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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by oldkracow, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. NvderZimm New Member

    Just starting level 6 shammy Snailwhale
  2. Zynrael Lorekeeper

    Thank you very much! Very cool of you. Stay safe and be well!
  3. Zakorik New Member

    I am running Zakorik on Mangler, Currently L4 Iksar Beastlord.
  4. Newbie32 Journeyman

    Not sure if you're still around. Sinclaire - 43 druid. Haven't played since classic.
  5. oldkracow Augur

    Sent you some items via for your warrior guy Ntwa, check his parcel.

    Check your parcel sent you some stuff.
  6. oldkracow Augur

    Sent you some items, check parcel.

    Sent you some items, check parcel.

    Sent you some items, check parcel.
  7. Newbie32 Journeyman

    Sweet thanks!
  8. Heajol Augur

    Many thanks!!
  9. Kittany Augur

    Oldkracow, finally hanging it up or cleaning out the closet? :)
  10. Potanine New Member

    If you're still giving away things, Rosaleta level 14 Druid.
  11. oldkracow Augur

    I quit mangler around luclin, waiting on next TLP.
    Free to login I thought I'd help some folks out while I wait.

    sent ya some items, check parcel
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  12. C3lowz Augur

    What a good man!, (or lady?)
    Many thanks
  13. Caramell New Member

    I made a Cleric named Vidia, she's level 8 and i'm having the hardest time leveling up, I used to play EQ a lot back in the day, but I forgot how hard this game can be lol.
  14. Icetech Lorekeeper

    I'm in the same boat.. (ekantaria, lvl 13 bard) I am finding leveling insanely slow.. and this is with bonus XP on.. i doubt i will be around once they turn the bonus off.. life is too short for low lvls to be THIS slow..
  15. Ubor New Member

    Anything for a lvl 18 shaman? Trying to get back into the game ... slow going so far.

    Name is Ubor
  16. Icetech Lorekeeper

    P.S. if you have a decent drum laying around... Ekantaria.. lvl 13 bard:) I want that runspeed like crack!
  17. CatsPaws SMH

    When I returned I thought TLP was the place to be, more like the old EQ but I found it seemed harder than old EQ. So I went live. Just doing the tutorial will get you level 15 ish in a few hours. TLP is good but Live is better;)
  18. Icetech Lorekeeper

    I agree about live being better except a few things... Mercs and boxing.. tlp still has boxers but it's not insane like on xegony.. you can find a group in minutes on mangler which is amazing :) I like live cause it's a bit easier.. but without grouping or any type of social interaction there isnt much point to a MMO.. That being said.. it took me 2 days to get to 13 even with the bonus (i did waste like 8 hours doing the tourquoisong armor quest) so.. even with bonus xp it's sooo painfully slow :) I need to not stress about leveling and just enjoy some stuff i think.
  19. Boath New Member

    God love ya!
    I just came back yesterday Boath level 8 cleric
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  20. Tshesebe Lorekeeper

    Ntwa the Warrior thanks You Oldkracow!

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