Live Update Bugs 01/24/17

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  1. moogs Augur

    Thanks. As I said, I did the mission just last week and it was fine. Took a different group of guildmates and it failed twice in a row. I don't get it.
  2. Kaenneth Augur

    If you get a kill shot while pseudo-feared, like with a DOT, it breaks the mission.
  3. xukil of luclin Journeyman

    Incredibly minor but when I zone out with wood elf illusion or dark elf illusion on my froglok characters that has persistent illusion they come out on the otherside bald. Have to reapply the illusion to restore their hair kind of defeating the purpose of the aa.

    Also wish list item: ogre sk no matter what is bald with wood elf or dark elf illusion. There was a time when you could /facepick in illusion form and it would retain the settings.
  4. Fanra Augur

    That is being tracked by EQ-159 Quest Journal Bleed Through

    Thank you for reporting the bug is still an issue.

    If you wish to vote for the bug to get a higher priority to be fixed, you can login (or create an account) at the Daybreak Community Issue Tracker.

    The Daybreak Community Issue Tracker is a community run site. Do NOT use the same user name or password there that you use for EQ (Daybreak services / games / forums).
  5. Hludwolf Developer

    Please remember that the live update bugs threads are for reporting new bugs with their specific update and how to reproduce them. All old bugs and discussion should be held elsewhere. Thanks!
  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I cannot reproduce this. What is your class, what are you wearing in all slots (I don't need augs) a magello link to your character is fine.
  7. Ranonman Lorekeeper

    Jailor's Halls (Chardok) Achievement - Masterwork Shackle Key. I think this item is missing from spawning shinies in Chardok. I've been trying to check shinies there everyday. Can anyone confirm that you got key after recent patch?
  8. Kiras Elder

    Anashti'Sul Enslaver of Souls group version's poison blast is broken somehow. It's doing insane damage despite having the whole group together. I speculate that it's using the raid version instead of the group version of the spell.
  9. moogs Augur

  10. svann Augur

    The 1st 3 merc quest names in the achievement window are the same for chardok and labs. I think labs is wrong. Quests are
    Clearing Loose Fodder
    Friends of the Enemy
    Sowing Confusion
    Makes it hard to know what you need to complete labs merc.
  11. moogs Augur

    I reproduced this. Second time today out of perhaps 15 kills. I didn't attack the girplans. I used proximity aggro to pull them down the stairs (Wall of Slaughter) and my caster mercenary killed them on Balanced setting.
  12. Brudal Augur

    Mobs turning into treants are expected from

    Unless your pictures are trying to document another issue.
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  13. moogs Augur

  14. Grig-zek New Member

    Awesome! Thank you for looking into and finding the bug.
  15. GrimShadow New Member

    Mobs in Shards landing with the prefix Arena in there name. (Arena Guard, Arena Sentry, ETC.) Wont let you use a bow or any kinda physical range item on them. (Like throwing knives, bow and Arrows. Sorry haven't tested others sorry.) Not sure if this has been reported or not but figured id pass it along. if not a bug please just pm me and remove post thanks.

    Post that in test bugs sorry i got confused.

    Using a war with a TBM bow. Ethereal arrows from summons.
  16. chronicler Augur

    Spell filters.
    DoT: When you have Group, then you only see dot for Group, but you do not see your own dots.
    You also do not see triggers when beastlord VA triggers.

    Now in Window, when you have spells, others, it does not go to the window you choose, it stay in window where your own spell damage is
    So cannot split those up.
  17. Bigstomp Augur

    They worked for me. They do hide behind a little wall. Maybe LoS?
  18. Dreddnaught New Member

    Unending crashing to desktop still ongoing on Phinigel. It began when we entered plane of time and has not stopped since. Every time I zone or the DZ gets updated with a lockout timer I had a 1/10 chance of crashing. In time the other night I crashed a total of 10 times. Almost all of those were exclusive to Phase 3 time, each time a boss of the wave would die myself and many others in the raid would crash. Fast forward to today and every single time I zone I crash to desktop, even opening guild tool window, dz window or raid window seems to have a random chance to crash to desktop. Within 20 minutes I had crashed 7+ times and no longer find any desire to log in. Please let the community know when you decide to fix this issue. I am sure it has something to do with the DZ lockouts, and more specifically the incompatibility of the AoC lockouts on Phinigel mixed with the built in lockouts for plane of time.

    Intel i5-3570k CPU 3.4GHz
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650
    Reso 1920x1080 60hz Windowed mode EQ
    16 GIG Ram
    ST2000DM001-1-CH164 ATA HD

    Thank you.

  19. Ryak Augur

    There are some Planes of Power spells which are clearly documented to have originally been vendor sold which are missing on Phinigel now that Planes of Power has released. Since the vendors are not in game, and they cannot be gotten via spectral parchments or research, there is literally no way to get the following spells at this time:

    Cleric: Supernal Remedy - - Date Added to Lucy 9-26-2002
    Druid: Replenishment - - Date Added to Lucy 9-26-2002
    Necromancer: Dark Plague - - Date Added to Lucy 9-26-2002
    Shaman: Replenishment - - Date Added to Lucy 9-26-2002
    Wizard: Lure of Thunder - - Date Added to Lucy 9-26-2002

    Unfortunately since the server just released this expansion, I am unable to verify if this bug was just introduced.
  20. Utdaan Augur

    The boat at the dock in Stonebrunt Mountains where you port in from Gulf of Gunthak is missing on Phinigel. The boat is supposed to have the port back to Gulf of Gunthak.

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