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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by oldkracow, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. Verile New Member

    Verile - 21 bard. Nice to see the generosity from the playerbase.
  2. Euthydemus New Member

    If you still have anything left;
    Euthydemus 12 Necro

    Thanks either way :)
  3. Time Burn Elder

    Kunark was released in 2000, but your profile was created in 2014. Have you "been gone since Kunark"?
  4. Time Burn Elder

    You profile says you became a member in 2015, how does that work?
  5. Newbie32 Journeyman

    We're talking about on the Mangler know...the one that the OP posted about...
  6. Newbie32 Journeyman

    Also that's when I started using the forums..This account was created in 04, my main account started in 99. You can't base when people started playing on the forum created date.
  7. Caramell New Member

    Yeah I started playing in 2000, but stopped playing around 2016 and now I'm just trying to figure out how to play again lol.
  8. oldkracow Augur

    Man :D

    Sent you some items hopefully you'll keep playing, check your parcel

    running low on any bard stuff sent you 1500p go to /baz and buy some items.

    Oh you got lucky I sent you a fungus tunic :D, check your parcel mate.

    sent a few cleric items + 1000p , check your parcel.


    sending you some items not the best + some plat, check parcel

    sent you some items, check parcel
  9. Caramell New Member

    Oh my gosh, I just got on and saw I had a parcel, then saw all the items, thank you soo much! :D
  10. Euthydemus New Member

    Thanks for the boots and earring :))
  11. Salix_the_druid New Member

    Hi Oldkracow, it's nice to see the kind of generosity I've seen playing on Mangler the last couple of days. It's down at the moment so i decided to check out the forums and read your post. I've created a (now level 10) halfling druid - such a common combo I know but that's what my first main character was back in 99 so wanted to play somewhere familiar). I was surprised by how many people were running around Misty Thicket and when i finally got to PoK how crowded it was, but folks still had time to give me buffs - Dana (?) wow!
    I'm sure it may change after May 8 but it's been a lot of fun in the meantime, nothing beats getting revenge on Mooto again.
    I probably don't need any gear (if you still have any left after 3 days) but just wanted to say it was a nice gesture in these weird times. Stay safe & healthy everyone.
  12. Aeonanima New Member

    Any warrior gears I just started last night and im around lvl 13 now.
  13. Sherpa New Member

    incredible of you to do this, don't need anything, just saying its really cool of you!
  14. Davorus New Member

    If you have anything for a shaman, apppreciaed, Amoodo in game name. If I find it’s not as good will return back. Thank you
  15. Icetech Lorekeeper

    OKC!!! Thank you so much.. i saw the parcel and was like WHO sent that?!!? As a new player to the server that is a TON of help :) Good thing you didn't send bard stuff... i think i'm switching to mage (really wanna play warrior but solo leveling one... pain) so..thank you! :)
  16. forum troll Elder

    Probably late on the draw but Arakas level 10 chanter - Is not my character but a friend who recently returned and I'm sure anything would help him out

    Either way cool of you to help folks

  17. Risiko Augur

    Send me 20 krono buddy. You know you won't miss it from your stockpile LOL ;)
  18. Wordor New Member

    hey dude, I just started here on mangler and if you still got extra stuff that would be appreciated. even some plat so I can buy aug stones to lvl…. Skuzzy 30 beastlord - Thanks man
  19. Danil New Member

    New to EQ, Maining a noobie beastlord. Selic
  20. Ubor New Member

    Thanks Oldkracow!

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