Lets see your UI's.

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  1. Fixit Felix New Member

    I'm new to live and still figuring things out. But this is what I'm working with so far:

  2. KrugganEQ New Member

    Zvenn - mind sharing what UI or UI components you used here? I particularly like what you did in the bottom center area. THanks!
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  3. Voxynn Elder

    Zvenn has the best looking ui ive seen so far. Pretty badass hah
  4. svann Augur

    Thanks for the fix, but I just gotta say thats so weird that I needed to add an i to the link they gave me. How did they expect me to know that? Oh well, maybe there were instructions somewhere I was supposed to read.
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  5. Crystilla Augur

    First of all, Drakah, yours was the first, second and 3rd custom UI I ever used (and I'm almost at 19 years played) - so thank you for the dedication!

    Second, here's mine. It's congested I know, but my brain processes text in a unique way (which is why I need all my chat boxes visible for things I have to look at; tabs don't work for me). I do make some tweaks now and then, but this is a fresh screenshot.

    Third - if anyone has a custom UI piece that shows target's target's target, as a cleric, I would love it. Had one at one time and then system crash/backup issues took it from me. (So if I'm targeting tank A, and tank A is targeting Mob B, I want this window to show me what mob B's target has on target).


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  6. Nniki Augur

    The 'i' isn't important. It's the extension (.jpg in your case) that's required for the forum to recognize it as an image to embed. Without the extension, the link is to the imgur "post" rather than the image itself.

    When using imgur, copy the "Direct Link", not the "Image Link"... or even easier, you can copy the "BBCode" and skip the insert/edit image button step.

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  7. Zvenn Just an old monk

    sure no worries :)

    target ring -Celtic Dragon Target Rings

    buff/song window version, i started on a different one and just modified but this is the closest i can find to it - Buff & Bard Buff Windows with Labels - OOW

    group window i started with and modified to fit my needs - Advanced Group Window LOY.zip

    player window that looks like mystix has an updated version, i started on an older version of it and just modified it to fit my needs...also has caster and hybrid windows - Mystiix's Player Window - v9.0 (Straight Melee)

    extended target window, just modified to shrink the spacing down more - Simple Stice Sizeable ET window

    target window i started with and modified to fit my needs- Takus Target Window

    chat windows and such are just modified default to remove the title bar's (really dont need titles with tabs)
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  8. Sigpaos New Member

    Using SparxxUI. The blank area on the left is for the spell bar on my casters.
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  9. Darchon_Xegony Augur

  10. kizant Augur

    I stick with default UI because I'm too lazy to fix issues whenever something breaks. But I did just re-organize mine in the last few days and removed a bunch of stuff I don't use often.

    Also, viewport distorted things a little too much for how I wanted to use it so I'm only using it a very little bit so I see just a little more of the screen than I would have otherwise.

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  11. kizant Augur

    I guess I could set viewport on the bottom to account for what I'm taking off on the right hmmm.
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  12. CazRaX Elder

    Your map window, I need that! What UI are you using?
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  13. MyShadower New Member Adjacent

    It is SparxxUI with a few changes. I'm not sure how different the map window is from the default..
  14. CazRaX Elder

  15. Jeraldo Rivera New Member

    Mine is crooked and wonky, and not really efficient at all, but after using for all these years I have a hard time when I try using others.
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  16. SmoochyOfWolfington Augur

    That is beautiful! ^^!
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  17. Dedah New Member

    Love the decreasing sized hotbars and the clean looking chat window setup.
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  18. Zvenn Just an old monk

  19. Zapford Elder

  20. minimind The Village Idiot

    Wow. What resolution are you running?