Mangler - Kerafyrm Sleeps

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by EQBloodThirst, Aug 13, 2019.

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  1. EQBloodThirst New Member

    Its been mentioned in a few other posts, so we would like to address it directly.

    <Bloodthirst> has zero intentions of waking the Sleeper at any point on Mangler, just as Relentless did not wake it on Coirnav. We hope and welcome any of the Guilds to join us in trying to give everyone a chance to see Sleeper's Tomb 1.0 for as long as possible on Mangler.

    We look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks as we all weather the Blizzard in the coming weeks as the veil drops for Velious.

    Officer of <Bloodthirst>
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I heard Faceless is starting a crew just to wake it.
  3. Aegir Augur

    I'm putting my money on that 24box guy who streamed from Sky the other day - doing it all truebox, will wake the sleeper on Mangler.
  4. HoodenShuklak Augur

    This would elevate boxers to another level. If 1 boxer can wake the sleeper before the weekend is over, this feat alone will be the standard by which boxers are measured.
  5. Barder-mangler Journeyman

    There are at least 3 people currently boxing 24+ toons on mangler right now that I’ve personally come across in the past week, and that is not counting the handful of people that are afk botting 6 players simultaneously in 3+ picks independently in sebilis.
    If a mega boxer wants to wake the sleeper they will do it, but I kind of doubt the incentive is there. Guilds would be first to capitalize on pre-wakened loot, I imagine most/all of the mega boxers are RMT’ers, so they will be busy farming, not bothering with waking him.
  6. Ainthek New Member

    <The Final Encore> has no intention of waking Kerafyrm. Most of us already did that on our original servers and couldn't care less about it this time around. That zone is nothing but headaches and 99% of the gear will be obsolete to us in three months anyway. If he's still around in an xpac or two, feel free to count us in to help kill him.
  7. Tankz Journeyman

    As has been stated on other posts .. Magic and Melee has no intention of waking Kerafyrm
  8. Byun Journeyman

    Mess has no plans.
  9. Scruff Elder

    what's the actual downside to waking sleeper if you exclude tinker mask and scepter of destruction? do we miss out on certain quests?
  10. Xeris Augur

    Megaboxer can't get his crew ST key'd fast enough for anyone to really worry about waking it. I mean, they won't get any OW targets, so they'll be doing 1 dz per week of ST key mobs, it'll take maybe 4-5 weeks to get all their chars key'd up.

    Big guilds will be in ST by the 2nd week, so there's at least a 3 week head start most people will have to farm ST gear.
  11. ProgressionFreak Elder

  12. Bobbybick Augur

    I give it a month before some guild gets their feelings hurt over something then wakes up sleeper as retribution or tries to use it as leverage so another guild wakes it so they have none.
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  13. Machen Augur

    A month seems wildly optimistic to me...
  14. Meridian Augur

    Yep. I think it will be done by the first guild(s) that have enough keys to get the force in for it.
  15. Tymeless Augur

    Phoenix Ascended will not wake the sleeper. We will gladly help kill it in PoP or GoD era however.
  16. EQBloodThirst New Member

    For the sake of the integrity of this post, we’d appreciate all speculation to be refrained from. After being in contact with many guilds that will be progressing into Velious, our goal, impossible or not, is to keep Kerafyrm asleep until late PoP where we aim to have a wakening party open to anyone who wish to attend.

    It may be foolish hope, but admist so much chaos, there has to be something to look forward to.

    Thank you heartily, to all the guilds who have pledged support so far.

    Bhaelen and <Bloodthirst>
  17. Drifter New Member

    EQBT, why not set up plans to wake and kill it in a specific expansion where it is possible? Then just make it a huge, serverwide event where everyone that is keyed can come help and see him wake. Then anyone that wakes it early looks like an .
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  18. HoodenShuklak Augur

    This thread is just full of good intentions.

    It's cute only after already playing on a tlp or two.
  19. Ebine Lorekeeper

    I remember this same thread on Coirnav. And then someone streamed the killing of Kerafyrm.
    And the server is still running.
  20. TLP Addict Augur

    I Don't see how the 24 box crews would want to wake him, better for them to get keyed up and farm it for as long as possible, waking seems counter productive to their goals
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