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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Mar 10, 2017.

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  1. Vexra the Redwitch New Member

  2. Coloure of Magic New Member

    I remember playing over at a friends house when it first came out, and begging my parents for a copy. After they finally broke down, finding out that I would need a 3D accelerated videocard to run it. Upgrading that old Hewlett Packard to run this game is what sparked my interest in computers, and now is the most amazing career I could ask for! EQ is always there when I just need to unwind and get my MMO fix, thank you for keeping it going for all these years.
  3. Kittkatze New Member

  4. Audio Lorekeeper

    Started back in 02 or 03 (When PoP released) when one of my rl friends' little brother (Hookups), who we made fun of for constantly being on his computer, somehow got me interested in the game while I was in college. I wanted to play a Warrior, a Half Elf warrior because they looked weak and I like the underdog role... I named him Orchard. I really do not know why, I never had that name referenced to me before for any reason in any game, but I dug it. My friend laughed at the terrible name. I then met another rl person (Reonan in game) who played and we became good friends (still are). After both laughed at my name. I was given some gear to hold me over (a lammy and something else). I played oh 16ish hours a day. I would barely sleep, missed some college classes, and managed to actually beat my friend to 65. He was lvl 41 when I made Orchard.

    I got into a guild called Coven of the Waning Moon. Some women were in it, so I thought it was cool or something being one of the only rl guys in there, but they were terribad...even for a total lvl 12ish newb; so I left and they harrassed me thoroughly for it. Good times. Then I ended up in <Dead of Winter> with my rl friends on Innoruuk. DoW were the greatest ever. The leader did some bannable stuff like training a pvp event or something and although we did some unfriendly things to rival guilds (everyone spamming their clerics during Emp SSRA to screw them off their timers or something), losing a race to Statue of RZ, so waiting at Avatar of War's spawn point to kill him when they killed Idol. But we always had small numbers online and still did pretty well considering. The server disliked us for a long time, but we seemed to embrace it. Community meant everything then and I miss those days.
  5. Lalakin New Member

    I started playing EQ back in 2001. A friend of mine and his girlfriend were playing the game and they talked me into trying it. I didn't think I would even like it at first. I remembered him playing Ultima Online prior to this game and I never thought that game was all that. My first toon was an Iksar SK. I chose Iksar because they both had them. Not very long after beginning I was leveling in field of bones when I saw this monster that I had never seen standing beside this high elf. I was amazed. The high elf was giving out weapons, food, and drink. My first experience with a mage. He had a fire pet summoned and I was in awe. Not knowing anything about no rent items I equipped the weapons and sold the ones I had. The next day I had no weapons and had to get new ones. I continued to play the SK some but after that day I knew I wanted to have a mage and to this day my mage is my main. I have taken a few extended breaks from EQ and have tried other games like EQ2 and Wow but I always come back to EQ. I like the progression that the game has taken over the years but it is awesome to think back about the struggles in the earlier game. The corpse runs, travel by boat to get to other continents, and killing giants to make some plat to name a few. Even though the game isn't perfect I still love this game and hope it continues for many years to come.
  6. nunya1070 New Member

    You'd think after 18 years you'd find a way to roll out updates that didn't require downtime, especially 16+ hours of downtime.
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  7. XAxum New Member

    Glad double exp is coming... HINT....
  8. faded text New Member

    Come back after 14 years away, i was really enjoying my 3rd day back, playing on Agnarr.

    And facecrit, day long "maintenance/patch" issues are my welcome back. My eq return story was looking favorable, now i am starting to wonder if it was worth revisiting Norrath.

    Seriously, i love paying for non services. Keep up the good work and that 733t communication skill of hours upon hours of silence is top notch. :mad:, 18 year so much has changed so much is still the same.
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  9. Brohg Augur

    So it's your fault!
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  10. Arlex Daraten New Member

    I started playing in '99. I stopped playing quite a few expansions ago. Decided to come back and give the PoK Capped progression server a try since that was the closest big expansion to my stopping point. Played an enchanter on Inny as my main. Forgotten how painful it was to play one in the early levels but it brings back so many memories of the 8 years I spent playing with friends. Just wish i was able to bring them back with me. It was always the other players that really made me want to play. Hope to rediscover that once again. Oh and if there's any old Innoruuk players on the Agnarr server. Hit me up here. Curious if any old guildmates or friends still play.
  11. Ed Money New Member

    I just came back to play on Agnarr and this is pretty disheartening. 5 hours extra on a patch and we get two updates saying basically "Not going to happen like we planned" and "Umm, not sure what's going on". A little communication would be nice for those of us that are eager to pay for your game so we don't keep checking back every hour and we move on with our entertainment.
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  12. nunya1070 New Member

    I'll be speaking with my wallet. Just cancelled my subscription. I encourage everyone else who's upset at the level of service to do the same. That is the only way they will take notice and respond. They are a company interested in making money. Impact their bottom line and they will become concerned. B*@#$ and moan and still pay, what do they care?
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  13. faded text New Member

    Damn skippy. :p
  14. IwantSOEback New Member

    Have also cancelled my sub on two different accounts. Came back for Agnarr on May 24th, paid for one-month time. Sad I wasted my money and time, had no idea Daybreak was such a bad company.
  15. LongStroke New Member

    Or, They could just take the game down all together....... =(
  16. Pleasantvalley New Member

    DBG these day log downtimes aren't acceptable for paying customers.....
  17. nunya1070 New Member

    As I saw someone else post, roll back to latest backup/version and conduct further testing. What kind of mom & pop IT shop is DB running anyways?
  18. rmb_ing New Member

    I agree nunya1070. How do you not have backups that you can just roll back to? Roll back, scrap the updates, and let your paying customers onto the product they are paying you money for. Fix the update later offline or in a test environment. It's not difficult stuff here.

    And if it's a HW problem then welcome to the year 2017 where we have this thing called virtualization. Spin up another server, move the data and be done with it. If you have 1 server you're running off of with no redundancy expecting it not to break you should all find new careers.
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  19. XAxum New Member

    or maybe, keep the last playable version going while you Dev figure out your issues, what a concept!.. even half the the servers operational up is better then none.. just a thought.
  20. Ed Money New Member

    The long downtime is pretty miserable but, what is really aggravating to me is I am not the heroin player who hasn't stopped in 18 years. I come back off and on when something is fun or interesting. I am cool with downtime but, ffs COMMUNICATE with your patrons.
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