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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Malj1nn, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Malj1nn New Member


    today my account was suspended for seven days for allegedly training a well-known autoboxer at the ice giants outside of Permafrost. It is clear that we as non-botters are at a disadvantage in the war. New tactics must be developed in the fight against the AFK farmers who ruin camps for those who wish to waste time in an honest manner. Godspeed to the true trueboxers of our elf pixel simulation!

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  2. a_librarian Augur

    what is there to train in everfrost anyway? barb guards?
  3. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Pics or it didn't happen.
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  4. Elyani Augur

    Shouldn't have done that. I'd be careful when you come back. There is a 3 strike policy for a perma-ban. But that doesn't mean you need to get 3 strikes, could easily get perma-banned the next infraction of ANY kind.

    /report players. Report them. If they are boxing autonomously, you believe, report. If enough people report them, they are more likely to get caught/banned for it. Why be stupid and risk your own account for them? Looks like they are doing just fine, while you're locked out for a week and have now flagged your account for possible ban in the future for getting into any sort of trouble.
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  5. code-zero Augur

    This is what all us who've been warning people away from training have been trying to tell everyone. Report! Oh, and be coherent and don't rant with a bunch of blather about stuff you can't prove.

    You don't know how they're doing what they are doing so you need to accurately tell CS what it is that they are doing.
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  6. squidgod Augur

    Doesn't /report just send the last ten lines of text to a GM?
  7. a_librarian Augur

    daybreak does not enforce their own rules against 3rd party botting software. That's just the state of the game right now. Report them and maybe they'll get AFK checked and there's a slim chance they are too far away from their PC to respond but much more likely they respond and the matter is closed as far as the GM is concerned.
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  8. code-zero Augur

    So train them and get suspended or banned? Yeah that's a good plan right there.
  9. a_librarian Augur

    do it without them being able to record you ideally
  10. Meridian Augur

    Accidents happen. ;)
  11. Meridian Augur

    so that was after all your bots boxes got trained?
  12. Risiko Augur

    I don't know what is worse... the fact that the company running the game ignores the people that are using automated software to break the rules in the game in order to exploit the game OR the fact that the person who runs these automated bots to exploit the game openly mocks people on the forums that are against his exploitation of the game.

    I mean seriously at this point, its pretty obvious that DBG doesn't care at all. They let the cheaters cheat and they let the cheaters gloat and mock those that don't cheat ON THE OFFICIAL FORUMS.

    SoE never had good integrity in the industry, and there are thousands of people that have said over the years that they would never buy and/or support a SoE game ever again after the whole SWG thing, but the level that DBG has stooped to takes the integrity of this company to an all time new low.

    It's like paying to go to a resort in a third world country, and all your stuff gets stolen from your hotel room. When you go to the lobby to tell the manager that you was robbed, the person that robbed you slaps you across the face and says, "you will take it and smile!" Then when you point at the robber tell them this is the person that took your stuff, management throws you out the front door and tells you that they do not allow naming and shaming. Then you sleep on the streets for a week until they let you back in the hotel, and the thief is there in the lobby drinking a pina colada, smoking a cigar, and smiling as he says, "glad to see ya back. Go buy some stuff and put it in your room. I'll be up shortly to take it."
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  13. code-zero Augur

    I don't know what's worse that some people seem to believe that characters can be summarily banned at their say so or that they believe that they can simply train anyone they don't like.

    That's what it really comes to. Petitioning suspected afk players and people who might be using some prohibited assistance to play it the proper method for dealing with things you think look funny. Extended rants where you go on and on about VM's and specific programs that you just KNOW are being used are worthless.

    If you can just watch for half an hour and just know what is going on I'm sure that GM's and guides and other customer service people who've seen a lot more than you ever have would know.

    Give the GM's times to do their job why dontcha?
  14. trevock Augur

    On Mangler, the mage army boxers and KS'ers win.

    Everyone else loses.

    1. If you get your "camp" (oh yea forgot there are no camps) stolen, and outgunned by automated 3rd party program boxer mage armies, it's fine and perfectly legal. Remember kill stealing is not recognized by DBG.

    2. If you're in the middle of fighting a mob, an enchanter can walk up, charm it and gate out therefore taking your kill right from underneath your noses. It's fine and perfectly legal.

    3. It is okay to grief and affect another player's gameplay by kill stealing, charm gating and you can actually follow a player around for hours and take every kill he tries to get. Regardless if it's affecting a player's gameplay, it's perfectly fine and legal.

    4. Hundreds of players are using 3rd party programs without any intervention from DBG.


    If you train a player and get them killed, you will most likely get banned.

    DBG wants us to "resolve our own issues" but you guys must be new to how the internet works because there is no way to negotiate with people that KS and steal mobs. You can't just walk up and say "Please?".

    Literally the only way we can fight back against getting mobs KS'ed is to train. There's literally no other way. You can't out-dps a 8 box mage army.

    So please, tell are we to play the game? Leave and go somewhere else? Why am i letting someone else dictate how I play or what I want to kill in the game? And why isn't something being done about it?
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  15. Elemenopi Augur

    Get used to it.

    This is what happens when the creators are gone and the caretakers are left running the show. People are laid off then they complain about not having the resources to manage arbitrating the old first engage rule, so it is changed to "solve your own problems." Moves will be made to protect the remaining revenue stream however, and that includes protecting those with the most subscriptions. Any time game system integrity and revenue generation come into conflict, revenue generation will be chosen. Game system integrity will slide into the abyss.

    This is not the old EQ I remember, or the nostalgia I came back for. :p
  16. yerm Augur

    Not that your box army rmters aren't a problem, but... Ice giants? Really? Couldn't you pick a better battlefield that isn't remote and complete skippable content, like freeti, to make war?
  17. trevock Augur

    Hey I'm good with taking care of my own problems, but let me do that.

    Enable PVP or let us train these KS'ers and maybe they'll learn and stop.

    But how it is now, DBG is basically saying "it's okay for the aggressor to throw a punch, but you cannot punch back, or you're banned".
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  18. Malj1nn New Member

    It's not about the ice giants but rather the unjust practices involved. Said AFK-Botter will log on, take the camp from anyone who is there without asking, and then make threats if you disrupt his AFK session at all. I feel the community of honest true boxers is negatively affected by this and after petitioning with no results I decided I would use my free time to try and disrupt him.

    Is there even a question as to what this boxer does with the plat he farms passively 12 plus hours a day? Does anyone think he actually has 16 or more laptops? It's a blatent disregard for the rules and that rubs me the wrong way.
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  19. yerm Augur

    I keep hearing there are a couple dozen necros at hgs, and I hear stories of freeti botters. So why the guy at igs? Since it isn't the best plat (being active in rm is better) and isn't a unique item camp (djarns/jebs), its just a remote spot of little consequence. Why not jihad the dudes at a more toxic location to be monopolized?

    I'm reasonably sure the guy is breaking rules, but, if he is capable of responding with threats maybe hes not completely afk? Also, if he has settled for an inferior but exceedingly easy farm spot, maybe its cause he doesn't have the greatest (or cheatingest) setup, or hell, is even close to legit?

    Instead of training you need to compile evidence and make a case to the gms. Or convince your server to stop pay 2 winning which supports these guys.
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  20. oldkracow Augur

    How much time does it really take to enforce rules on your own IP, for which you have total control over?

    I'm curious is it months or years. I think currently it's months at this point for the mass usage of VMs and 3rd party tools that automate to a certain degree.

    Heck I'm waiting for someone to develop even something nastier at this point since it looks like nothing is being done for the above in any meaningful way. I read about some ghostkill hack from way back in 2005 or something near that that allowed someone to kill raid targets solo, maybe that hack is in the works at this point for a comeback.
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