Live Update Bugs 12/12/17

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  1. Fanra

    The Gorowyn Translocator Lantern actually works and looks quite good, once you figure out how to place it.

    By shortening the cable, I'm guessing you mean where it shows up by default? Yes, it did show up touching the ground. I'm not sure how it can be fixed, but I appreciate your response. I finally worked it out fine for me with the suggestions of others, but I can't speak for anyone else.

  2. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    The Tradeskill tag is only an informational tag, It has no actual in game effect EXCEPT it is used to see what can fit in storage bags set to only allow tradeskill items. This is NOT the same as a tradeskill combine container. A Container can only have one "type" and all combine containers allow any item that fits by size.
    I got no reports of this combine failing on Beta. Please confirm that you are doing it correctly.
  3. Droladek New Member

    You cant enter the HA at Gribble after the patch today,it wont let you in.

  4. DINGDONGwitchisdead New Member

    Spirit of Wood and Peaceful Spirit of Wood should be TGBable, it is no longer able to be cast on other groups. This AA ability is MGBable, which should exclude it from this nerf that was meant to affect melee discs.

    "- The majority of activated AA abilities that buff your group can no longer be cast on your target's group using /TGB, with the following exceptions: Group Perfected Levitation, Flight of Eagles, Perfected Dead Men Floating, Communion of the Cheetah, and Talisman of Celerity I. This change does not impact which abilities can be modified by Mass Group Buff."
  5. Eckish Lorekeeper

    The expansion website describes the cockatrice mount as providing 650ac and the baleful wyvern as having 775ac. Neither mount currently lives up to those promises.
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    AC from a spell is a formula. The spells are set to do the number we say, then it goes through formulas that depend on your race, class, level, gear, and AA's I.E. It's working as all of the spells that grant AC work (compare it to the EoK mounts that say 650 AC and give exactly the same as the Cockatrice.)
  7. Deillusional Augur

    Instances are not working on AB.
  8. Mr. Froo Developer

    Thank you for making us aware. Currently looking into this issue.
  9. Eckish Lorekeeper

    Can you expound on this further?

    Using the Wyvern, the mount gives Mount Blessing Taza. The website says 775 'armor'. The ingame description says 68ac. My change in displayed ac is 67ac. I'm fine with a little black magic adjustment that happens, but 67 ac gain is not nearly as significant as I was expecting with an advertised 775 gain.
  10. strongbus Augur

    i can on bert np
  11. Darallan Elder

    This. Since Feral Swipe is now a passive attached to Round Kick, having just plain jane Kick do more damage is pretty disheartening for an invested AA ability.
  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Lilke I said, it's based on your race (Iksar have some special), class (Different classes have different AC soft cap values and the amount gained after the soft cap), Level (Your soft cap changed over levels), Gear can push you further into your soft cap, and AA's can adjust your soft cap. (And there even may be some buffs that do this?)
  13. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Im not sure if it is supposed to be that way, but TDS-zones that were locked behind progression are still locked.

    I was under the impression that locked zones that were "4 expansions old" would be unlocked.

    Im a big slacker who has yet to complete TDS, and I expected I could just waltz through all the TDS zones today and increase my journeyman compass. :p

    Also level 106 wizard-spell Aegis of the arcron(rk1) has an "unknown DB-string" as its description.
  14. Eckish Lorekeeper

    Sorry to keep going on this, but it still feels off.

    106 Iksar Warrior.
    With Surety Rk II - Spell Data says 440ac - Effective visible change is 116ac.
    With Stout Defense Rk II - Spell Data says 1322 - Effective visible change is 386ac.

    I would expect spell data of 775 ac to fall between there, but I'm still getting 67 ac with or without those buffs on. I do notice that the spell data seems to be coded differently. The parsing site lists the two spell examples as "Increase AC by X", where the Mount Bless Taza is just parsed as AC_2(775), presumably because the parser doesn't know what that value means.
  15. Kolani Augur

    T1 Armor Combines do not work. Attempting to combine the Selrach piece and subsumption in the facet gives you the message that you cannot combine these items in this container type.
  16. Shimmerleaf Augur

    Conflagrant fish scales on Bertox

    Overthere threadfin and scaler in tackle box does not work
    Overthere threadfin and scaler in fly making bench does not work
    Timorous deep toothfish and scaler in tackle box does not work
    Timorous deep toothfish and scaler in fly making bench does not work.

    cannot combine these items in this container type.

    It was working on beta, I even managed to make a conflagrant cloak of security.

    I triple checked to be sure I had a scaler and not a file =)

    Thank you Ngreth for your time on this.
  17. Natal Augur

    A few patches ago they changed the way AC was displayed on your character, so now what is shown is effective mitigation and avoidance. They are just numbers. The original way of displaying AC is still used in spells and gear however, so trying to use one system to draw conclusions about the other is an error on your part. They don't mean the same things.
  18. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    It looks like the majority of tradeskill combines did not make it live. We are looking into how to get them live. This includes the Armor upgrade combines, and the fish scales (and most combines for Ring of Scale)
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  19. Kharnstone New Member

    I grabbed the premium edition of RoS and the Bridle of the Balefire Wyvern looks great. My concern is that model takes up a huge portion of the screen and when you run the wings make the screen flash like a strobe light. Someone honestly might get a seizure.

    I had two thoughts on the matter that could be suitable solutions:

    1) Maybe scale the animation speed back, for example standing animation speed reduced by 25% and movement animation speed by 50%. Of course, we dont want to reduce the actual mount movement speed.

    2) Allow the native camera to zoom out a little further. This seems to be a common theme throughout forum history (maybe its unchanged for good reason) but if you could zoom out you definitely wouldn't get as much spastic flashing with the wings haha. (Im aware of F9 functionality and it simply doesnt handle in a manner that most are accustomed to in the many years since it was designed)

    Hopefully there's something that can be done its a major drawback, if it wasn't for the stats I wouldn't use it at all.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can lend.
  20. Prathun Developer

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