Live Update Bugs 12/19/17

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  1. Nniki Augur

  2. Atvar Augur

    I'm assuming this goes for the raid dropped Ioulin's Warrant as well? Unless the stats on the fully powered revised charms RoS are going to be 1000 hp/mana higher than equivalent gear, this is a terrible decision. You're screwing over anyone that looted this item expecting it to be an upgrade like all the past charms have been. By the time a character gets fully RoS raid geared the expansion will be over for all but the top couple guilds.

    What the heck are you thinking?
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  3. Beltirabelkira Journeyman

    Phlogiston Buckler, Phlogiston Amice of Brillance, and Phlogiston Amice of Security all have a type 7 slot instead of type 8.
  4. Goodn Augur

    The RoF quest reward bug appeared for me with the Chelsith merc missions A Fishy Situation and Cold Blooded for my group at 110. Chronicler's fix by shrouding worked fine (thanks btw for that).

    All toons did receive the proper reward without having to shroud for the partisan task Prove Your Worth Slave.
  5. Moege Augur

    Suspect no-fail combines is not working correctly

    • To make Enchanted Meteorite Fragment, combine a Meteorite Fragment and a Vial of Viscous Mana in a Forge.

    [Tue Jan 02 09:58:54 2018] Requesting favorite recipes...
    [Tue Jan 02 09:59:12 2018] You lacked the skills to fashion the items together.
    [Tue Jan 02 09:59:12 2018] You have become better at Blacksmithing! (1)

    Failures on all of the following
    • Enchanted Meteorite Fragment
    • Enchanted Giant Lymph Fluid
    • Enchanted Dronan Ore
    • Enchanted Imperial Ore
    • Enchanted Ancient Sarnak Bone
  6. svann Augur

    Bard's boastful bellow and vainglorious shout are taking too long to fulminate.
    They are both supposed to fulminate in a huge nuke after 18 seconds.
    Bellow is taking 18-24 seconds and vainglorious shout is taking 25-31 seconds.
    [Tue Jan 02 07:17:53 2018] Combat Dummy Azia is shaken by a loud bellow.
    [Tue Jan 02 07:18:24 2018] Combat Dummy Azia jumps at a loud noise.

    This means we need to wait over 31 seconds before we reapply it or we wont get the fulmination. I looked into making an audio trigger based on the fulmination text but that wont work because it would be triggered by other bard's fulminations. So all we can do is set a gina timer for 31 seconds to know when we can hit it again. Huge loss.
  7. Waldagar Augur

    Gorowyn partisan task "Chokidai Unbound" is bugged. We get to the point where we have the egg and head to the zone line, but nothing happens. No updates, no text, no nothing... The Chokidai owner can go all the way to the zone line and zone out and the Chokidai simply switches owner. We repeated the task several times and got the same result. The group consisted of BST, MAG, MAG, PAL, WIZ, CLR and no mercs.
  8. Jondalar Augur

    Did the owner invis?

  9. Ofearl Augur

    I did this the other day, attempt number 4 finally worked for me. First time my “friend” ran off toward the forge area and disappeared...
    2nd time he ran off toward the skelly cave area and hung out with another dog.
    3rd time same thing but hung out in meat broiler room with the chokidi in there.
    4th time after hailing he ran back to another chokidi near the meat broilers again, I got frustrated and killed said chokidi, then got the egg! After that I killed what needed to die along the way and finished it.

    Aling the way for the 1-3 attempts I tried various tactics to get him to move, the write up I read didnt talk about killing a dog for an egg.

    Just my 2 cents in it.
  10. Koryu Augur

    My group also had trouble completing this. We got to the point where we had acquired the egg and needed to survive an ambush on the way to the zone out. We spent over an hour trying to find the ambush spot. The owner was not invis and we cleared KoS Kar`Zok and chokidai out of our way while everybody spread out looking for the trigger spot. We tried changing owners a few times via zoning out, and the chokidai would change ownership without any pattern we saw (alpha, most recently hailed, physically closest), sometimes attaching itself to a currently invis player. Somebody who went swimming as deep as they could in lava thinks they triggered the ambush. Right or wrong about location, the ambush step seems very hard to get to update. Counterintuitive to have to search for an ambush.
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  11. Tevraii Journeyman

    Not a bug per say, but "Distilled Grade AA Gormar Venom" needs to be added to the Poison Merchant in the OT outpost please. I know it was discussed in a previous thread. This is still utilized.

    As an aside: Thank you so much for adding the Nigriventer as a vendor bought item Ngreth.
  12. Natal Augur

    Experience appears seriously borked at the moment. My mercs keep resetting their experience bar to zero after I log at. It doesn't happen every time, but it happens often enough to make merc progress very difficult.

    Also, I noticed yesterday that my boxed shaman was getting about half the experience per kill compared to my warrior on the same mobs. Both were running vet AA and mercs, so they should have been getting the same.

    The Devs need to look at these things and get them fixed ASAP, because it makes things pretty frustrating for players.
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  13. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Two bugs here, both fixed internally waiting for a patch:
    #1 the script that gives the AA is not working.
    #2 it will change to Enchanter Only.
    Depends on your definition of rare. They are 1 in 5.
    I'll look into these.
    This seems to be fixed internally, waiting for a patch.
    Code it looking at this
    This is fixed internally, waiting for a patch.

    Your second combine is incorrect: Combine edging kit + Conflagrant Amice + Flawless Diamond = Phlogiston Amice. (this was a VERY late change... at the time the change was mafe drops were doubled (after they were already increased 50%)
    I'll look into this. Thanks.
    It sounds dangerous. BUT once you have been giving the earring recipe, EXCEPT for the last two (Charasis and Veeshan's Peak where the quest gives some parts) you don't need the quest to make the earring. You can destroy the earring and remake it. The parts drop if you are on the quest or not.
    I'll look into putting yet another "Person read a quest guide and didn't follow the actual IN GAME quest instructions so they made a mistake" stopgap in there, but it is a LARGE not small task. It's going to take a quest re-design. We try to think of all of the ways a person will ignore the in-game instructions, but we don't always think of them all.
    Hrm. I'll check the fail. BUT you do not need the quest to make the first, second or third earring once you have gotten the recipe from the quest. (Simple, Ornate, or Intricate) The drops are not quest restricted.
    Trillion Cut is correct. I'm not prioritizing fixing the mistake in the rest.
    It looks like this is incorrect on all Phlogiston gear (The armor and weapons look correct) This is fixed internally, waiting for a patch.
    The recipes that use Distilled Grade AA Gormar Venom are not in game yet. They will with the patch. But Distilled Grade AA Gormar Venom will not be added to a vendor. Drops are being added as well.
  14. fransisco Augur

    Visible armor drops have a 20% chance from a named?
    You can easily spend hours camping a named and only see him 0-1 time. Considering that you need a full suit of t1 gear to get a full suit of t2 gear.... why even bother (just get tradeskill gear)?

    This is just a punishingly bad timesink.
  15. Imak Augur

    As detailed in the ciphered poisoncrafting book, Osbdosmn, a "shissar" poison using the new grade AA ingredients can be made. However, its currently does not combine.

    Hate of the Shissar XIX:
    BROKEN currently DNC
    Following previous poisons in the line, the recipe should be:
    1x Distilled Grade AA Mamba Venom (new item)
    1x Innoruuk Emulsifier
    1x Suspension Fluid
    1x Sculptured Sealed Poison Vial (new item)
    in Mortar/Pestle

    Spider's Bite XIX using the other new grade AA Nigriventer component combines no problem.
  16. Waldagar Augur

    Nope, no invis. We read all the write-ups and wandered all over to find the ambush point. We cleared all the aggro mobs. We even tried killing the basilisks in the lava.
  17. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    :( So no easy way to give some love to our tanks.
  18. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Currently, only Bite of the Shissar and Spider's Bite is available. The other poisons will be in the next patch. Miscommunication happened in beta. Players told me that only Bite of Shissar and Spider's Bite were useful so I didn't "waste time" make the rest. AFTER we were locked I was informed that this was an incorrect Statement. So... I'm adding them.
  19. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I (just now) checked the data. I think I realized this about the T1 drops. T1 is 50% chance (100% in chests). T2 is still 20% chance (but 100% chance in chests)
  20. mehtsenob Augur

    We have finished Hunter in OT & Skyfire. And killed many of them multiple times.

    Our experience is more like T1 armor drops are closer to 10% or less. /shrug

    The armor drops are, after all, what we are actually camping, since the tradeskill made gear is 100% better than the non-visible drops (automatic rot / tribute loot from Day 1).

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