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  1. RadarX Community Relations

    It's hard to believe that eighteen years ago, EverQuest was getting ready to launch! Help us celebrate this year by sharing screenshots of what you love about the game. Post images of your character, your favorite zone, or any exciting moment and tell us your story!
  2. Meneltel_Tormtor New Member

    First time I went to Najena, I was lvl 15 necromancer. I stepped thru the zone to see a group fighting a funny cone thing with tentacles. I laughed when the top of its head tipped back to reveal teeth. Was sooo funny looking, so I jumped in to help. The next thing I know, I am flying backwards and got knocked into the zoneline so I zone. Since I was on dialup then, took me about a minute to zone thru and then zone back in. I found the dead bodies of the group but no weird funny looking knockbacking... thing. I left the zone and didn't go back for a LONG time. That thing scared me!
  3. Beechwoodgrey Augur

    My absolute favorite thing about EQ is the freedom to create what we will.[IMG]
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  4. Stephen Journeyman

    My story is this:

    A LONG time ago, i was a subscriber to PC Gamer magazine, and looked forward to the free demo's on the DVD supplied. Then 1 issue, i got this weird disk with a game on it called 'Everquest'. It said it was an online game, and since i never played online before and it was free for 15 days, i gave it a try.

    Damn disk should have been covered in warnings about how addictive it was.......since then i've had the everquest virus and cant shake it off ( Not that i really wanted too ). Even when i left, the lure of beating rats, bunnies and dragons drove me back and here i am, still playing and loving as much as i did that first time i played.

    Question.......Is it wrong to have the Everquest theme tune as my phone ringtone? Who cares... i have it.
  5. HeatherPurrs Augur

    In1998 I stumbled upon a beta I don't think it was alpha... I've had many arguments over what that testing was called when the invitations were going out. I really believe at the time those invites weren't automated but where hand typed and some of each email was copy paste but some had to of been hand typed. A big hats off to the folks that typed those emails! I was one of your first 5k players. So many good memories for me. So many. What many would consider irrational, "Wait, you enjoyed that?" "Yes, yes I did. I just didn't know it at the time."

    I remember when the use of the word upon was debated. I remember when Shamen and alchemy was limited to one skill point and how it was resolved. I remember when that "virus" was part of a patch. I remember when a "hacker" was not only not banned but was actually hired.. I remember when Paladins had dual wield. I remember staying awake for 58 hours waiting in line for Journeyman's boots... My personality just loved "complaining" and pointing out the injustice of it all so much about anything deemed worthy. I am very competitive and dislike authority figures and perceived injustices... And yet, here I am. ;)
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  6. Houpahi New Member

    I remember first playing this game in 1999. A co-worker told me about it. I made a character on the server he was on. I remember going out of your home city...and because my race was high elf paladin, I could NOT see at night. Even though you had a light source, it was still dark. I remember going to Kelethin and going up the elevator, and then falling off the bridge. I spent about an hour looking for my corpse, and when I saw a skeleton or orc it gave me goosebumps. Without your light source, all your gear, it was still on was terrifying in those learning stages, there were no tutorials, no places to get buffed.Then graduating up to Orc Hill, and then trying to find a group, and getting overrun by orcs. And then Crushbone, where more people but more "DVINN to ZONE" I have never had a game that gave me goosebumps like that before. Or falling off the boat and drowning, and not being able to find your corpse. Or actually having to use the weapons and armor you got off the mobs you killed, not player made or bought from a bazaar. Ah the memories...and here we are 18 years later and still playing!
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  7. Lygolan New Member

    I started playing EQ the day it came out in 1999. My twin girls were born that summer and I have a picture of me bottle feeding one of them with the EQ spellbook in the background - remember the days where you had to have your book open to meditate? Well, I played for several years, took several years off as life became more busy. Several years ago, I introduced my daughters to EQ and we played as a family. Life, again, got busy and we fell away from it. A year ago, we picked it back up and have been playing several times a week. There are five of us + a merc Paladin, Druid, Enchanter, Cleric and Rogue. Come say hi to the Rabbitslayer family on Firiona Via!

    Lygolan Rabbitslayer
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  8. Skysoldier New Member

    May 2000; Returned from a tour in Bosnia. Fellow soldier walks on my room with a box and says "Buy this" ... 'Everquest: Kunark'. Made a monk named Surak who was in 'Harbingers of Thule' on Rallos Zek from 2000 to 2005. March 2017 still going strong with original character and account.
    Thank you Everquest community
  9. Malhandir New Member

    I was totally new to RPG games back in 1999.
    I first started playing when it came out, a friend of mine started telling me stories about it and i was like wow this can't be true. One thing that friend didn't told me is that there was actually a Tutorial to help you get your hands on the game. So i took the hard path. It was just amazing at that time i mean graphic-wise. It got me hooked from the first day.18 years later i got so many stories to tell.

    One thing i want to say is that i have not always been really friendly with the EQ team at that time but they kept helping me in game as much as they could. In no other game you would have felt like it did at that time when a Guide or GM actually came by you in game to help you out, so thanks.

    For those with nostalgia i have found something i'd like to share. Personnaly i don't know what electro music has to do with RPG but still you might enjoy it.
    Warrior Best of the Best Tournament

    See you in Norrath!
  10. svann Augur

    Last day of beta I still didnt know what I was doing. I wandered into the Neriak library and there was another player in there named Innoruuk, and iirc he was red named (pvp enabled). I was thinking ok how did he get that name - they should have had it on a block list. About a half hour later there was an event out front. A gm transformed into a 50 foot tall Innoruuk, gathered his minions (us) and went to fight a 50 foot tall Mithaniel Marr. What Laag, but it was great. I still kick myself for not at least trying to kill Innoruuk before he buffed himself up. Coulda been a game first.
  11. Kendo New Member

    1) I was hanging at the newbie log on my first character (a Dark Elf warrior) in Jan. of 2000 and a Cleric Named Anten came up. He was level 34. He offered to show me around and we went to west commonlands. He proceeded to kill giants and leave me amazed as i watched his epicness. After the show and much chatting he told me to follow him back to Neriak where he purchased me a full set of Fine Steel Armor! I felt so badass haha.
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  12. leaola Journeyman

    I rem when in 2002 I bought a Sony pc with a strange game demo preinstalled.

    sent 2 hours trying to figure out how to get thought it and gave up a few month later I was still thinking about the demo, I had to try the game. signed up for the 15 day trail.

    spent hours looking at different eq sites to find the best class, druids starts with one atk spell and one heal, perfect.

    then thought about race.... well wood elf like the outdoors as druid should be perfect.

    what to call myself???

    nope taken
    nope taken
    nope taken
    nope taken.....
    ok I'll try the random name maker.
    nope taken
    nope taken
    nope taken
    nope taken
    nope taken
    nope taken....
    15 min later was I was about to give up it got a name omg it let me use a name I CAN TRY THIS GAME I GOT A NAME. that was the most epic quest ever.

    ok my name is Leaola. as a young wood elf druid I spent most of the time in wolf form. getting called her or she in groups I'm a guy, that had to explain over and over when I did not respond to a request that indicated the comment was directed to the girl in the group.
  13. Moonshark New Member

    well my buddy brendan (Malkum) got me started, in 99 or 2000. i think we were on the nameless? i made a few characters named Lien bed, Lien wait, etc. anyways eventually moved to prexus and that became our home, then made characters (Worbane) and (Moonshark) and started my epic journey of running EC selling all my gear and buying it back, and loitering the PVP arenas for challengers. lol.
  14. Kohnn Elder

    I started playing this game over a decade ago... Started as a rogue, still a rogue~ I've enjoyed all the achievements, AAs, named hunting, raids and other aspects of the game I've sunk a massive amount of time on, and STILL much left to do in the world of Norrath. I appreciate the content yall put out, and looking forward to what's next! So here I am, hanging around, waiting patiently for Bristlebane to get his own Xpac! :) Plane of Mischief revamp for the win!
  15. Kitieyes New Member

    It started years ago ... our son was testing this new game, Everquest. We watched him with a group, for hours we watched, we were amazed. Within a day or two, we were at our own computers, our son started a new character with us, as did several of the friends he was testing with, and as it turned out one of them was our daughters husband. If I recall correctly we did that for about four months, we had maxed out on the high level of the time, what was it ... 50? We loved it. I was a Mage, my husband was a Druid, our son had a Mage, but made a Cleric, and our son in law was a Warrior. We were told that we had to restart all over on a new server ... everyone we played with voted for Veeshan. And our back up was Torvonnilous. For years it was EQ, we loved it. Groups of us would all created new characters and all be the same, when moon expansion came around we all became Cats, which of course I just loved! Several years back we had to stop EQ for a while, our kids all moved, lives changed, our jobs changed. Then back last year I get this email from an old EQ friend, who told me to log in, told me to go to the Luclin server, and low and behold ... some of my old characters were still there, not all of them mind you, but about half. Had some little problems getting my husbands to work, but with DB help, problem solved. I just really love EQ, and very happy it is here. The other day, Luclin was down and my friend told me our back up was Cazic? I think, that is what Torvonnilous was moved too. and low and behold .. I had some level 60 characters there, what a shock. Good old times.
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  16. Fatema New Member

    This was a screenshot I took recently in Lower Guk with my beastlord toon Getout Meswamp(talking to you frogs), decked out in gloomingdeep purps on Phinny. This Bench was declared as the "caster bench" where everyone could med, alas they said I was too ugly for the caster bench and had to sit across the room.
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  17. Tachyon Augur

    My favorite zone, visually...

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  18. Durbybard New Member

    Year was 2000, my brother told me to buy some game called Everquest. Bought it, loaded it up, chose a class to play - Bard - Female (tho i am male) Name - Durby - Race - Half Elf.

    So once loaded there i was, in North Freeport, my brother telling me directions to get to East Freeport, the screen freezes, i say it's crashed, he says, No, it's loading the next zone, i repop out, few more corners and i'm like WTF, there sits Boomba the Big, i think i proper pooped my pants, turned right and saw some half naked character coming towards me, it was my brothers monk.

    He then took my to East Commonlands Tunnel, when i zoned into East Comms, OMFG how much chat spam was going on, i was hooked already.

    At Lvl 60 a guy asked me why i wasn't in a guild, bards are very sought after, so reluctantly i join a guild called Morituri Te Salutant or MTS for short, first raid i did i was like OMFG this is what i was missing.

    Left the game in 2005 due to health but in 2014 got an email from Sony, there 15th birthday, i was like OMG that game still going. Lets have another go, well here i am 3 years later, back raiding and loving it, same character name Durby on Antonius Bayle, met some amazing people along the way.

    No other game i have ever played has had so much longevity than Everquest, shame other games don't look at this game and keep a similar mold with quest AA etc.

    Thanks for the fun years Sony and Daybreak.

    Durby aka Chris
  19. PSDuckie New Member

    EverQuest saved my life. And no, I'm not joking or exaggerating in any way. I don't smoke, I don't drink to excess, and I don't use drugs - all because I found this little game called EverQuest in the year 2000.

    I started playing back when Kunark (the original Kunark) was current content, and played actively through Planes of Power. Although I've since moved on to other MMOs, I still have a lot of nostalgia for the game, and would like to come back sometime (hopefully for another Quarm event?).
  20. Kiaro Lorekeeper

    I had never heard of Everquest prior to around June of 99, my friend who had subs to all the PC gaming mags had read about it and gone and picked it up, not realizing that it required a credit card (which I had and he did not) so he brought it over to my place, we spent the next week taking turns sleeping and leveling new characters. He didn't get hooked like me however, playing EQ Is what brought me out of my shell, and actually gained me my best friend IRL whom I met in late 1999 and still hangout with to this day (I was even best man at his wedding a few years back)

    My strongest memories were of my original guild, which lasted from Classic until Luclin, we were an all evil guild MAYHEM on Fennin Ro (which I still have leadership of to this day) Retlon Ghostfaced the original guildleader invited me while at Orc 1 in East Commonlands, he was such a badass, Dark elf SK, in full banded with a BIBS (level 19!) They introduced me to raiding (first Runnyeye all the way to Naggy and PoFear) I never really got to tell them what a impact that group of loose cannons had on me.
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