Live Update Bugs 12/19/17

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  1. Bobsmith Augur

    So my pet "Bigbadbilly" has replicated himself into an npc inside the bar in pok. He has been hanging out there for a few days and is now spawning clones. Last I looked there were 3. Logging etc doesn't fix it. Personally I think it is super cool that EQ wants to immortalize my pet, but if he is gonna hang out in the bar shouldn't he be drunk and stammer on when hailed. Server is Bristle, come have an ale with Billy. :)
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  2. Gialana Augur

    This is not new, but I wasn't sure it was a repeatable bug until yesterday.

    Wizard is bound in Scorched Woods near the Chardok entrance. If wizard and group are in SW and the wizard casts teleport bind, the group is unable to zone into Chardok. When attempting to zone, characters receive a message about the zone not accepting characters, and the characters are sent to near the Lceanium zone line.

    If the group is not in SW when the wizard casts teleport bind, the group can zone into Chardok.

    I believe the same thing happens if the wizard just uses gate while already in SW. The difference between teleport bind/gate while in the same zone as the bind spot is of course that the zone loading process doesn't take place.

    I also believe that the group is able to zone into Lceanium after being refused entrance to Chardok. I'm not sure if I've ever tried running to SW before casting teleport bind for the first time or if I've first cast teleport bind, run off somewhere in SW and then cast teleport bind again to try to get into Chardok.
  3. Nilwean Lorekeeper

  4. newc322 New Member

    when i unsuspend my mercenary they have no merc aa exp, then it goes into the negative, then they stat to actually gain some, when i suspend a merc they lose all gained exp.
  5. Yinla Augur

    This is an old bug, first started in TSS, when I was bound at Ashengate, don't think they ever fixed it.
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  6. kizant Augur

    It's not perfect but it's good the way it is.
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  7. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    This reminds me of a very persistent bug on the former german server "Kael Drakkal" where tons of mounts from different players roamed through PoK, instead of the guards :) .
    Of course it happened those mounts replaced important quest NPCs too ...

    Ah, memories ...
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  8. Paladin Augur

    Spell: Ashen Skin

    "This spell also increases your mana regeneration rate by 0."

    Zero? Then why even mention mana regen?
  9. Febb Augur

    That spell increases mana regen by 17 per tick at rank 1. The in game description on the scroll itself is bugged.
  10. Paladin Augur

    The new Burst of Power AA's read in part, "...your triple attack skill cap by XXX points, and..."

    XXX being a 3 digit number (155 I currently see).

    Shouldn't this be 5 points or a percentage?
  11. Xinny Journeyman

    I skimmed through the tons of posts and did not see this possible bug listed. I apologize if it is a repeat.

    In Veeshan's Peak the collectable series:

    "Rocks and or Boulders" appears to be a ground spawn (judging by the description), but these are not spawning any where on the ground. Instead of those spawning we are getting ground spawns for the collection series "Dragonhunter's Folly" which also drop from mob kills.

    "Rocks and or Boulders" is not present on the ground or any mob in the zone and thus not able to complete.

  12. Gialana Augur

    In many AA descriptions, they now list the cumulative effect for purchasing the next rank. So you can see how much benefit the AA line is giving versus not having a single rank. But unless you've memorized what the previous rank said, you can't tell (in game) how much the next rank improves over your current rank.

    If you buy the next rank in your example, your triple attack cap, visible in the skills window, will be 155 points higher than if you had 0 ranks of Burst of Power. is a pretty good resource for finding out how much each rank of the AA contributes to that 155.
  13. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This one is fixed internally (Not by me, but I saw a note about it) It needs a normal patch (the emergency patch is code only, no data)
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  14. Laurana Journeyman

    Just to summarize a few posts about rewards:

    Rain of Fear rewards from achievements are not functioning for level 106+ players. We are greeted with blank reward windows:

  15. Qbert Augur

    I'm not sure if this qualifies as a bug, or is intended design. I tried searching but found no reference to this anywhere.

    For the last few expansions, there have been skill attack mods on at least one (but usually multiple) of the following items:

    • Shoulders = +Bash
    • Back = +Backstab (I think; I haven't seen this one in a while but I don't play a rogue)
    • Mask = +Frenzy
    • Neck = +Kick
    • Belt = +Flying Kick
    None of the modifiers are substantial, but as achieving the capped number of skill points is difficult in group gear (including all Void/Zeb +skill augments), I was perusing the group gear from RoS and found bash on no non-visible piece of group gear.

    Upon further review, it seems +Flying Kick mods are on most (if not all) of the belts, but the other modifiers are missing.
  16. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Could you point out some EoK items with this? (just to save me some time... I can find it. but. time!)....
  17. Trafthek Journeyman

    Arc Ore Mantle has +16 bash
    Spectral Ghoul Cloak has +20 backstab
  18. Qbert Augur

    Here is one of each from EoK, as requested. There are examples present in both tier 1 and 2 zones for group. Raid items have similar modifiers, with slightly higher values.

    Bash (7 group items):
    148126 [IMG] Arc Ore Mantle Bash 16 Mob: Orechomper in Frontier Mountains

    Backstab (6 group items):
    148380 [IMG] Spectral Ghoul Cloak Backstab 20 Mob: Sentry Rixzeel in Temple of Droga

    Frenzy (3 group items):
    148370 [IMG] Deathfang Vision Frenzy 20 Mob: Deathfang in Chardok

    Kick (5 group items):
    148372 [IMG] Midnight Captain Kick 16 Mob: Watch Captain Hir`roul in Chardok

    Flying Kick (5 group items):
    148391 [IMG] Glorious Belt of Darkness Flying_Kick 16 Mob: Royal Guard Kakator in Chardok
  19. Paladin Augur

    If this is the case, this makes no sense at all. You can only see what the next unpurchased level will gain you. So if you have 0 purchased, this is not the description you will see. /shrug
  20. Yinla Augur

    I hope we are not returning to the days of we cannot upgrade item X until we upgrade item Y because we would use focus Z.

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