End of Empire - only for raiders or ultrahardcore groups?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kitekat, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Kitekat New Member

    This mission - like fell foliage - as first mission and minimum requirement for VP key seems completely overtuned. Has anybody a clue how to get through this with group geared people?

    1. EoK - Essence of Dragon I - Progression - check
    2. Buff friendly NPCs to the bone - check
    3. Levitation/FoE on group - check
    4. Staying close to LCEA to avoid crazy AE-nuke which killed whole group in an instant - check
    5. Kill first wave (3 Kar'zok) - check
    6. Loot shields and/or heal through everything - check
    7. Kill second Wave (3 Kar'zok and Lifestealer) - chchch....nope... no check...
    8. die a miserable death after 4 on tank and some nasty AEs...

    On some point there is a problem here....
  2. Sheex Augur

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  3. Bigstomp Augur

    Ignoring mechanics is not going to go well.
    You probably want to have (probably multiple) people block the meteors correctly.
    Controlling when things die helps. Kill all but 2, balance the last 2 down. The next wave shouldn't spawn until the last 2 start dieing.
    The npcs do have annoying issues of their own, but just like Lcenium you can use them to take some load off your tank.
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  4. Sokki Augur

    The best way to handle the add waves is to balance them down and kill all of them real close together. This ensures the previous wave is all dead before the next wave starts. Also for the wave with the boss, kill the Soulfesters* (I think that's what they're called) first, they will spawn additional adds as well. Save burns for this phase as you want to burn those guys as fast as possible. The shields need to be clicked in the center of the Red rings to be effective, also if there's an open space close by with out any rings you can move there to avoid them as well.
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  5. Cicelee Augur

    No, this mission is not just for raiders or ultra hardcore groups. It is made for players with situational awareness, skill and ability, and game knowledge of when to do what...
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  6. Bigfan Augur

    Stay at NPCs, haste them before you start, levitate, balance first 3 waves of mobs, have ranged dps for king.
    At 30% of named mob you can move into vp area, to avoid rest of the aes.
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  7. Kelset Lorekeeper

    4 boxing with a Pal/Ench/Wiz/Wiz (ROS T1 gear) and 2 cleric mercs I'm making it into the 3rd wave before wiping. My guess is the viral silence is taking out the clerics but haven't checked the logs yet.

    Overall it's probably group doable with a solid group but wouldn't say you need hardcore. Boxing or pick up is tough. Unfortunately my regular group mates did not finish Essence of the Dragon so haven't had a chance to try with others yet.

    Also didn't realize you had to buy the EOTD aa for the mercs...that probably cost me 5 wipes...oops... :/
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  8. Jumbur Augur

    Hasting the npc's makes it harder to balance the mobs correctly with low dps-groups. Not hasting npc's and balancing mobs down slow and steady might be easier.

    That said, it isn't a trivial fight by any means, don't expect to carry people through this. It is likely tuned for full REAL groups(non-boxers).
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  9. Cicelee Augur

    Mission is not really for the box group and two mercs. Unless you have the gear and AA to handle it.

    I would venture you add two other real people, one being a healer, and you will see success...
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  10. Kelset Lorekeeper

    Agreed, working friends through EOK progression now for EoTD. In the meantime I'll still try it as a box group just to see if I can. Enjoy the challenge if nothing else, although it may make for a good addition to the Geico commercials....paper cuts, sleeping in poison ivy, hitting head on beam....boxing "end of empire" with non-raid group....
  11. keviin101higuys Lorekeeper

    i beat this mission all the time farming for coins.. also 100% group geared. thing is the go smooth and balance.... burn at wave 4. play smart

    4. Staying close to LCEA to avoid crazy AE-nuke which killed whole group in an instant - check
    not sure what that is, i dont really pay attention to these npcs... if you move back too far you will die... stay in the circle.... or like me bunch everyone close to left side of ramp... little off it...

    If you do this mission the correct way... its easy
    Sometimes i just like to full burn it from start and not balance, its risky...

    Im sure there are some trolls here who want to input that this is wrong ect ect, what ever. this is how i do it and its stupid easy for me....

    1.... stay close to ramp.... not too close... but if you are too far back...any further back from where you zone in... even a step... you will die... out of bounds...
    2. start... balance the first 3 mobs... if the npc's attack they will be on one.. you on the other 2... dont worry about the npcs... 2nd wave starts as soon as the 2nd mob dies in the first wave..

    before this happens (2nd wave, life stealers) i like to move the healers/casters a little to the right.... away from group approx 50-75 feet... still in range of group heals... and wont get silenced.... (lifestealers spawn on corpse of 2nd mob in 1st wave deatj)

    loot shields ...

    balance 2nd wave down... once the first mob dies... 3rd wave comes active... and so does the metros....
    its hard to see.. but you will see red aura circles on ground... sometimes under the world (they really should of made the event on flat land)

    now... balance the 3 mobs down... wave 4 spawns once first mob dies.... when the metors emote comes... ONE person will need to click the Shield in the MIDDLE of the arua to advoid the AE dmg...
    if you are not at the center of the aura... they it doesnt work and you get hit... one at a time...
    you might have to use 3 shields and keep rotating ect...

    Another option or this might happen... the falling rocks might not even fall near you... if there is no aura around you... then you're safe...

    now the hard part... were i see most people struggle... soon as the first mob is about the die in wave 3.. i click my burns... everything i got...

    wave 4 starts... 4 mobs + boss 10 secs after it starts..
    I burn the soulfesters ASAP .. there are 2 of them.... they will keep spawning more dogs if they dont die fast enough... next i kill the 2 doggies... then the boss...

    now its a win but you have one more JOB.... get on ramp... see the overking beating on the wall ?... Range it to death... melee=death.... other then that its easy... no more falling rocks....

    Make sure you loot the tooth off the Overking on the ramp... It does NOT show up on /advloot and you need to look on corpse...... open chest...
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  12. Spellfire Augur

    What's your group composition?
  13. Bigstomp Augur

    Probably boxes. So an unboxed group should be able to smoke the hell out of it.
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  14. Spellfire Augur

    Yes, I realize he boxes. Was asking what classes.
  15. Kitekat New Member

    People like you and Tucoh and others are the reason why EQ is still alive...
    Many hints and ideas - understandable even for somebody who has not wiped at the points and who has not english as native language...

    - I didn't saw any red circles - it seems it was the particles which I always nullify due to laggy screen.
    - it seems I was partially outside of the bounding without realizing
    - now I know what the posters with balance mean - this was not clear up to your post
    - the hint with looting the tooth because it does not show up in loot table is crazy good - I would have missed that for sure and wondered about...

    Many thanks.
    One of the most precious posts
    And Tucohs information is gold too.
    The search-function of the forum missed that one. Working through it and perhaps this evening is the next try.
  16. Thoxsel Augur

    Hope the pointers above help.
    As mentioned already, balance the adds down and let the npcs tank for you and most importantly:
    - avoid viral on your healer or they will be silenced and you will likely wipe.
    - save all Burns for wave 4.

    I regularly 6 box this event and don’t bother with shield clicks. I just heal through it all. My warrior is raid geared mind you, but the rest of my team is group geared. I let the npcs overtake my agro regularly if I’m lazy as it makes healing easier. War, clr, brd, mag, enc, wiz.
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  17. Paradisic_parasite Elder

  18. Bobsmith Augur

    New tier of players? Ultrahardcore casual?!
  19. I-WANT-IT-NOW Elder

    I love this thread!! The mentality that its always someone elses fault or that the sky is falling before instead thinking about something or doing some research to work through it can not be more prevalent in todays world imo. Put everyone on blast immediately and burn this mother down!
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  20. Kelset Lorekeeper

    Are you parking your healer somewhere else to avoid the silence? Also, anyone know if the meteors are randomly targeted, focused on npc or focused on char with agro?

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