Live Update Bugs 12/19/17

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. EQ Dev Developer

    Please post about any new bugs found in the update. This thread is not for discussions about anything other than bugs and how we can reproduce (and therefore fix) them.
  2. Heile Lorekeeper

    Don't want this to be somewhat confusing but the Hero's: resolution AA's were not claimable nor rewarded for missions I had done before the patch. The Hero's Vitality/Fortitude AA's were claimable and working. Just the hero's resolution aa's aren't giving the correct aa's from prepatch achievements.
  3. Gillette Lorekeeper

    The 12/19/2017 patch fixed the Hero's Vitality/Fortitude reward problem for me. It however did not fix the Hero's Resolution AA that I should have received for completing Hero of The Overthere. At the time I had 40/50 on Vitality/Fortitutde and 20/25 on Resolution. The Hero's Vit/Fort went to the rewards window and stuck there (and fixed in the patch). The Resolution reward did not appear in the rewards window originally but the achievement "Hero of Overthere is checked off. (My guess is the Vit/Fort not awarding correctly aborted the rewards before the Resolution one could be added.)

    PS: I went through and verified through the achievement window that I do have 21 Hero's Resolution achievementments completed.
  4. Zaph Augur

    I still have a bunch of unclaimable rewards that list nothing but with the pearl necklace icon, petitioned before the patch, still nothing
  5. Goodn Augur

    Died before patch and left corpse in lobby. Just redinged 110 without a rezz first. Went to guild lobby and had a cleric cast Divine Resurrection on the corpse (which still had time on it).

    Zero xp gain.

    Not dying again just to see if it was the old corpse or if you are still screwed up.
  6. Metrav Journeyman

    Had a corpse last night before I logged, that I didn't rez, because the patch to fix the rez bug was announced. Logged in this afternoon, hit expedient recovery, and walla, no corpse, No exp, wasted expedient recovery. I'm pretty perturbed, that I am now up to over 40% regular xp lost via this bug. I petitioned about the xp loss, and all I given was a stupid xp potion. So they basically told me to go WORK for the xp back. Which was kinda lame. I refuse to resubscribe (had 1 day left this morning) until this problem is completely rectified. I have been unable to truly play the game since dinging 110, which is absurd.
  7. gotwar Augur

    I am also missing Heroic Resolution AA's from achievements completed prior to the patch. They were auto-claimed upon achievement completion, but were not actually granted in the AA window.

    Post-patch they still don't show up.

    Hero Vit/Fort are working fine and were auto-claimed when I logged in.
  8. feeltheburn Augur

    Hero AA and XP regain are still non existent, not sure what occurred in the patch but the patch fixed neither. Just saying.
  9. Absor Developer

    Old corpses will not be fixed, only new ones.
  10. Lorai Lorekeeper

    Noticed last night there is no Cleric Type 3 Aug - Salus Faycite Shard: Sixteenth Serenity on the Aug Merchant in Overthere. I do have one for the previous version Fifteenth Emblem, so there should be one for the new spell?

    Also, as we're grinding along, there has been no Plat or Merchant Fodder on the mobs we kill. Only Collectibles and Tradeskill stuff. We're all going broke spending on spells, components for armor, type 3 augs, and our Mercs are charging more now. We need some plat please.
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  11. Lily Augur

    Merc AA XP keeps resetting to zero.
  12. Sindaiann Augur

    Same. I should be 23/25 of Hero Resolution - missing Scalebreaker and Hero of Veeshan's Peak - yet shows 20/25.

    No credit for Hero of OT, Skyfire or Gorowyn - do not show on reward window.
  13. Ishtass Augur

    After the patch my merc exp was at a positive 32%, I'll take it
  14. Augsian New Member

    The December 14th patch said that it fixed the bug where pets could not be summoned without a pet focus.

    As far as I can tell this is still bugged on live. My necros level 107 tank pet is still un-summonable when I take my pet focus out.

    Also, the focus does not appear to actually focus the pet (Aside from letting me summon him) when I am wearing it. Since I can't summon him without the focus to parse, I am basing this on the fact that he has the specter model, when for the past several years focused pets have had a different model based on differing levels of EM.

    I'm on FV, level 109 Necromancer, Pet spell was scribed prior the the patch on the 14th, and my pet focus is the Bonespike Earring.
  15. Lily Augur

    Not only did it reset to 0, but now it's not moving at all. Just staying at 0.
  16. niente Developer

    Whats your class/race/level/server? How do you know it's resetting (does it reset when you zone, camp or something else)? And what are you doing for exp? Thanks for any info.
  17. Yinla Augur

    Got this message after beating the Talendor mini raid, we had killed all the racnar and did get the achievement, seems this emote is coming up incorrectly.

    Also Having hero of Veeshans Peek is not showing as completed in Savour of Veeshans Peak
  18. Cannikin Journeyman

    This has been happening to 3 of my characters since level 109 (now 110), warrior, enchanter and druid, doing CotF HAs. It is not related to total number of merc AA points as my chars have 407, 200 and 201 respectively and they all show the same behavior since sometime in 109.

    The merc exp value randomly fluctuates upon HA completion. Sometimes it goes up a little (less than it should), sometimes it doesn't move at all, sometimes it goes from positive to 0, sometimes it apparently even goes to negative values (displays a magenta line with no displayed value instead of a blue line in the default UI). Can go half a dozen HAs without any apparent progress on the current merc AA. For characters with a currently positive merc AA value (displays a blue line/yellow bar) killing low exp mobs (like the mobs in CotF HAs) seems to progress the bar, while characters with an apparently empty bar or magenta line do not show positive progress on killing mobs, suggesting that large exp gains (like HA completion) are overflowing some value, turning the merc exp negative.
  19. Ishtass Augur

    Happened to me again as well. It's not back at 0 for me, it's -49%. I noticed it right after gaining an AA so not sure when it happened exactly. I'm monk iksar 110 bertox.

    I suspect that for folks without custom UI's that show the pct, it just looks like it sits at 0 for a long time before gaining again.
  20. Imak Augur

    Parcel merchant in Overthere will not actually parcel anything out. Gives message about "not giving you any Bathezid Gems" for that item. Parcel tab is indeed present on the merchant window. Can type a player name into the field, but the Send button never becomes available.
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