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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Jennre, May 20, 2020.

  1. Venedar Lorekeeper

    Totally agree. Thanks for good communication so we know what's going on. Makes it much easier to wait!
  2. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Some in this thread need to seriously chill. If they get this worked up over a a little down time what does RL do to them?
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  3. Drencrom Journeyman

    RL? Haha do you even remember what your family looks like Cor? You play 120 hours a week.
  4. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    LOL you have me confused with someone else.
  5. mossypelt Journeyman

    I honestly don't feel EQ is worth the premium subscription price anymore for me at least, but that's a personal choice. Each to their own.
  6. Kalabourene New Member

    I am very happy with the game, and I am very happy with how the updates to the down time were handled.

    Sure i REALLY wanted to play when I could not for what seemed to me to be an extraordinary amount of time. But I am just some playing a 20 year old game poorly, not a software engineer, programmer, etc that worked what looks like at least a 12 hour day yesterday.
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  7. Zamiam Augur

    well im getting real tired of their "scheduled downtimes" Ive been a paying customer off and on for the last 21 years on 10+ accounts ..

    If I dont see something posted by the Dev team letting us know that we will be reimbursed for all this downtime ( and I'm not talking about the bonus xp for memorial weekend, if we even get it) but something on top of that .. then I will not be paying for my accounts anymore I will go full on free to play and just box (like i do anyways) a caster team that can handle 85% of group content or i'll switch over to test ..
    this is getting ridiculous ..
    im done Dev's .. you wont be getting anymore cash from me until I hear back from you ..
  8. Jhenna_BB Augur

    You've played for 21 years and yet you still demand your time back? If it's never happened before, why do you want it now?

    I'm sorry, but these are not your own personal servers for you to pay on and off for for 21 years, they just aren't. There were very important things in this patch that were great for many players - those on the newly merged servers most of all. Other MMO's have 24 hour down times from time to time - they probably all do. It's just the nature of keeping games working, servers patched, hardware upgrades, all of that.

    Find a book to read, play other games, go for a walk, binge watch a show you aren't watching because you play too much EQ. There's more to do in life than play EQ. You don't ever need a day or two away from the game? Ever...? I found the time refreshing to be perfectly honest. I'm sure a lot of players did.
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  9. Magneress Elder

    Here's to hoping and praying for a few more years of EQ live. Honestly, there is so much content here, its 27 games and it would be a shame to lose them all one day.

    That said, it's a luxury from where I am standing. At least I can afford to help out the developers who care passionately about this game with a sub. And a ...

    Thank you!

    Because seriously customer service and IT work is a thankless job everyone likes to stereotype as some kind of unglamorous industry left to the grunts.

    It's not, it's beautiful and it shines through when the game is still up after 21 years. And that last night wasn't the 'last night'.
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  10. Zamiam Augur

    either you dont remember or you have not played very long .. back in the day if there were pro-longed downtimes Sony used to give us bonus xp weekends all the time or marketplace discounts or double station cash weekends also credited accounts with 1 - 3 days of playtime added on to our membership
    ever sense Daybreak took over and of course the game being up and running for 21 years they feel its running on autopilot and they have their players that will pay for this game no matter what ..

    and of course if no one stands up to them , then they will continue to treat us like crap .. like i said above im done .. they wont get a penny /copper more from me until the resolve this issue . whether its an issue for others idc its an issue with me .. my own personal choice .. its my opinion . but this wallet has closed shop .. im not jumping ship just closing my wallet..

    the balls in their court now .. !!
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  11. Caio_Xegony Journeyman

    yes thank you very much for your update! I took the 2 days to teach my wife how to play magic : the gathering, and catch up on some yard work :)
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  12. Wulfhere Augur

    Thanks for the new servers. Already seeing more responsive UI and database accesses to bank, vendors, parcels, instances, have returned to their old quickness. Hopefully this will help on raids too.
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  13. Cadira Augur

    Yeah man. Gotta teach that woman to catch up on that yard work!

    Serious note, I feel like these threads are just "like" farms.

    You got three kinds of people:
    The jacka$$es who forget they agreed to the Eula and think they are entitled to 0 down time. They get likes from half the pop that agrees.
    The jacka$$es who point those jacka$$es out. They get likes from that half that agrees.
    Lastly there's the white knights that defend dpg on their hard work and try to find neutral ground for everyone, farming some likes from both sides or w/e.

    It's pathetic. And as per usual, nothing changes. Just a pointless vicious cycle.

    Oh, btw, like this post for no particular reason while you're here.
  14. Magneress Elder

    got to farm likes when u cant farm krono
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  15. Revan41686 New Member

    Xyphen, the game is now free yes. Have you tried playing from level 1 to 110 without spending a single penny on the game and without gearing yourself/power leveling? I bet you haven't because as soon as you try it you will no longer feel the game is truly free and accessible. I have an account i pay for for my main toon and i have created a FTP one to have a box. Before i could PL i tried to level it up on my own and it was damn near impossible with crap gear, a crap merc, 250 AA cap and no one to level with because lower level population doesn't exist.

    Don't go defending them for the sake of getting a post in. I can't speak to their profits nor do i care really. Business decisions and the consequences are theirs and right now most people just want to know if they will be compensated for their money they are spending.

    I mean think about it this way. Sure we are paying for additional features and you are right the game is free to play. But what happens when everyone stops paying cause they arn't gettingg to use the extra features they are paying for?
  16. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    I try to farm likes in all three categories.

    Also, like this post for my reply to the pointless post pointing out the pointlessness of the pointless posts responding to the original pointless post.
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  17. Xyphen Augur

    I'm not defending them for any sake other than the belief that it's unreasonable to expect perfection from technology or compensation from the firms that operate it. In fact, I'm often more critical of their issues than I am supportive. My perspective is as that works in this field.

    Here's a short list of companies that have downtime, sometimes extended, and don't compensate:
    • TimeWarner Cable
    • Blizzard
    • Goldman Sachs
    • Morgan Stanley
    • <My employer> (who probably manages 95% of everyone's retirement fund on these forums)
    • Amazon
    • Uber + UberEATs
    • Lyft
    • Cloudspace
    • USA.gov
    • Apple iTunes
    • Ad-tech service firms (Kargo, Adwords, etc)
    EverQuest being down for a couple days maybe "costs" you a couple bucks. Those aforementioned companies being down can cost folks thousands or millions of dollars. All of these companies have multiples over multiples more capital and resources than DPG. The correlation between required resources is exponential, not linear, to technology resiliency.

    So going back; expecting this so-called "level of service" as if you're dealing with Joe's Vacuum Shop is completely and utterly nonsensical.
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  18. Xyphen Augur

    Lets not forget those cool "meta" kids that post completely off-topic to fish likes from the other cool "meta" kids.
  19. Magneress Elder

    this post made me dizzy I am not even going to like it.
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  20. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    This post completes the circle.

    Thanks Dreamweaver!

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