Game Update: Wednesday, August 20 @ 5 AM PDT

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Aug 19, 2014.

  1. Raidian Lorekeeper

    You will be assimilated...
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  2. Tual Augur

    I though nerf wishing was against the rules here? If not I hope Rangerguy gets nerfed to oblivion.

    Other than that it's a pos post that should wither away to nothing.
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  3. Tual Augur

    Ok, what happened with all the hours and hours of working on fixes before we even see them? With all those hours devoted to fixing stuff how were mage pets overlooked for so long?
  4. lumin Elder

    I see this is nothing more than a "It effects me? OMG IM QUITTING" thread, no matter what anyone says its going to be wrong. My class was effected too, so freakin what, you adapt and learn.
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  5. Zahrym Augur

    I find it insulting you're allowed to post. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, if they are wrong 99.9% of the time like some rangers.
  6. Dre. Augur

    I'd happily trade NTTB stacking with LS for reinstatement of 100% NTTB sustainability like it had when CotF was first released.

    One way to do this could be to roll the rune portion of NTTB into Steadfast Defense discipline.
    One reduces damage taken, the other offsets it. It's not accurate to equate them in the manner you have.
  7. RangerGuy Elder

    If it had a degrade aspect to it and was stripped when LS was used i think 100% uptime is fine. Self healing works in spikes depending on recast, procs, RNG and a other factors so pure flat reduction always is a bit much.

    They work different yes but the intent was to offset self healing while sticking to the nature of a warrior. So they didn't give you self healing to offset self healing. You got stuff like increase the heals landing on you by some %'s, passive mitigation boosts beyond innate warrior and no time to bleed. It should not be stacking with your best defensive ability when warriors already handily had the advantage on big named or even multiple mobs that were not trivial. NTTB + LS in a group setting is 3 minutes of god mode.
  8. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Which is exactly why I find the "all too easy" association between his posts and my class troubling! :D
  9. Bethelmanaa Journeyman

    Not much testing was done on lower levels. I will be interested on what my 91 mage is going to be able to do now. As others have said there are no groups on the way up. I use my mage to fill in the gaps of raids and when I have limited play time.

    They may be trying to balance but they are hurting the people that don't have the time to devout 3 hours a session. I will see how the changes do but this is twice this year they took away the ability to do something useful in the short period of time. If I don't have that option then there is no reason to subscribe and I'll just go to free.
  10. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Don't worry.
    I have no immediate plans to change my posting handle to Bushlordguy. :p
  11. Anglesy Elder

    Ninja boost for mercs so they have more buff slots? I like it!
  12. Fanra Augur

    May we know the date that Stone Cold Summer ends for 2014 or does SOE wish to keep it a mystery?

    EDIT: Oops, my bad, I thought it was in the game already. I got confused with Test server which gave me a notice it was up.

    So please consider the question to be when it starts and ends. And I expect the answer will be, "When we announce it starting". :)

  13. iniari-TR Augur

    to begin , I'm against any nerf to classes. the game is about having fun, not about someones vision of a perfect balance.

    my peeve is about the further stagnation of casters.

    the excuse that casters get upgraded power at the start of an expansion with new spells , while melee has to wait for gear is BS.

    first off no one replaces old level 2 or 3 spells with new level 1 spells.
    secondly all spells and focus have a level cap for effectiveness so leveling is priority to use new spells and focus.
    third. new armor is required for the new focus.
    also in most raid guilds the tanks always get new armor first. its often a very long wait for the casters to upgrade armor.

    and no one is going to dump their hard earned raid armor and be forced to use new group armor just for a focus.
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  14. Eslake New Member

    The trouble is, any solution that Reduces players' options is invariably the wrong choice, unless the alternative is truly game breaking.

    Real Tanks - I keep seeing that, but I haven't seen many in the game since I got back.

    So let me ask this - TANKS!! Have ANY of you been rejected from a group or raid in favor of a Mage Pet for the purpose of tanking?

    If not, the entire argument is simply invalid.
    and if so, the first option should have been to repair the failing in the systems inherent to their classes, Not to reduce the ability of players to participate in the game in the absence of one of those specific classes being available.

    It all flows back to this little process I like to call Reasoned Thought.

    And, interestingly enough. I look around and see that the total game population today is about what any given server had 4 years ago.
    In that time we've seen several new games, but we also saw a loss of several Million subs to WOW, and a general reduction across the board.

    That indicates that something about EQ is pushing players away. Something that was not a relevant factor prior to .. likely somewhere between 3 and 5 years ago.
    I have no idea what changed at that time, but if this is an indication of how they approach problems in general, I'm certainly not surprised.
  15. Dre. Augur

    You might want to ask the same question to melee DPS classes.
  16. Esmeralda Meredydd New Member

    This is why people get nerfed.... it's a vicious circle.... like harmonious arrow isnt "God Mode" in some areas... Leave other classes alone... stop trying to make others weaker... work on them making some classes stronger... or the circle will come around to you. If that is what they are doing next expansion I'm out.... and I won't be going to EQNext or any other SoE product.
  17. Esmeralda Meredydd New Member

    I disagree with everything you post.
  18. Esmeralda Meredydd New Member

    You perpetuate the vicious cycle.... Keeping the cycle alive just means eventually it will come around full circle and bite you in the .
  19. ldt1 New Member

    Of course people are gonna be angry its a massive nerf all in one go, tanks would soon be on here doing the same if they lowered their tanking ability, lowered their dps and reduced their aggro in one, pets have had hits reduced and ac and hp, and swarms nerfed lol, and tbh a good tank makes a mage pet look crap and I'm talking about pre nerf, it was always going to be a risky patch as a mage player who's been playing for over a decade of course I'm a bit angry, is it the nail in the eq coffin of course not lol but it isn't going to help the game atall, don't mistake just because its lasted 15 yrs it will go on forever, they have had to go free to play to try to get players to play and then obviously go paid in the end, they had to do heroics to again try and get people to play as well as aa auto grant lol it just goes on and on, the game in the last year has seen a massive influx of old skool players returning but again also leaving after a few months, alot saying the community has changed and not liking the throw your credit card at the game style to advance, also alot of players going back to eqemu/project 99 and you have to take into consideration eq is f2p now upto a point, so yeah I think it was a stupid thing to do at a stupid time trying to find a balance that was never there in the first place, now is a bad time to start pushing players away, I have always thought of eq as in a different class to wow but wow is adapting their new beta is superb they have sort of took on a bit of a realm reborn approach and added loads of new stuff to the classes etc then I can't help but think I log into eq and they are taking stuff away, someone said about beaming etc but that was an exploit you are talking about messing with what pet classes are all about, I would of had no problem with improving tank classes, will I carry on playing: maybe its all getting a bit old now, will I buy the new xpac: not a chance what to get my pet back to what it was lol, yeah I'm only one person but I wonder how many others will get fed up with their attitude towards the game, its very sad to see
  20. Krag Lorekeeper

    Idt1, you made some good points, but not one paragraph or sentence?? You can barely read that word jumble. Not trying to be the grammar police, but come on.

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