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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by oldkracow, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. Triumpf New Member

    Long time player here returned this week, if you have anything leftover for a monk, Triumpf is the name.

    Thank you for all of this!
  2. Qonamderlo New Member

    Doomlynx - 16 shadowknight would put gear to good use immediately :)
  3. Greydek New Member

    I just moved over from Berxt - Garnath, Level 37 SHM. Any help would be appreciated, but definitely not required. Thank you for thinking of us ;)
  4. Chrome New Member

    Sacrafice 30 Shadowknight, if anything left. Thanks. :)
  5. Blanky New Member

    wife and i are returning after about 10 years... cleric and mage!
  6. Beefarooni New Member

    Glubtuk an ogre Beastlord :) Just started back after a long time away :)
  7. Unifex New Member

    Hoppin lvl 2 druid ... started yesterday, no other Everquest a/cs..

    Cheers and GL with whatever you do next :)
  8. oldkracow Augur

    sent ya some gebs

    Sent you a few items

    It's not full yet.

    sent ya 2 items

    sent ya 1400p

    Sent ya 3 items

    Sent ya two items

    sent ya 1000p
    sent ya 1000p
    sent ya 1000p

    sent ya 1400p
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  9. oldkracow Augur

    Thanks everyone I think I'm out of stuff.
  10. Unifex New Member

    Hey I just received a stack of plat in the mail .. thanks so much :)
  11. ChungusRex New Member

    Just came back after 16 years away from EQ as Aggrocrag, ogre SK just shy of level 3. Will name my 2nd and 4th children after you, thanks.
  12. iKracow New Member

    sent like 1800p + some item
    lol stumbled upon an old forum account from 2015 hah
  13. Thalliius Augur

    Cool gesture, I hope no one takes advantage
  14. oldkracow Augur

    Found some extra items in more bags to give away, as always post name + class + level I'll random to toss items to people. You can sell stuff I toss your way, I think some items are worth like a few thousand plat at most from a quick /baz search.
    1. Sickly Glowing Orb
    2. Earring of Everfount
    3. Hammered Golden Hoop
    4. Braided Cinch Cord
    5. Orb of Tishan
    6. Loam Encrusted Cloak
    7. Ring of Lunacy
    8. Truncheon of Doom
    9. Wax Flower x 1000
    10. Hierophant's Cloak
    11. Orb of the Infinite Void
    12. Obulus Death Shroud
    13. Djarn's Amethyst Ring
    14. Imperial Wardog Collar x 2
    15. Coldain Skin Gloves
    16. Rokyls Channelling Crystal
    17. Platinum Fire Wedding Ring x2
    18. Spell: Emissary of Thule
    19. Spell: Tigir's Insects
  15. ECrack Augur

    Sketchy (44/cleric)
  16. jlkihjkgkj New Member

    37 mage been playin about a week or so here name is Bigboeweebop
  17. Fallenfears New Member

    New player i would like something if you have anything for 35 Monk - thanks
  18. Dracoko New Member

    Don't need anything but you are awesome for doing this and just reinforced the point i made in my post about the people on Mangler being amazing! Keep it up man, if anyone needs druid buffs /tell Dracoko when i am in game and ill come buff ya!
  19. Lachnar Elder

    Lachnar - 19 enchanter if you have anything left, thank you =).
  20. Ubor New Member

    just started a lvl 1 SK - Bazlord - he be naked

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