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  1. Morgoth Elder

    The pet changes are part of an overall responsibility of the "Dev's" to promote game balance for the long term health of EQ.

    Let's give it a few days before everyone gets hysterical.
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  2. Clueless Journeyman

    Think Ive spent maybe 9 years playing EQ. Started out on Mith Marr in 99. Played a Mage, I didnt have a healing merc. So I had to heal the pet myself. Played a Necro too, loved fear kiting played 99-04. Put it down picked up another Sony product in FFXI came back to EQ in 2010. I still occasionally strictly solo with both without the merc. I think the Mage Air pet lost about 15,000 hit points, he still tanks what i need him to tank. Just tried to do the math in figuring out what % of my pet health gets back when i heal him then trying to round that out to 100%. From everything I read, I think they nerfed EM items and thats what to the biggest hit. So I definetly dont view it as needed in the next expansion. The funny thing is they might have made my necro pet serviceable, I find root rotting with a necro or reverse kiting the easiest XP in the game. Heard a rumor that they made stun useful on the air pet again. My thought about the last patch. clueless - bert.
  3. Sindier New Member

    Way to break the Rogue Discs with this patch. Way to go guys !!
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  4. Aristot New Member

    I think only way to balance game properly is to revert mage pets back to how they were before latest patch , then give tanks a pet that does 25-35k dps . Pet should also be able to haste / heal / do a bunch of other cool stuff like mages can .
  5. Igniz Augur

    I have news for you: without a pet AND without a Tank - melee DPS will STILL not be able to hit on a mob! GOOD TANKS DONT GROW ON TREES! There is not a single group in EQ who would dismiss a tank in favour of a magician with his pet (unless the tank is an idiot who thinks standing there looking pretty with auto-attack equals tanking).

    Oh yes - please give magicians the ability to haste / heal / do a bunch of other cool stuff like they seem to be supposed to!

    Let me be the one to use the argument that was used to get the pet-nerf rolling:

    BTW, Magician's waterpet toting Frenzied Burnout, Virulent Talon and CotF T1 Raid robe-clicky equaled out at ~22K DPS yesterday for me in a really, really quick, non-excessive 5 slapdash parsing situation. Asking for a pet that sustains a lot more DPS, even sarcastically like you did, is not this abstract thing called "balance" so many (jealous) people invoked over the last few month's ;-)

    PS: Sorry for sarcasm overflow, haven't had my morning coffee yet
  6. Dre. Augur

    You might want to re-read that.
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  7. Necromonious Augur

    Based on my limited playtesting thus far, the pet changes seem to have been handled ok. The pet is weaker, but I have been managing ok. Just my limited experience, maybe 3hours worth of playing today
  8. Revalla New Member

    Was in SolB last night fighting BATS with a rouge friend so lvl 100 Necro max AA T4 gear and a 100 Rogue geared the same with almost max AAs . The nerf to his rouge aa caused the merc tank to have problems keeping agro off him . The merc was able to take hits better then my pet so I tried a little experiment . I can now once again tank better than my PET in terms of taking the damage more evenly with less spikes ..It is like 1992 all over again.
    I don't raid and neither do my friends ,we always do the group content and farm the tasks . Here is my question for any Devs out there ,How is a Mage , Necro , Rogue , Palley and a Beasty supose to beat tasks like The fall of Lord Bayle and Burn out With out pets that are able to off tank the high end group content ??

    Revalla 100 Necro TUNARE and his pet named Doormat .

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  9. Payoon New Member

    I will be cancelling all 5 of my paying Gold accounts when they expire in about 1-2 months...Nerf after Nerf is just to much....I have been around since 1999 and this time I won't be back....I think Sony just wants to find a way to wind this game down and get rid of it....they are doing a good job....I'm Out! as Jim Rome would say
  10. Igniz Augur

    I was doing Chapterhouse mission with guildies yesterday evening. My EMXX earthpet was beaten up pretty bad by Menizzia with two main clerics and myself healing and runing the pet. It was a very, VERY close call ...

    With the petnerf as it is, may we at least have back to land cleric's epic clicky and panic groupbalancing heal on pets, please?
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  11. Sancus Augur

    The problem right now is the difference between a CotF T1 group and raid pet is 5% HP. Mitigation levels are equal from what I can see.

    TBH my pet is not in a terrible place. I still think we need some help on multiple mobs, but on singles we perform adequately. However, I do expect a raid focused pet to have some significant advantage over a group one.
  12. lumin Elder

    I think when it comes down to it a group in all group gear is going to have a hard time with high end group content. Raiders don't get special "raid geared only super secret missions" that only they get to see and do, in the off time we group the same stuff everyone else does. That said there will always be hard stuff out there that is a challenge for top geared people, toons with lesser gear wont be albe to beat it, its not unfair, if you want to beat the top end stuff then raid get the gear and try again.
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  13. Ratbo Peep Augur

    I'm not gonna be one that "canceled my 27 accounts" - but I do have a (boxed utility) 100 Mage on a 3rd account that's been Gold for a few months to pile on some AA.
    I've made it a point to make sure she has a banked set of non-prestige gear all along (being unsure about her future) But, I decided to let her account drop as of yesterday for one reason only:
    She already has the EM-15 focii off the "Mass of Spite" - any further Focii would be Prestige and from what I'm reading, the Focii bump from EM-15 to EM-20 took a huge hit. So it's a "cash vs reward" thing. No anger at all - just smart business.
    I run a Ranger and my wife a Chanter. The Mage is/was just utility and icing. I'll take a "wait and see" approach to it. I have 12 days to pile on a few more AA - then she "coasts" till the next expansion.
    PS: I also have a 100 Wizzie (Ratwizz) that went Gold for a month for AA to make him a "better taxi".
    (He's never nuked a thing in his life.) He was always planned to revert - the Mage is/was a big question mark.
  14. Coas Journeyman

    As a necro, I will without a doubt not be renewing once my subscription runs out (which is soon). You've made it very clear that you intend to nerf my pet into the ground until there is no point in even making one anymore.
  15. strongbus Augur

    how? 1v1 fights are still cake walks. its only 1v2+ and names that require work still
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  16. Elricvonclief Augur

    I hate to see anyone get nerfed. That said, the parsing posted by Bedavir showed pets were never getting hit in the DI 18-20 range. THAT folks, is a bug, and developers are trying to fairly fix it. I'm sure there will be tweaks, but it did need to be adjusted.
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  17. Boogerific Journeyman

    Rangerguy sounds like an SK lol, Is that you Tears or Sonj?
  18. Aristot New Member

    Igniz you missed my point entirely. Earth pet was tanking T2 named mobs just fine , Merc healing pet while you pump out 50k plus (?) dps..

    So mages could tank and dps , while tanks can just tank.
    As far as a dps pet that does 25-35k Dps while hasting / healing / doing other cool stuff, my thinking was this.
    If a mage (pre patch) can tank t2 named with earth pet , use RS line of pets to taunt off earth pet to spread damage , while u pump out high levels of dps , how is that fair and balanced ?

    As a warrior using merc healer on T2 named , sure i can stay alive just fine , but after all my tank discs are down ( say 9 minutes later ? ) mob is still at 90 % health . To balance tanks to mages , wouldn't it be reasonable to give tanks a dps pet ? If earth pet is a warrior pet , why not give warriors a mage pet ? Having a mage pet , surely they should be able to haste me only , heal me only / give me large mitigation runes , and dps procs ? Just like mages can for their pets ( but you seem to dispute that mages can do this ?? )

    So to mages complaining that their pets cant tank multiple adds , i say wars should complain that they cant dps as well as a mage
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  19. Reviled Elder

    Apples and oranges. Not sure why people assume all classes should be able to do the same things. Mages are designed to be good at soloing, Warriors are designed to work well in groups and raids. Should I be up in arms, since my bard can't tank or put out crazy dps solo??
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  20. Krag Lorekeeper

    Pet classes are very needed in todays EQ. They allow the casual player to actually be able to do something in the game with limited/sporadic play time. There are plenty of other classes that are more focused on doing one thing the best, for the people who want to raid or are able to group a lot.

    I have 6 accounts and they are now all officially silver. Just don't have the desire to log in. I feel like I went back in time an expansion or two in power and I put in way too much time for that. Maybe i'll be back, but I think i'm finally over it now.
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