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  1. Xorsazis Augur

    I'm not sure if this is listed anywhere, but I was looking under tanking summary and could not see DD or DoT damage I had accrued. It only shows physical hits, crushes, kicks, bashes, etc. Was wanting to see how hard some of the event mechanics were hitting me for. Is this incorporated somewhere?
  2. Beimeith Augur

    Which alliance is it, and can you give me an example line from the log? Also, which version are you using?
  3. Beimeith Augur

    It should be in the tanking summary. Keep in mind that you can only see DD damage on yourself, not on others:


    DoT damage against you has always been reported, but the DD is a recent addition (it may have been there long ago, idr) in this last update. Are you sure you took damage during the fight you are looking at?
  4. Beimeith Augur

    Update - Redownload from first post.

    -When setting a file to AutoMonitor it will begin monitoring that file. (Previously it would load the entire file before starting monitor).
    -Selecting multiple fights from the Fight Navigator using the Mouse or by pressing Control+A should now enable the Combine button.
    -Fixed an issue with incorrect numbers for Time/Duration being shown on the Fight Overview when combining pets and their owners under certain circumstances.
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  5. Maxxer New Member

    The 195000000 mephit hits in Stone shows up as 1.95E+08 in the Damage Breakdown
  6. SoroxDrinal Elder

    Perhaps I don't understand the settings... As a main monk, I normally pull with AA that does minimal damage but I cannot find a way to remove that dead time of running the mob back to camp.

    My parses always look like this... 18s on monk, shaman 10s, all 4 BLs 9s each. If I look at the damage chart, nothing happens until the 8th second. How can the setting to hide pull dmg refactor when the fight actually starts?

    An Iron Legion friend on 5/28/2019 in 18sec

    --- DMG: 7447549 @ 413752 sdps (413752 dps in 18s) [100%]
    ------ Total: 7447549 -- Crush: 4793274 -- DirDmg: 1004468 -- Kick: 968760 -- Punch: 165346 -- DoT: 162968 -- Slash: 148170 -- Strike: 135406 -- Hit: 57597 -- Bash: 11165 -- Environmental: 395
    ------ Normal rate: 67.4% (47.4% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 32.6% (52.6% of DMG)
    ------ Attempts: 593 -- Hits: 592 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 1 -- Accuracy: 100%
    --- DMG to PC: 23463 @8233dps

    --- DMG: 2214098 @ 123005 sdps (123005 dps in 18s) [29.73%]
    ------ Total: 2214098 -- Crush: 1027747 -- Kick: 824922 -- DirDmg: 183678 -- Strike: 119800 -- Hit: 57597 -- Environmental: 354
    ------ Normal rate: 65.6% (42.5% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 34.4% (57.5% of DMG)
    ------ Attempts: 97 -- Hits: 96 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 1 -- Accuracy: 100%
    --- DMG to PC: 15399 @8233dps

    --- DMG: 1348948 @ 74941 sdps (149883 dps in 9s) [18.11%]
    ------ Beastlord`s named pet:
    --------- Total: 402330 -- Crush: 397132 -- DirDmg: 3112 -- Bash: 2086
    --------- Normal rate: 43.8% (25.8% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 56.3% (74.2% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 32 -- Hits: 32 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%
    ------ Beastlord:
    --------- Total: 831266 -- Crush: 475868 -- DoT: 162968 -- DirDmg: 130516 -- Kick: 53502 -- Strike: 8412
    --------- Normal rate: 76.1% (58.6% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 23.9% (41.4% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 67 -- Hits: 67 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%
    ------ Beastlord`s swarm pet:
    --------- Total: 115352 -- Slash: 114430 -- Bash: 922
    --------- Normal rate: 46.2% (26.1% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 53.8% (73.9% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 26 -- Hits: 26 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%
    --- DMG to PC: 5463 @5463dps

    --- DMG: 1282655 @ 71258 sdps (142517 dps in 9s) [17.22%]
    ------ Beastlord`s named pet:
    --------- Total: 394814 -- Crush: 388466 -- Bash: 3236 -- DirDmg: 3112
    --------- Normal rate: 77.1% (64.7% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 22.9% (35.3% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 35 -- Hits: 35 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%
    ------ Beastlord:
    --------- Total: 887841 -- Crush: 504140 -- DirDmg: 364857 -- Kick: 15750 -- Strike: 3094
    --------- Normal rate: 71.4% (43.9% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 28.6% (56.1% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 77 -- Hits: 77 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%

    --- DMG: 1278604 @ 71033 sdps (142067 dps in 9s) [17.17%]
    ------ Beastlord`s named pet:
    --------- Total: 334336 -- Crush: 330318 -- DirDmg: 3112 -- Bash: 906
    --------- Normal rate: 72.4% (60.4% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 27.6% (39.6% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 29 -- Hits: 29 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%
    ------ Beastlord:
    --------- Total: 944268 -- Crush: 518111 -- DirDmg: 295082 -- Punch: 89505 -- Kick: 39203 -- Strike: 2367
    --------- Normal rate: 68.6% (44.5% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 31.4% (55.5% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 86 -- Hits: 86 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%

    --- DMG: 856842 @ 47602 sdps (95204 dps in 9s) [11.51%]
    ------ Beastlord`s named pet:
    --------- Total: 316378 -- Crush: 314542 -- Bash: 1836
    --------- Normal rate: 65.5% (47.4% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 34.5% (52.6% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 29 -- Hits: 29 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%
    ------ Beastlord:
    --------- Total: 505788 -- Crush: 372793 -- Punch: 75841 -- Kick: 34381 -- DirDmg: 20999 -- Strike: 1733 -- Environmental: 41
    --------- Normal rate: 69.8% (53.9% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 30.2% (46.1% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 53 -- Hits: 53 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%
    ------ Beastlord`s swarm pet:
    --------- Total: 34676 -- Slash: 33740 -- Bash: 936
    --------- Normal rate: 70% (32.4% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 30% (67.6% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 10 -- Hits: 10 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%
    --- DMG to PC: 2601 @2601dps

    --- DMG: 466402 @ 25911 sdps (46640 dps in 10s) [6.26%]
    ------ Shaman:
    --------- Total: 65812 -- Crush: 65812
    --------- Normal rate: 62.5% (60.2% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 37.5% (39.8% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 8 -- Hits: 8 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%
    ------ Shaman`s named pet:
    --------- Total: 400590 -- Crush: 398345 -- Bash: 1243 -- Kick: 1002
    --------- Normal rate: 65.9% (56.8% of DMG) -- Critical rate: 34.1% (43.2% of DMG)
    --------- Attempts: 44 -- Hits: 44 -- Misses: 0 -- Defended: 0 -- Accuracy: 100%

    Special: 2: Infusion 6: Staunch 7: Intensity 9: Armor B: MB | LB | HT G: Glyph K: Kiss M: Secrets X: Slain $: Saved by DI
    Produced by GamParse v2.0.0.88 BETA
  7. Beimeith Augur

    Under Settings > Advanced

    1) Check the box that says "Attempt to Ignore Pulls"
    2) Adjust the "Pull Timeout" and "Pull Damage Cutoff" settings.

    The way this works is it will ignore the amount of damage in the Cutoff if there is no additional damage for the duration of the Timeout. Default settings are 6 seconds and 2500 damage.


    At 12:00:00 you throw stone and hit a mob for 1 damage.

    You need to do another 2499 damage within 6 seconds or it will ignore that 1 damage.
  8. Beimeith Augur

    I'll just leave this here:

    (This is early stages, not finished)
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  9. Baldur Augur

    CTRL+A is fixed, but if I select a fight with the mouse, then press and hold CTRL+SHIFT and hit END it doesn't work.
  10. Beimeith Augur

    Update - Redownload from the first post.

    -Added CTRL+SHIFT+END for selecting multiple fights from the Fight Navigator.
    -Removed the superfluous AttackType box from the Tanking Tab. Selecting an AttackType from the top right box will now serve that function.
    -Fixed an issue parsing older exceptional heals that show as being cast by a corpse.
    -Heal Overview will now ignore heals against familiars, mounts, and wards (not warders) in addition to swarm pets.
    -Heal Overview will now secondary sort by Full Heal value if the Actual Heal values are the same.
    -Added most player cast LifeTap spells to identify as LifeTaps.
    -Added new Healing Tab with a Healer breakdown. Selecting a Healer from the left box will populate the top right box with a list of all players/pets/npcs that were healed (aka "Healees") and related stats. Selecting a Healee from the top right box will populate the bottom right box with a per-spell breakdown of all healing from the selected Healer for that Healee.

    Please pay extra attention to the new heal breakdown and let me know if you encounter any problems with accuracy or other issues. Additionally, when categorizing spells note that if something falls into two categories such as a LifeTap that is also a Proc, it will be classified as the latter, not the former.

    That said if you see a heal spell being classified wrong please let me know. Heal spells have to be manually assigned a classification by me so it is certain I've missed some though I should have most of them correct.

    Current classifications are as follows:
    • Arbitrate (AA + Cleric Epic).
    • Aura (Stationary healing wards).
    • Direct (This is the default).
    • OverTime (HoTs).
    • Delayed (Promised heals).
    • Divine (Heals from DI).
    • Proc (Heals that are triggered as a proc, includes both melee and spell procs).
    • LifeTap (Spells that have a TargetType of LifeTap).
    • MeleeTap (LifeTaps from melee combat such as SK Epic).
    • SpellTap (Newer "Resource" Tap spells).
    • ReverseDS (Healing from a Reverse Damage Shield).
    • Rain (Any AE heals such as rains and splashes fall under this).
    NOTE: While the healing breakdown will work with older logs the information will be lacking for the most part. To fully utilize this feature you need to load a newer log (TBL+) that uses the newer messaging.
  11. Beimeith Augur

    Update - Redownload from first post

    -Fix for older DoTs that didn't show a spell name. They now read as "Unknown Spell".
    -Prevented some older DoTs from trying to parse as new DoTs in rare circumstances.
  12. SoroxDrinal Elder

    "if there is no additional damage for the duration of the Timeout"
    Ok - I think I understand now. By making the timeout 12s, it's all or nothing if I meet the threshold damage or not during the entire 12s duration. If I do meet the threshhold damage, then the fight starts back at the first point of damage.

    There's no intelligence to detect 1 pt of damage, nothing for 8s, then a spike in dps where the fight actually begins. That option needs some improvement if purely a binary consideration.

    How about the fight starts once X damage is seen during a given second? So if I set X = 100,000 - then I need 100k dps to trigger the start of a fight.


    How about ignoring the first X damage? If I set X=20k, then the first 20k damage is ignore on each mob and the fight starts in the same second as the threshold is met.
  13. Kelv_BB New Member

    I have a question. My mage pet has the same name as an alt in the guild that recently started being active in the same space. Since that time, I am attributing this issue to that anyway, I can no longer link my pet to my character. Is there a fix for this, or will I need to do something drastic like renaming my pet to sort this issue out? It is not just for me personally that I am interested, but for others in the guild that would parse our raids and not include my pet in my damage totals. Thanks!
  14. Beimeith Augur

    Kind of. The explanation I gave above was a simplified version. There are actually two different scenarios that factor into it:

    Scenario 1:

    1) If YOU are the ONLY one to do damage
    2) You do less damage than the Cutoff before the Timeout.

    With a timeout of 6 seconds and a cutoff of 2500 damage:


    A) If you attack Mob A for 1-2500 damage but there is no additional damage done for 6 seconds, the fight is ignored.

    B) If you do 2501 damage, the fight continues.

    C) If you do 1 damage, and someone else does 1 damage, regardless of the Timeout, the fight continues.

    Scenario 2:

    1) If NO ONE has done damage within the Timeout period the fight is ignored.


    A) You pull with a non-damage spell like Tash/Malo/Slow and the NPC hits you (starting the fight) but you do no damage for 6 seconds.

    B) You pull with a non-damage spell like Tash/Malo/Slow and the NPC hits you (starting the fight) but ANYONE does damage, the fight continues.

    There is no real way to do that. I don't know the circumstances behind every fight and there are any number of reasons (not counting pulling) why there might be a lull between initial damage and then a spike.

    Because that's not the way fights work. Fights start when a known player/pet takes or does damage.

    Dps is calculated from the moment you first do damage until the moment you last do damage.

    The pulling exemption is there because pullers often start a fight with a low damage ability like throw stone which can slightly skew their dps calculation vs the other players in the group.
  15. Beimeith Augur

    You have to rename your pet, or have the other player rename themselves. There is no way to tell the difference between damage done from a pet and damage done from a player so they will always be counted together, and I specifically changed it to favor a player over a pet.
  16. Ditka New Member

    Spells & Discs Tab. Scrolling through that can be a nightmare if you want to get a timeline on when things were clicked since so much is put in there if combining multiple fights for the entire raid length.

    Any chance of adding a Search Box to have it highlight all instances? Or, if clicking the Spell/Disc in the Comparison Window, it highlights all of those items in the main window to the right?
  17. SoroxDrinal Elder

    Thanks for the response. Maybe another way to look at it is after a fight has been summarized, reparse from end of fight toward beginning of fight to find when X% of damage occurred.

    If 99% of damage to mob occurs in the last Xs of fight, the fight should be marked as Xs.

    I have to either pull with no dmg and hope I don't get hit for dmg or cast on for dmg while running back to camp or I have to do my own math for the correct dps (group and personal).

    The ignore pulling dmg is catching very few fights for me.

    Ideally, I would like to track the start of a fight better by ignoring all dmg done from mob to puller (melee and spell) and ignore all time between initial minimal dmg and when the fight actually begins.
  18. Beimeith Augur

    This is going to be revamped here shortly. I haven't decided exactly how it will look just yet.
  19. Beimeith Augur

    I'm unlikely to change how how fights are calculated. That said, I am open to adjusting the pulling suppression system if it isn't sufficient.

    Are you saying that if you take damage while pulling that it is ignoring the pull suppression, even if you are within the limits I posted above? If so, that is unintended and I can look at changing/fixing it so it doesn't do that.

    Increasing the pulling time to 12 seconds instead of 6 (you said you did this in a previous post) is likely negatively impacting it. Increasing the timeout means it takes longer before GamParse ignores the initial damage. Lowering it makes GamParse ignore the initial damage faster. Try changing it back to 6 seconds, or to 3s and see if that solves your issue.

    I am also curious what are you using to pull with that causes it not to ignore the initial damage? How much does it hit for? The pull suppression was originally hardcoded to 2500 damage, but I've allowed for changing it up to 10k. I really don't want it to be much higher than that or it will start to skew the overall HP of the mob.
  20. CZ75 New Member

    Is there any way to add a feature that removes a specific spell or ability from a parse? An example would be combining the nights fights to see who is healing and who is watching YouTube videos. However a single MGB celestial elixir on a 72 person raid can often add up to 200k in actual heals which can skew the optics of the meters. Having the option to filter out specific spells and/or abilities would make it easier to see who is pushing buttons the entire night versus somebody who hit the “parse jackpot” with one or two MGB heals who otherwise was AFK.

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