Live Update Bugs 12/18/2018

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  1. doah Augur

    Food Supplies from Severilous in Field of Scale text says to gather 100lbs of flesh status shows 0/4 but you only need to give him 40lbs in 10lb increments.
  2. Raytan Elder

    I was working on the 'Trials of Mata Muram' AA. The MPG Subversion and Destruction tasks seem to be broken for me in the group MPG's. I have not tried the others yet. I, on three different characters, am able to get the tasks from the 'Projection of Tactics' and the 'Projection of Power', but once I enter the zones and hail the 'Master of Subversion'and the 'Master of Destruction', I get the standard (random) reply you get from merchants who won't sell to you. For example, "Is that your BREATH, or did something die in there? Now go away!" (A nice insult by the way) I've tried this with an Heroic character, one who has done the MPG before, one who has not done the MPG before, and all three together.

    None of these characters are on a lockout and I have been able to repeat the MPG's in the past, so I assume the MPG's are repeatable and broken. I haven't tried the other four yet, but may. Still, it seems odd the 'Projection' will let me get the task, but the 'Master' won't start it.

    Edit: No one I tried was invisible. As far as I know, faction isn't a problem for getting the trial started by the 'Master' of the above two trials, but at least one character has never been in the zone before, so faction shouldn't have been a problem.
  3. Brohg Augur

    Hraquis definitely water mobs. This one happens to be placeholder for Whispering Depths Sigh in Aalishai: Palace of Embers

    [Sun Jan 13 21:22:40 2019] Your faction standing with Servants of Mearatas has been adjusted by -3.
    [Sun Jan 13 21:22:40 2019] Your faction standing with Servants of Esianti has been adjusted by 3.
    [Sun Jan 13 21:22:40 2019] Your faction standing with Servants of Aalishai has been adjusted by 3.
    [Sun Jan 13 21:22:40 2019] Your faction standing with Servants of Loruella could not possibly get any better.
    [Sun Jan 13 21:22:40 2019] You have reached the AA point cap, and cannot gain any further experience until some of your stored AA point pool is used.
    [Sun Jan 13 21:22:40 2019] You gain party experience!
    [Sun Jan 13 21:22:40 2019] A hraquis surgelord's corpse falls to the ground making the sounds of tinkling bells.
    [Sun Jan 13 21:22:40 2019] A hraquis surgelord has been slain by Toegre!
  4. mehtsenob Augur

    I have done a bit of fishing. I have yet to catch a Primordial Lion Fish.
  5. Weetea New Member

    I have caught them, Primordial Lion Fish, in Aalishai

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  6. mehtsenob Augur

    In Trails of Smoke, Wending, if an ambassador drops a loot like a Radiance, advance looting does not seem to function. It appears the corpse poofs and the loot is left in the advance loot window, limbo style?
  7. Harthoon New Member

    Bard Slumber of Jembel Rank 2 Does not seem to be affected by the new TBL ranks of Domination mastery. I'm afraid I didn't test my other single target mez before/after, just that one. Were only some types of single-target mez affected by Domination mastery?

    None of the bard AA mez seem to be affected either, but I didn't expect those to be extended.

    Doh. I searched badly. I see it mentioned earlier. Apologies.
  8. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    I "Fused" two items with crystalized luck and got the message about the luck raising to 4. I linked the item and it actually had 2 luck. I zoned and the luck went to 0.

    It is still zero …. What is going on here?
  9. Qbert Augur

    If it was a charm, it will display 0 until you equip the charm and re-inspect.
  10. Nniki Augur

    Might be related to what's being fixed in this week's patch:
  11. svann Augur

    Enter Mearatas
    I think this task is buggy at the step where you talk to the Udex's. You are supposed to be finding which Udex is prepared to talk, but the Udex's are randomized in such a way that you can talk to them all and still not get a a proper answer. We talked to Udex First and Forsaken Mind and got the wrong response, so we talked to rounds and rounds of respawns and finally Udex First and Forsaken Mind came up again and gave the correct response.

    I suppose its possible he changed his mind and decided to talk, but I really dont think thats what was intended.
  12. CrazyLarth Augur

    had a weird thing last night

    EOK Raid Expedition: Prince Selrach Di`Zok

    We could not get the text to start the raid.
    not sure if it was a faction issue?
    Just did not see the text.

    but once we looked up the key words and used them it started the raid ok.
    be destroyed
  13. Soju Elder

    Not sure if this helps, but I noticed the same thing on an alt while killing in Guk. Was at "could not possibly get any worse" but clicking the faction to bring up the faction window showed indif with an empty bar.

  14. Hamnolia New Member

    Sorry, I was wrong on the cause. When it was noticed was always around the time I'd hit maximum kill on sight so that's where the idea came from.

    1. Open the faction window for the first time in your play session through one of the faction links given when your faction changes
    2. All factions in that expansion will display as indifferent briefly as they change to the appropriate faction levels
    3. Any faction in that expansion which is maximum negative will remain as showing indifferent

    They will remain as indifferent as long as the faction window isn't refreshed so opening it again with /faction will continue showing as indifferent but opening a new link or changing the expansion will make them display correctly.
    Increasing the faction with a +1 kill will make it display as scowling. Hitting maximum negative faction again does not return it to Indifferent. Other factions update normally with the window in this state.

    Logging out to character select and then back in resets any faction window refreshes you did so this can be easily reproduced.
  15. Lorewood Lorekeeper


    This is what is happening on zoning in to the instance not one mob aggravated or killed.
    with the Second picture the missions can be finished ...if the first you have to drop and reget.

  16. mehtsenob Augur

    RE: Preservation of Rodcet Rk. II (Paladin Self Buff Spell)

    This can proc "Preservation of Rodcet Effect II" that appears in the song window.

    The text on the effect reads, "Heals 3068 hit points initially. Heals 0 hit points every six seconds."

    Why it is a sort of 2-tic (12 second) Heal Over time when it does nothing after it lands initially? I am guessing the text is wrong. :)
  17. Febb Augur

    If it says 0 hit points every six seconds in game, then that's wrong. of Rodcet Effect II&class=Enchanter

    It's 2069 per tick.
  18. mehtsenob Augur

  19. Febb Augur

    3068 is the direct heal, there is a HoT heal attached to the same spell which is 2069 per tick.
  20. Nniki Augur

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