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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Jennre, May 20, 2020.

  1. bucktoof Journeyman

    "perfect update" what ??

    the fact that normal servers have any connection whatsoever to the TLP's that they're merging because they're so unpopular now is problem #1. Each server can be (and should be) independent in its database structure. Things that cross servers like transfers or even sending tells back and forth simply go through a handshaking system and they pass or fail according to criteria. We (as in live server population) should not be having any additional downtime as a result of problems with merging TLP's together. If that it so, something is very very wrong with the main programming and structure of EQ itself smh. Please don't call that update perfect ever again. Sure its nice to see feedback but how about getting it all right in the first place at the higher level. Test is clearly independent of all the other servers so they CAN do it. In fact its absurd for each server to not have the ability to be up or down at any given moment without any reliance on a different server. Keep TLP's completely separate off on their own little island where they belong.
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  2. minimind Augur

    What they think they have paid for.

    I've been paying for Verant/SOE/Daybreak/Darkpaw games for a very long time. At no point have I ever been guaranteed flawless patches or 100% uptime. Instead, we've been told time and time again that there is downtime, it's not always predictable, and the duration of downtime isn't always known. And I keep paying and playing.

    I wish I could play tonight, but I can't. Oh well. I'll play when the servers are back up.
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  3. Dracolindus Journeyman

    The scope of this downtime, merging servers and a major patch is a pretty monumental task. I applaud the communication and explanation. If I have any complaint, it would be that perhaps they could have merged servers last week, then ran the patch this week.
    The overall down time may have been the same cumulatively, but breaking it up into increments might have made it less painful to swallow.
    They may have had a perfectly good reason for doing them together that I am unaware of as well, but for this game to keep running, things like this are inevitable.
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  4. Jennre Elder

    Not only would that be slower (introducing new web services to manage that handshake), it would be an addition to the OPS and Deployment nightmare, and add even more to the time it takes to patch. Databases take a long time to patch, its just how they are. More cores = more time, potential failure points, OS patching failures, DB Updates, Software/IPAC patching, Security Updates, etc.

    Creating more environments = more Dev time dedicated to reinventing something that is already currently working fine. Personally, I would rather they work on new/updated content.

    As to this ...
    I'll do what I want. My opinion stands. The communication was what I was giving kudos for, not the technical issues.
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  5. Celephane Augur

    You've seriously been an a** today. You should consider taking your meds
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  6. cadres Elder

    I wish I could have that dinner I paid for in advance at that restaurant, but they are closed without warning. They won't refund me, but I can book and pay in advance again another day and I may, or may not, get a meal then. Tonight I'll just eat the stale bread in my larder instead of the sumptuous meal I paid for. It's lovely that they're doing their best to get the restaurant going

    I Still. Don't Get It.
    No-one would say that about a restaurant. Why a game?
  7. Cuuthbert Elder

    Umm Xanax anyone?
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  8. Celephane Augur

    What restaurant do you pay 30 days at a time? If you did and had to miss a day, I guess you'd complain, of course, but really 1/30 meals wasn't all that bad to miss, you were looking fluffy anyway
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  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Thanks for the update Dreamweaver!
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  10. Buster_Shruggs Augur

    The 'stale bread in my larder" line cracked me up. :D
  11. cadres Elder

    My fluffy butt has missed 2 EQ days now (UK)
    The first, OK, we had notice, don't like it but can live with it
    The second, less so - especially given the frequency of similar problems this year (alone)

    Maybe the restaurant analogy doesn't fit perfectly, it was just a response to a particular post. If I paid for, say, an anti-virus protection that wasn't available 2/30 days; or a gym, or a home alarm, or.... I'd be expecting a refund. I wouldn't just say 'oh well, I've paid for this, but I'll stand here for 2 days and watch for burglars myself instead of being able to rely on the security system I paid for'
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  12. Celephane Augur

    better analogies
  13. Herodotus Elder

    Indeed. If your anti-virus protection is down you could be hacked, lose data, be out large amounts of cash to recover said data etc. If the game is down you miss out on enjoyment. Not a remotely fair comparison. Let's say you miss out on 48 hours of possible play time. That's $1.00 lost from the typical $15.00/month subscription. Keeping in mind the fact that they do not promise to have EQ available 24/7 it is at most an inconvenience.

    From a public relations standpoint it might behoove the powers that be who run this very much alive game to offer something. But that is up to them. What is up to us to decide to keep playing or not. Given the low cost of the service, I will choose to keep playing.
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  14. Barton Augur

    No imo only when they don't receive what they paid for not what they think they paid for.

    I also have been paying for Everquest for a very long time, and yes there is no guarantee of 100% uptime. I won't speak for others but in my opinion there is a point when downtime passes from an acceptable amount for regular updates scheduled maintenance, etc, and a time when downtime, and other issues become unacceptable because the company refuses to spend the time and or money to fix those issues. If you don't feel that way that is fine. I am not saying this is or is not one of those times. I think what they are doing right now needs to be done even if it takes 3 days.

    As i said in my first post I may not be happy about the current downtime but I am ok with it, as I think this needs to be done so that future mergers can be made, "hopefully" with less issues.

    I do however empathize with those who are upset about the current downtime, extended previous downtime lately, and server issues that seem to be an ongoing problem.
    EDITED: misspelled some things whoops.
  15. Odiiusx Elder

    By my calculations, you have lost 0 play time thus far being an "All Access" member. All of their other games have been up this whole time. Sorry that one game in their list of games offered for the low price of $15 a month is down?
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  16. cadres Elder

    Those of us outside the USA pay a lot more for our subs. And most have more than one account - I've got 4 - so it's not a trivial amount of money.
    It's immaterial whether you think my subscription to x is more worthy than my sub to y. If I pay for something, I expect to get it. That's my point. People kick off if they pay for 'whatever' and they don't get it. I don't see why an online game should be any different
  17. Cuuthbert Elder

    and I have 6 subs oh my life is harsh I will repost this vid just for you

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  18. dreamweaver Community Manager

    I appreciate your dedication to this, I wanted you to know that.
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  19. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    that's more appreciation than he's gotten on raids.... someone should remind him that he has buttons, and he needs to press them goodly =P
  20. cadres Elder

    I don't play other games. I didn't ask for them, they just got added somewhere along the line. I don't have time to play other games - I play EQ.
    Quite apart from subs in other countries being much more expensive; you're not smoothing the cost of expensions etc over the year - it works out something over £60UKP per month - the same as membership of a mid-up market gym. You think gym-goers would be happy to arrive and be told they could not use the facilities for 2 days with no recompense?

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