Live Update Bugs 12/12/17

Discussion in 'Test Update Notes and Bug Roundup' started by EQ Dev, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. Zinth Augur

    Using a shield was supposed to raise your softcap for AC by the amount of the shield, but why don't you get the AC from the shield + the aug but a much lower amount? does it or does it not raise the softcap from the shield+aug value?
  2. gotwar Augur

    The softcap AC values for levels 106-110 are identical to the softcap AC values for levels 101-105.

    Meaning that when you go from level 105-106, you actually lose AC, and don't "regain" that lost amount until 110. I tested this (on test) on my Enchanter (who was still 105) after noticing my AC go down on live after gaining a few levels.

    Unbuffed AC at 105 = 4203
    Unbuffed AC at 106 = 4165

    It's the same for all classes, but here's a snippet from the ACMitigation.txt file that highlights what I'm talking about.



    Is this working as intended, or a bug?
  3. Natal Augur

    I did not look at the values when my warrior leveled up, but what I DID notice is that mobs in Chardok were kicking my way harder after leveling than they were yesterday when I was 105. Something weird is going on. It should not be significantly harder to tank the same mobs at 106/107 than at 105, unless the mobs in Chardok were buffed up during the expansion.
  4. Kohnn Elder

    Cannot claim Hero rewards
  5. charla Journeyman

    Noticed 3 things on AB:
    1) my AC seems to have dropped at 106!
    2) Bazaar not working
    3) In OT last night killed a chokodai and got NO exp and the quest also didn't register the kill
  6. josh Augur

    when i am level 110 and i die i do not regain experience when i am rezzed
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  7. Dartaniun1 New Member

    This exact same thing happened to an sk i was grouping with tonight, gained 110, died, got rezzed, and stayed at 92% in 109 after rez. Happened more then once.
  8. Siny Augur

    Note this also includes the combines for Here or Over There ? Crestas first TS quest. I have checked the logfile and although the task updated when I asked how to make a simple earring, there was no message to say that it had been learnt. So you somehow have to allow us to go thru the dialog again so we actually get to learn the recipe.
  9. Feznik Elder

    Whenever the merchant window is opened up and used to open a trader's inventory in bazaar, after you purchase an item, it keeps scrolling to the top of the merchant window UI list. This is rather annoying.

    I can confirm this does not occur with NPC merchannts which is how it should function. Its occuring with player character traders in bazaar though.
  10. Snowman00 New Member

    Logging into the game after patch, I discovered my character had been deleted and then restored from a back up a week prior;
    - I lost my 40 slot ROS bag (claimed a few hours before patch)
    - I lost 15-20% exp
    - I lost 400+ aa

    Ticket (#483540)
  11. Kohnn Elder

    What I meant to say was, cannot claim Hero Rewards/AAs if your already at 40/50. Someone in group who was able to claim theirs was 20/40
  12. Kohnn Elder

    Note* I do have all progression done to request the Fell Foliage mission as well. But when you say the trigger word to zone in, it just kicks you to the other side of zone
  13. Asmadeus Journeyman

    I can confirm the Overthere Hero task "Fell foliage" won't let me zone in instance,at least on AB server -- I get told "You do not meet the requirements for entering The Overthere 14492.".
    Also dz window shows up to 54 players so might be triggering the wrong instance?

    I'm done with partisans and mercenaries in OT, but do not have eok raid t3 flags... maybe that's required for group tasks :D

    (I'm actually more upset by TS stuff though, practically done with OT and moving on to another zone, got all the TS drops, but I can't combine to grab the next zone's task so will have to do it all over again later when it's practically free if done as intended...)
  14. NotSkrem New Member

    Beastlords (phinigel)

    roundkick + feral swipe AA = less dps than regular kick.

    tested on grey mobs in lavastorm (no crits)
    kick damage = 114-329 :: average hit equaled in 231
    roundkick + FS = 37-310 with average hits equaling to 127

    Give a refund for the feral swipe AA or adjust the damage please. Spending 9 AA for a DPS ability should provide a increase, not a decrease.
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  15. Jora New Member

    The following Magician spells show with the description "Unknown DB String" and with a number for example 56934-6. All of the spells are level 106.

    Bolt of Skyfire
    Volley of Sand
    Burnout XIII
    Embodiment of Air
    Inferno Coat
    Grant Wirn's Plate
    Grant Ioulin's Heirlooms.

    Please fix and thank you.
  16. Shimmerleaf Augur

    This bounce to top of merchant screen is also happening on merchants all over PoK, only place I shopped
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  17. AB_H'Sishi Augur

    Sry, should have mentioned the page as well. Page 3, Line 3: "by using aa grade ingredients", not mentioning "Distilled Grade AA".
    I forgot to mention the vials on this page are also named "Sculpted" ("Sculptured" on vendor).
    You were slightly angry because of the encoding of this specific book after I mentioned that in the Beta thread.
  18. corwin Journeyman

    I am unable to summon L106 mage pet.

    Get the message , "you summon an elemental minion of pure air" , but no pet appears.

    Tried casting with EM16 , 13 and no EM.

    Other people on AB have also reported this.
  19. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Could you clarify which expansions F2P and/or Silver accounts should have access to? Some of mine show 21 of 24 some show different. None have purchased any expansions. Is this a bug or what should it show? We need clarification on this because there are too many rumors and other misinformation from EQ 2 floating around.
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  20. Jora New Member

    I could not find the spell "Monster Summoning XII" on the vendor in The Overthere. This is level 110 spells.

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