Long-forgotten Quests (Feb 15 Patch)

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  1. Orbital101 Augur

  2. YellowBelly Augur

    OK thanks for looking into this and the quick reply. The unfortunate result of this will be people racing to the quest npc when this fix goes live. It wont be the ones who put the hard work in at the start who get the cool title. Dang.
  3. Orbital101 Augur

    Do you get a second and a third title if you finish first multiple quests on your server =P ?
  4. Benito Augur

    Like the time when Hardcore Heritage Castle Mistmoore blocked the updates for Epic Retelling. :p. Strangely, I didn't notice a "mad rush" after Castle Mistmoore reverted for Epic Retelling on my server (might be a different story on high pop servers like Xegony though).
  5. Kahlev Al-Calen Augur

    Doesn'tlook like it with 2 quests, stuck trying to get the droga goblin faction and the "Book of the Righteous" (can anyone confirm this drops on Chardok?), so won't be able to say if with 3 or 4 it does.
  6. Wanuven New Member

    Where does the silver silk drop?
  7. Kahlev Al-Calen Augur

    Off of drolvargs in Karnors
  8. Bobbybick Augur

    Glad to admit I was wrong, found the Sheet of Black Ore on Soothsayer Dregzak in Droga 1.0 and managed to finish the quest on a TLP. I still have so much quest stuff though!
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  9. Lorinar New Member

    Yes it drops there. I found it in the crypt masters area between the bridge and royals palace. Cant say for certain what dropped it though.
  10. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Not a big deal since I think they have both been found now, but Veksar would not be a choice for these quests as it was not added until post PoP (maybe later I forget when exactly.
    Are some of the Goblins in Frontier Mountains on Nurga faction; I was pretty sure that the monk Iksar quest mobs were originally in Nurga before being moved out to FM? Though if you've already changed it to what you've said it shouldn't be a big deal.
  11. Bobbybick Augur

    Alla user MaxTheLion has finished the quest from the dwarf Dithgar Irongut in Firiona Vie and was nice enough to share the info with us. Created a page for it here if anyone else is still working on it.

    Also in case anyone wanted to see the reward/stats on the item for Vitratul's Scrolls while the item collector is down.

  12. Termination Journeyman

    I turned in the words of night, essence of night, and the tiny crystal orb in to nureya and she gave me all the correct dialog and she didnt give me the orb of night back like she said she did. I thought maybe it was because faction so i maxed it out and re did it all. Turned in the scrolls the 2nd time, no problems, i went to turn into the stuff to nureya again for the 2nd time and she still didnt give me the orb. Got all the correct dialog again. Any suggestions?
  13. Bobbybick Augur

    A guildmate of mine doing the quest on a different server reported a similar problem with Nureya taking the items for stage 2 but not giving you the Orb of Night. I had no problems myself on this stage and I did it at indifferent faction by using Sneak so I'm afraid I have no advice.
  14. Orbital101 Augur

    My faction was maxed before the turn in and she dint give me the orb. Something is wrong in the script.
  15. Bobbybick Augur

    Here is the reward from "Dithgar's Defender" quest in FV, so far I think it has the coolest effect since the only other way to get this buff in Kunark era is the shaman click out of VP.

  16. Orbital101 Augur

    [Thu Feb 16 23:33:17 2017] You say, 'Hail, Ayslare N`Vor'

    [Thu Feb 16 23:33:17 2017] Ayslare N`Vor offers a subtle nod to Goodurden, 'Greetings. I am Ayslare N`Vor, Priestess of the Dark Father and scholar of The Spires. I have traveled far, all the way from Neriak, and my search has been fruitless so far. Unfortunately, my superiors are unable to send me further assistance for my cause, leaving my pupil and I alone in our [search:What are you searching for?]. You can understand why I'm not in the mood for the formalities of a friendly introduction, Goodurden. If you would excuse me -- good day.'

    [Thu Feb 16 23:33:22 2017] You say, 'What are you searching for?'

    [Thu Feb 16 23:33:23 2017] Ayslare N`Vor says, 'Well, if you wish to inquire, Goodurden... perhaps you may find yourself of worth to [aid me:How can I aid you?], yes? During my apprenticeship in the temple, I discovered the lore of a lost magical force that was wielded by the Koada`Dal priests during their battles with the iksar armies of Rile Sathir. Though I obviously have no love for Koada`Dal's magics and of course their faith is too debased to acknowledge, I would find the irony pleasing if we were to obtain something they had once lost and use it for the benefit of our Dark Father.'
    [Thu Feb 16 23:33:24 2017] You say, 'How can I aid you?'

    [Thu Feb 16 23:33:24 2017] Ayslare N`Vor flashes a cunning smirk and nods slowly, 'Very well, Goodurden. If that is your wish, then I'll allow you the opportunity to prove yourself to a priest of the Dark Father. Venture into the ruined city where Trakanon now resides and retrieve the Scroll of the Dark. The Words of the Dark may be found in the mines and the Dark Invocation you shall find in the city enshrouded by mist. Once you have acquired those three items, take them to my pupil, Shandral.'

    [Fri Feb 17 09:29:28 2017] You say, 'Hail, Shandral'

    [Fri Feb 17 09:29:30 2017] Shandral says, 'I see that my mentor has gained the assistance she was looking for...' The young priestess scans the contents of the three scrolls and then flashes a wicked smirk, 'And one of considerable competency at that. I have performed the proper alterations and combinations of the important texts, Goodurden. Thanks to your efforts, I've been able to decipher the location of the lost shield, the one wielded by many of the priests that my mentor has taken it upon herself to investigate. Take this lore back to Ayslare, though she shall also will need the Black Steel Defender.'

    [Fri Feb 17 09:43:06 2017] Ayslare N`Vor says, 'Ah... well done indeed! The craftsmanship of this item has since fallen to ruin, and I shall need your aid to return it to its former glory before we can complete the transition of its current power to that of the Dark Faith. Venture into the sarnak stronghold and retrieve the Horns of a Sarnak Noble, find me a Block of Black Ore from The Hole, and acquire the Sleek Black Beads from a creature known as the Nightclaw Raptor. Return those items, along with the Dreadeye Shield that has been restored to you, to my apprentice, Shandral.'
  17. Imak Augur

    [Fri Feb 17 12:30:57 2017] Shandral says, 'This is perfect, ____. The shield has been restored and its connection to the Koada`Dal faith contained, though they are not destroyed. There is an item, or rather a curse -- an ancient curse that is believed to have been bestowed upon one of these power-bearing Koada`Dal priests. He who forged the curse was Tatrinek, a sarnak priest of great power. It has been centuries, perhaps even millennia since Tatrinek walked the face of Norrath, but his curse remains in existence, or so we believe. Venture into the stronghold of the sarnak and retrieve the curse, where it is held by one of the royal advisors and return it along with the Intricate Shield to Ayslare.'

    [Fri Feb 17 12:32:33 2017] Ayslare N`Vor says, 'Ah, Tatrinek's Curse! This shall indeed be sufficient to rend the magic from the shield.' The priestess closes her eyes and recites the curse, already imprinted into her memory from her brief exposure to its ancient and nearly illegible words. As she speaks, the shield's once radiant holy light fades beneath a deep indigo hue of unholy magic. The priestess then opens her eyes, a dark, sinister smile stretched across her face, and she offers you the corrupted shield, 'Wield it, child, for it is the Dark Father's power that has blessed this once holy item. You have earned its power.'

    Reward: Shield of the Dark
    Classes: CLR SHD SHM
    Effect: Sebilite Pox (DoT)

    [Fri Feb 17 12:32:33 2017] <SYSTEMWIDE_MESSAGE>:A long forgotten Ruins of Kunark quest offered by Ayslare N`Vor has been completed for the first time. Please congratulate ____ on his accomplishment!
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  18. MaxTheLion Augur

    TWICE now I have gone through the troubles of collecting 4 scrolls, Thin Crystal Orb and Essence of Night to only have them eaten by Nureya. Initial attempt was at Warmly and second while invis. Appears broken on live.
  19. Prathun Developer

    Looks like the treasure table chance was accidentally lowered from 100% to 15% for this hand-in. Fixed internally. Has nothing to do with faction - it's merely a matter of luck. Anyone who received the Orb of Night on the first try was very lucky. Sorry for the inconvenience. We will look into hotfixing this in the near future.

    Fun bit of trivia: These quests, being super old-school, use no scripts except for the ones we added on the final hand-ins to award the server first titles.
  20. YellowBelly Augur

    Is the hotfix in for the golden silk? I've been hunting it all morning waiting for it to drop.

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