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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by EQBloodThirst, Aug 13, 2019.

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  1. Shakara Elder

    I mean give me another reason why people make up and spread the lies they do.
  2. Fastyank New Member

    Why do you even talk to this nolife crew? In all mmos there are people who build their ego on it, leave them alone, their lifes are most likely sad enough. Take a look how much that one guy writes, it is a very big part of his life, maybe the only one. So much drama about something so old and soonish to be of no interest anyway, just wake it and end this.
    Why did i even read this, no idea.
  3. Candlejack New Member

    If you can't read salt in this thread... You have some serious reading comprehension issues. Yeah, we think people are salty, and it provides a source of entertainment. Because instead of getting better, you get louder and sobbier. "Get Gud" is a meme, but it doesn't stop you from...i dunno rising to the occasion. You have DZ's for your weekly freebies, if you want to play in the Open World, you have to do better. And when it comes to small time (group) content.... Well you can contest that if you try a little harder. But we all know what you will do, cry harder.
  4. Xeris Augur

    i've been in the guild for a little bit, nice people thus far. some members helped a friend of mine get wraith of the shissar, they didn't have to do that. anyhow, that's all I have to say on the matter. only experienced nice people thus far.
  5. Beefo New Member

    Get better? It's freaking Everquest. All you have to do is press a button to attack and a couple of other buttons to cast. There isn't much skill to that. To take a contested mob you have to bring more players than the other group and have the prickesh mentality to steal a mob someone has been waiting hours for just because you feel you are more entitled to it.
  6. Shakara Elder

    And that's why people like you will never get better cause you are not humble enough to accept you can improve.
  7. Beefo New Member

    Not humble enough... Oh the irony.
  8. Fizon Elder

    Servers need guilds like BT to keep things interesting makes me feel good to stomp on the so called EQ elite. If its a Vp key piece or a dps race of some sort its why i keep playing the game. If yall cant hack it then you deserve to be 3rd or 4th. Everquest is a competition and if you have to come to the forums to complain and whine you have already lost.

    Man i cant WAIT for VT keying
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  9. Candlejack New Member

    If it were that easy you could take group content from us. If it were that easy you could make a bigger guild to crush us...Bloody Rapiers comes to mind for large guilds. We do push the limit with batphones and what not. Can you get 50-100 players online buffed and in position to kill something in 20 minutes or less in the middle of the night or during work hours? We have jobs, wives, kids, and lives. We just enjoy being the best. Your baby tears produce the best salt for our mines, acting like you OWN a mob is why you lose it. Always asume someone is going to take it, bring your crew, and walk away with fat lootz.
  10. Bobbybick Augur

    Does RI know what WoW server they are planning to play on? Asking for a friend.
  11. dreforbes New Member

    Lmao, y’all on here big mad huh? It’s not us winning in the game that makes me happy, it’s making you mad enough to take the time out of your day to come here and insult us. Cause at the end of the day, that’s all you have the power to do, complain and insult .

    Thanks for giving me something to do in our downtime.

    Wish nothing but the best for all y’all!
  12. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Alright guys, this thread has run it's course.

    Thank you for you time.

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