End of Empire - only for raiders or ultrahardcore groups?

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    I 4box this mission often. Been farming it for over a month np. Was first on my server to beat it and got it to farm status shortly after. Knowing what is actually happening during the fight is important so you know how to survive. Sometimes I still die if I get too many meteors on same spot and am slow to move a character for block, or meteors overlapping each other and don't successfully block, or meteor hidden by terrain elevation difference and miss moving or blocking.
    I 4box with sk, shm, zerker, and bard. Zerker is raid geared, sk has a lot more raid gear than I used to but originally just had 2 pieces from eok and was 109 during the level bug when expansion was released during my first win when my sk tank was much squishier than now. These 4 boxes are maxed aa. For sure group geared people can win, likely even those slightly more than autogrant level of AA. Even group geared boxers with enough AA. Just gotta be quick and effective, or fail. Essence of dragon AA from EoK progression is a must. And ya, keep levitate on.

    This is what I've been doing, broken down in 5 phases. I prebuff the npcs with shaman focus and haste. Overall throughout the whole event, I position around where the npcs are during the fighting so they are all around my characters when mobs attack.
    There is a barrier that activates around the area when mobs activate, so be sure to be within that so you don't take massive damage on every character beyond the boundary.
    Letting the mobs come for the npcs first is helpful to minimize initial burst damage you take, while often you'll end up tanking most of the mobs each wave anyways. I use 1 aoe taunt after mobs get to me to prevent them from getting on other characters, but am fine if npcs tank them.

    First, 3 soldiers activate and I wreck the one the NPCs are on. Kill it quick without burning any CDs that won't be back up by 4th phase. During this phase, I balance the last 2.

    Second, I use miniburns to balance kill the 2 lifestealers before silence ruins me. Usually can burn fast enough to avoid silence, if not, I compensate.
    I used to keep my bard and shaman away from these to avoid silence, but now I make sure they get in on the dps to avoid silence by burning these enough with lesser burns. (I save main burns for 4th phase)
    If someone gets a silence in group, I usually move them a short distance away til silence fades as the viral spread isn't that wide a range.

    Third, balance all 3 veterans. I usually pop my sk 2.0 on this wave, sometimes a defensive disc too. As soon as 1 dies, 4th phase comes with 4 mobs and boss. Helps to make sure you kill all 3 together. Otherwise, if I drop 1 too quick I'll pop main burns during this wave to compensate, and finish the remainder or at least try to before next wave gets to me.
    I usually pop quick time on bard this wave as well so it is up for this and next phase.

    Fourth, I target the soulfeasters and pull them to me asap. Usually get all 4 mobs, sometimes the npcs get in the way and tank 1 or 2.
    At this point I pop visage of death and have some remainder left on my epic. I will usually pop shield flash too at some point.
    Burn the soulfeasters first asap, or they will spawn more chokidai. Once both soulfeasters are down, the rest is typically np to finish. Soulfeasters then dogs then boss.
    Often I use deflection discipline once the boss gets to me (it usually comes right after the 4 mobs do with a slight stagger) and I got the other 4 adds, though sometimes I am fine without it. Using deflection here also helps so I can focus more on my dps chars to finish the mobs. I also harm touch a soulfeaster and use all my sk dps cds I can to drop 1 asap.
    Burn with everything. I pop all dps cds on shm bard and zerker as well (usually I already pop cds before the mobs get to me so I can dps immediately), while focusing mainly on zerker to finish the soulfeasters (after tanking is handled) while bard autos and shaman debuffs. I often save all my group dps boost cds (bard stuff and shaman 2.0) for this phase to make sure the soulfeasters won't be up long enough to spawn anymore adds.
    I usually pop dot burns on boss with shaman, and whatever else I got left on other chars to finish the boss after all the adds are gone.
    During this phase, gotta watch for doomhammer. I find it very helpful to pre group hot on sham when doomhammer begins and try to get a spiritual swell right before doomhammer goes off so I can heal myself through the aoe stun. I don't always eat the doomhammer, but I am 4boxing so I move some not all usually. Moving shaman out of it at least makes sure you can heal once doomhammer goes off, but I have gotten pretty decent at the timing so I have lately been timing my heals as I said.

    Fifth, ranged kill bathezid. Watch out for barrier.

    Meteors start on 3rd phase and continue until bathezid is dead. I usually will move, if I can do so quickly, or click a block if I feel moving is too costly. Mobs do summon, so moving your tank isn't always feasible with 3+ summons, especially if boxing.
    I try not to scoot my characters too far forward until after I get soulfeasters, this gives me more time before mobs get to me. Very helpful if balancing previous phase didn't go so well. Though sometimes the npcs get ahead of you and you might move up anyways.

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  3. Yinla Augur

    And is more like a disco, that gives me a headache each and everytime we do that stupid raid!
  4. Jumbur Augur

    Agree! Its hard to see where the "border" is on those new decals, I prefer the "circle-look" they used in the EoK-vault raid for the guardian.
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  5. Whulfgar Augur

    Are you attempting to box this ? Hence grp geared players ?
  6. Thraine Augur

    ^^ this is the issue. you cant ignore those meteors especially if your in group gear. If you manage to get past all the adds and are dealing with the named, he will do a AE thing so chances are you wont be able to handle the smash AE and the meteors raining down on you.

    Start looting the shields and doing the clicks at the proper times.

    And pro tip, when you see lifefeasters pop .. switch targets and get them dead ;)
  7. Mezz Lorekeeper

    I also think this mission should be tuned down some. What I would think would make it better is 1 less sarnak and chokidai in 4th wave, and less frequent meteors (it gets pretty crazy on 4th wave). I have yet to see an effective group at blocking meteor so that is the one area my groups can improve, but regardless my druid struggles to keep everyone healed, plus the MT. Druids can't chain cast group heals due to delay. 2 meteor without heal and my druid is on the ground.

    I have more success if the tank is a SK instead of a warrior since they require fewer heals.
  8. Bobsmith Augur

    Once you get the shield clicks right the rest is cake. Without shield clicks and group gear the number of mobs is irrelevant. You can't ignore the mechanics in this one and just try to power thru....it won't work.
  9. segap Augur

    Yes, you can ignore the meteors with group gear and just power heal through. Clicking the shields can make it easier. Although I find trying to click them while boxing makes it more difficult as it adds more moving pieces to have to manage.
  10. svann Augur

    Yes it is possible, but otoh anyone admitting to ignoring mechanics has lost all standing to complain it is too hard.
  11. Mezz Lorekeeper

    That is my point. Make fewer meteor's and people wouldn't ignore the mechanics. But when the zone fills up with red rings, one after the other, and it is during your burn phase, it is pretty ridiculous.
  12. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Isn't it so that in the group mission you only have 3 or 4 meteors each time?
    As opposed to the raid where 80% of the outside can be covered in meteors...
    I never click as tank, nor as healer, but from observing i'd say it's much easier to click correctly in the group mission and otherwise ignore meteors - good click = no overhealing needed.
  13. Mezz Lorekeeper

    Zone fills up in group too. Only takes about 4 meteors to do that.
  14. Thoxsel Augur

    A good healer can negate the need to do any meteor clicks, but only so if your group dps is high, otherwise its likely to catch up with you. Mechanics arent supposed to be ignored, but this certainly can be if you have a fully group geared group and let the npcs take most of the beating.
  15. Vaeeldar Augur

    So I've not got this on farm status more or less. Finalizing the last member in my 17 person 5box (yes I rotate a lot) in getting the tooth. I was so happy first kill I didn't loot any teeth and then it's poofed on me twice.

    Anyway I can reasonably beat this mission now most times after one or two wipes. The reality is though I feel like the meteroes need to be tuned down. Running it as much as I have I've noticed its very easy to get two meteroes one after the other. It's not workable.

    EIther way I'll be glad to move on past this mission. The other two weren't easy but at least they are workable. This one I feel like the randomness is a big blow to many causals.
  16. Tiggold Augur

    Two meteors in a row is workable, that's why you get 3 shields. You only need to use one shield every meteor cycle, and that is to put in the AE ring closest to you, not every one of them.
  17. svann Augur

    In group mission you can usually just move out of the decal.
    Remember tanks that a mob can only cast the summon spell once every 6? seconds so dont think its impossible to move if they summon. Just keep trying.
  18. Vaeeldar Augur

    I just think it's a bit much. I'm approaching 6500 ac on my sk buffed and I power thru the mission but I can see why it's road block for many. I've beaten it twice today, one more to go. After that I doubt I'll revisit it much. I do FF for coins and balance for some t2 pieces. EoE is just a crap mission. It should be at least t2 given difficulty so you get decent gear.
  19. Moraga New Member

    Can anyone explain why some of my characters get punted when the soulfeasters and chokidai spawn? I've tried keeping everyone close to the NPC's, click on the shield and got the veterans down around the same time but then a couple characters keep getting punted to the barrier and dying before they can run back...
  20. Brohg Augur

    ... put on levitation, the meteors bounce you
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