login servers down?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Annie, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Prense New Member

    Perhaps. I'm just looking for some communication....
  2. Demel New Member

    Sorry, wasn't trying to come off rude, I would just think they would have a very simple and clearly defined method with 13 years of experience with issues like this under their belts.
  3. Prense New Member

    That is a fair expectation.
  4. Farewell Lorekeeper

    pretty much the same feeling.
  5. Tarrin Augur

    There probably is one. Sunday at 11:30am (EST) probably just has slower time frame for implementing it.
  6. Wilgon New Member

    Fair reason, but also think that it is ever changing, dispite being old, and resources cannot always be spent in such an old game.

    I am pretty sure what senior designers they have that used to program here are programming elsewhere now.
    They are probibly working off a skeliton crew that would force the fixes to take longer no matter how much they knew.
  7. Leerah Augur

    Some yellow text in game would be nice since I HAD all accounts logged in. I read what happened while I was asleep and innocently decided it was a good time to reboot.

    *.Lee of Povar
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  8. Tarrin Augur

    I am sure they will get right on making those in game announcements for nonscheduled maintenance time periods.
  9. Leerah Augur

    They're up now. 11:55AM Well, one toon got in. Maybe they're swamped atm.
  10. lcarns2 New Member

    I think "shortly" came and went. WTF is going on?
  11. Intin Elder

    They aren't for me.
  12. Anaksuun New Member

    Just tried again, still not able to get in.
  13. gcubed Augur

    Normally, I would agree with you on this, but...

    I was in game when this unscheduled maintenance started. There was no warning something was about to happen. No "Servers coming down in X minutes, camp someplace safe." messages. Not even a countdown to doom on my connection status. Just doing my own thing and suddenly in mid interaction with a quest NPC, a black disconnect screen. I couldn't have done it faster if I had yanked the power cord out of my computer. Whatever it was that happened it was sudden and since it affected ALL of SOE's online games and boards, it must have been massive.
  14. Jevar New Member

    Ya they most certainly are not up for many of us
  15. Chunk Elder

    Still down for me too.
  16. Prense New Member

    Still not working...
  17. Eodchip New Member

    After almost 2 hours of downtime, still not up and running.
  18. xious New Member

    they still lack the skill to inform the players after 13th years of EQ o_O
  19. Piestro Augur

    Hey folks,

    The servers should be in the process of coming up now. Taking a look into it. I need to level my zerk myself heh.

  20. Praxis New Member

    The Beta server was up and I was playing on that. I think this is all just a ploy for us to give them more feedback on RoF! :p