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  1. barky New Member

    "You have been Disconected" super fun!
  2. Kitieyes New Member

    Our household was watching our son be a tester for this new game ... Everquest. We would sit and watch him play, it was fantastic to us. He let us create a character, only to sit back and laugh as us as we got our butts kicked by the Orc. We ended up having accounts, I was High Elf Mage and husband was Wood Elf Druid, we all started new in Felwithe and Kelethin, and fighting the Orc in Crushbone. Our son liked the Dark Elf, he was over in Neriak. We were shocked one day when a Gnome appeared, we had not seen one before, and he was in a guild, which we joined. It took awhile but we worked our way to the BOAT and taking that long ride to Freeport. We fell through the bottom of that boat so many times, that was the big bug back then. Our son had worked his way to Freeport, and we all got together and explored the lands together ... leveling up as high as we could go, until the next expansion and higher levels. It was a blast, we were hooked for what feels like life ... and enjoy it now.
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  3. Questoften32 Augur

    Good sort of people, thank you for your story.
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