bug that the suggestions just posted here are not working