End of Empire - only for raiders or ultrahardcore groups?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kitekat, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. Cadira Augur

    The chokadai also have a punt it would seem, only way to avoid that is to blow them up. But yeah, lev solves most of the issue.
  2. Vumad Augur

    Didn't read most of the posts so this could have already been said but a friend who is very good at game mechanics and leadership said that from his experience the most common error he has observed is under appreciating the DPS of the NPCs. That the NPCs quickly throw off the balance of the event and cause premature wave spawns. I'm not sure if that is your problem or if it helps but that's what he coaches the group on before every try and it works out.
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  3. CrazyLarth Augur

    you can move your camp away from the NPC's , if the NPC's are the ones giving you issue.
  4. Sithsonn Elder

    I'd say if you are having trouble let the npcs tank the for you. balance what you can, i know the npcs do some dps just dont assist them. when the chokidai spawn get them dead and big burn the boss /shrug you can buff the npcs too
  5. Sithsonn Elder

    you can have the npcs off tank quite a few sarnaks. so you dont gotta kill them all if you get the boss dead fast enough. Reason why I say kill the chokidai is because they memblur and can screw it up. but you cant go in there with some slackass group that cant dps like you can in all of the tbl missions. Thank god something is challenging!
  6. Sithsonn Elder

    also didnt read most of the thread so mightve repeated
  7. Stephen51 Augur

    It's been said a few times, but we found that, not hasting the npcs helped on balancing the waves of mobs. Buff them with everything else before you start. From what I understand, the meteors only hit the stage. We didn't go onto the stage, and therefore never bother with the clicks to deflect them. The mission was an exercise in spinning plates on sticks (and madness). In the main people don't do this mission for fun imo. There used to be a 'trick' to EQ Missions, which once you learned you were able to beat. Now the trick is bring raid geared folks with a mass of dps, without it you will be 50/50 on this mission every time.
  8. Lianeb Augur

    Raid geared is the trick to this one. EoTD is
  9. Smokezz Augur

    Raid gear is not needed, especially now. If you're still trying to do this without EoTD... well, good luck. (That's the trick you speak of.)
  10. LizardHealin New Member

    I've beat this by saving all burns for the dog wave, letting the NPCs deal with dogs while I deal with the other mobs. The only time I've ever failed this is when the dogs get lose and punts start happening or killing the previous waves without balancing and getting overwhelmed too quick.

    Other waves are more about balance and not getting ahead of things, again, let a NPC tank one of them if you cant handle all.

    TBL Group gear, with EoTD 1.
  11. Tucoh Augur

    There's a lot of tricks that makes this mission not that hard. I was boxing it, in group gear, soon after that expansion came out. Here's the tricks:

    but the tldr is: hide behind the NPCs, burn the soulfeasters, CC Hegron.

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