Dont like 2022 TLPs? What do you want in 2023?

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  1. Ragnoruk Elder

    This sounds like a neat idea for sure but I could see a lot of problems with it. This would require a lot of servers dedicated to this, which I doubt they will do. A lot of these servers would end up with very little population as the majority of players progressed.

    So while you may take your time enjoying Kunark for example, by the time you're ready to progress to Velious, there may be no one on it because everyone else has moved on to Luclin.

    It would also require a ton of character transfers, which I doubt they will be doing for free.
  2. Maverix1804 New Member

    I agree that idea would require some servers to work. But regarding the population issue .. I would face the same issue on any TLC server .. auhauh .. everyone would be far ahead and zones would be empty anyways. =)

    Not to mention, character transfers should not be an issue at this point. I mean, after all these time I am sure they should have a automated process where they just insert the user/character info and it is all automated.

    I would guess that expansions should be just a flag they turn on/off to activate. So if we had one server where each character would have access to the expansion he/she wants to activate the flags and that expansion rules would apply to that character. With zone instances I see no problem with that. we would end up with one server with multiple instances depending on what character were in the zone and what expansion flag were turned on.
  3. Norfestra New Member

    My dream scenario for a TLP is basically this:

    Two servers are released: 1 that is locked like Agnarr, except at Scars of Velious; 1 that has a special ruleset, that starts at Shadows of Luclin.

    We'll call server one Classic Agnarr, and I'd have just three simple requests (that won't happen, I know):
    1. Original zones (the new ones are immersion breaking, and the new Freeport is awful)
    2. A higher exp rate (or even a Live exp rate)
    3. Zone/raid instancing

    We'll call server two Special Progression, and it would work like any other special ruleset server unlocking from SoL onward. Except:
    1. Any character from Classic Agnarr can be copied over to the Special Progression server once that character hits level 60. (Heck, charge us a one time fee of $10 to copy the character over. And remove the special server/event items if you need to upon copying.)

    The Classic Agnarr server satisfies those of us who would love a healthier, friendlier Classic-Velious community than offered by P99. The Special Progression server with the special transfer option allows for people to explore newer content without losing out on being able to continue to enjoy the original Classic-Velious experience.

    Kind of like how with the Classic WoW servers, you were able to copy your character from Classic to TBC. Not transfer, but copy. (I think with Wrath, they just allow transfers now?)
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  4. Captain Video Augur

    Less than zero percent chance of happening. if you want the P99 experience, play on P99. DPG has no intention of doing that. Furthermore, all TLPs run off the same codebase as Live servers, and things like the old Freeport don't work with the modern codebase. They will never create a separate codebase for any TLP.

    If you want to experience more modern content at your own pace, and you don't like the existing TLP ruelesets, roll on a Live server of your choice. It's FREE.
  5. Maverix1804 New Member

    The general idea is close to what I wanted. I would accept that. I like the idea of a true classic server that goes only until Velious. And I like the idea we could switch to any other TLC whenever we wanted.

    What about this:
    Create a few servers locked to specific expansions and players decide when to progress to the next server (set of expansions)

    Server 1 - Classic / Kunark / Velious
    Server 2 - Luclin / PoP / Ykesha
    Server 3 - LDoN / GoD / OoW / DoN / DoD
    Server 4 - Start from PoR until live

    Rules: In order to play on Server 2, 3 and 4 you have to start on server 1. Upon reaching level cap on server one a character can decide when to move to server 2. Same rules applies to move to next servers.

    As for any other rules set .. I am ok with anything.

    The first 3 servers would be always up and new TLCs would start on Server 4. Any time a new TLC is announced we could progress thru servers 1, 2, 3 and wait until the new TLC is open and join the new server right away.
  6. Norfestra New Member

    My favorite part was when I said "it's not going to happen, but I would love xyz" and you wrote a paragraph saying "xyz isn't going to happen."
  7. Captain Video Augur

    My favorite part is when people can't even remember what they posted before, and misquote themselves, Instead of saying "not going to happen", you said this:

    99% of the ideas being posted here have zero chance of happening, and the people who are posting them have zero understanding of EQ's business model. It would be nice to have some meaningful discourse in at least one of these threads, but it keeps getting drowned out by, well, things like this. I also get annoyed by the repeated requests/demands for single group (aka private) picks, when they've been told literally dozens of times it can't be done due to server performance. Entitlement trumps logic now.
  8. coltongrundy Augur

    Vaniki loot rules & rares + FV/Mischief free trade + Standard expansion unlock schedule + Standard relaxed truebox unlock schedule + ARAC
  9. Name2 Augur

    Relax, you're in a thread called "what do you want to see in 2023," and the dude posted what he wants to see. Go start a serious ideas only discussion if you're so mad about people wanting things that are unlikely to happen. Or better yet, start specific threads about specific mechanics that you feel warrant attention. This thread is for sharing what you'd like to see, not having submissions judged by some self appointed king of the tlp forums.
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  10. Norfestra New Member

    The sixth line down (including blank lines) in my original response post is this: "We'll call server one Classic Agnarr, and I'd have just three simple requests (that won't happen, I know):"

    You also quoted the "dream scenario" line, which is also helpful. A dream scenario is a fantasy, an indulgence of the imagination, or a vain hope. That would count too as an admission or recognition that these things aren't going to happen.

    Did I ask?
  11. Bard2019 Elder

    The one thing they haven't tried yet is No Krono, Free Trade(excluding epics and whatever else they deem necessary), normal TLP leveling speed, 1 month unlocks, actual GM support to police boxing. I think they could get away with charging $40 or more per month for something like this. Anyone that was against it is welcome to play whatever other TLPs they offer.
  12. Crabman Augur

    Krono is daybreaks way to profit off the already existing RMT that had been and still does go on in the game. Before krono, people would buy and sell eq plat for money on ebay and other trade sites. EQ gave an easy, non scammable way to do that within the game by implementing krono. So if they made a server without krono, even at a premium sub price, they would then resort back to losing out on 100% of the RMT going on rather than all the krono trades that happen daily on that server. There would probably still be picks on sg of bots farming plat, there would still be aoe pls in the hole, except they wouldnt charge krono they would just charge rmt instead.

    I am not against things that feel like p2w, I fear taking krono away will not really solve the issue
  13. Norfestra New Member

    Daybreak hasn't tried that because that would be minimizing the amount of money being made. Just simple as. Not only does Daybreak profit off of krono, but those bot armies are paying (4-6 accounts) * 15 for 3-6 months. They're not going to pay (4-6 accounts) * 40 for 3-6 months. That's $160-$240 per month. You're looking at about a least a grand, just in subscription fees, to play the game for 6 months.

    In order to make that money back, those bot farmers are going to have to do even more scummy things. And with Krono turned off, the RMTing is going to be insane again. Websites where it's a coin toss whether you get the $40 in platinum you bought delivered or not, and another coin toss whether or not you get banned after 89,000 platinum gets delivered to you at the bank or not.

    It's just honestly a mess.

    The bot armies and the krono break the experience, but it's done for an unfortunate reason.
  14. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Krono are tied to your account and sold with the purpose of being usable on every EQ1 and EQ2 server. They can't just change the contract on them after they have been sold. Even if it was just as simple as not being able to trade them on a server that would just move the trades to a different server and open up more possibility of scams.
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  15. Norfestra New Member

    Oh, interesting perspective. That makes it even uglier and less likely as a solution then. Thanks.
  16. Triconx Augur

    The likelihood cannot be less than zero, which is what the likelihood already was. And yet people keep posting it as a viable suggestion thousands of posts later
  17. Norfestra New Member

    I'm sure that can be frustrating if you've been active on the forums and around EQ Live for a long time. Many of us haven't. Do be patient.
  18. Kahna Augur

    Except that in your separate server scenario it wouldn't just be the zones that are empty, it would be the whole server. No one selling you things in the baz, no one giving out random buffs in PoK, no community at all because it would have all moved on. Why do you prefer a dead server over a live server where most folks play in an expansion you are choosing not to move to yet?

    The changes to zones are server wide. If they can flag expansions based on each individual player, but it would not effect the actual zone, just a players ability to access said zone or not. The way an account can't access an expansion it hasn't purchased. The zone itself is set for the whole server though. When paw is revamped, everyone gets the new version.

    Heaven forbid you take a break on these theoretical tiered servers. By the time you get back your whole friend group will have moved on to another server and be unable to help you get caught up. You'll be stuck with a toon on a dead server, there is no point in even trying to come back.
  19. Maverix1804 New Member

    I have limited time to play and I level up really slow. Some expansions impact a lot how the game is played. I dont want to be impacted by those changes before I am able to experience the previous expacs in its total. I would like to decide when to activate each expac experience myself not rushing against the clock.

    I understand majority of you dislike this notion, but the topic asked what I would like as a new TLP. Thats what I wanted =)
  20. Kahna Augur

    It's not possible to turn things on and off for individual people like that. For servers, sure, but once a change has bee made to a server everyone on that server will see it. Not to mention how easy it would be for people to exploit a server set up like that.

    Your best bet is to find a group with similar goals and playtimes as yourself and get more efficient with your leveling, it isn't hard to stay caught up in the time given to you if you play smarter. Schedule times to get on and do something with friends, rather than sitting LFG for your entire play session, or worse, soloing. You aren't going to be able to experience everything when you are the only one playing in a given expansion either. Fixing your problem is within your power, you don't need DPG to do it for you.